When you or your loved one is arrested for allegedly violating the law, you may require a monetary commitment to secure temporary freedom while your case continues. Bail serves as a guarantee that a criminal defendant will not flee or fail to appear for arraignment. Securing a release through bail allows you to go home and proceed with your routine while awaiting the outcome of your case. Unfortunately, the courts in California could set a high bail amount that many people cannot raise on short notice.

If you want to secure your freedom or your loved one through bail and do not have the funds, it would be wise to seek bail bonds services. The bail bonds company will provide you with the bail money at a fee that is often 10% of the total bail. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we understand the urgency of you going home to be with your family. Our Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds agents will guide you through the process and pay your bail on time and help you avoid spending unnecessary time in jail.

Bail Bonds process

Bail is a monetary commitment that allows criminal defendants to secure temporary freedom while their case continues. The judge determines bail during your first court appearance, and you can pay using cash, property, or bail bonds. However, many people opt for bail bonds due to a lack of funds to post cash bail. Bail bonds are provided by a bail bonds company that pays your bail, and you will be responsible for up to 10% of the total bail amount.

The bail bonds process begins when you or a loved one faces an arrest and is taken to the police station. On arrival at the station, a defendant will undergo booking. The booking process involves taking fingerprints and personal details about the defendant. The judge will then hold a hearing where they set your bail, and the defendant will only be released after the bail is paid in full.

If you opt to use bail bonds to secure the release of your loved one, you will need to contact a Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds Agent. The bail bondsman will ask several questions about the defendant's status, the crime for which they were arrested, and the amount of bail set by the judge. The bail bonds company will then draw up a bail application for you. If you are signing bail for a loved one or friend, you should understand that you will be financially responsible for the defendant. Also, you will be liable for their conduct and appearance for trial.

Once the paperwork is filed, the bail bonds agent will pay the total amount required for your bail, and the defendant is released. However, when you use bail bonds, you will need to pay a service fee that is often 10% of the total bail. If you cannot afford to pay the premium at once, the bail bonds company can help you make a payment plan to pay a deposit and cover the rest with monthly payments.

Sometimes, the bail bonds company may require that you provide collateral for the bond. This may apply to you, especially when your bail amount is high. After you satisfy all the court requirements and your case is concluded, the judge will exonerate the bail, and the bail bonds company will recover their money. In return, they will give back the property or valuables you used as collateral for the bail bond.

It is crucial to understand that the outcome of a criminal case will not affect whether your bail will be exonerated.

Factors Affecting Bail Amounts

Usually, the judge will set your bail at the first court appearance. Some of the factors that could impact bail setting include:

Bail Schedules

The bail schedules a document formulated by the superior court and indicates the bail required for each criminal offense. However, the bail schedule only indicates the amount you can post before you appear before the judge. The bail schedule is only the basics of bail determination, and the judge may increase or reduce it depending on the circumstances of your case.

  • The seriousness of your Charges. Bail acts as an assurance that you will not flee to avoid prosecution. Individuals facing severe crimes with potentially severe consequences are more likely to escape and fail to attend the trial. Therefore, the judge may increase bail for these individuals.

  • Your Criminal History. If you are a repeat offender or have skipped court dates in the past, the judge may be reluctant to lower your bail amounts.

  • Evidence of flight. Flight risk is a significant factor that affects bail amounts in California. If there is evidence that you have skipped bail in the past, the judge may set a bail amount or deny it.

  • Safety of other people. If you face criminal charges for a violent crime such as domestic violence, murder, or attempted murder, the court will consider the safety of the alleged victims before granting bail. In this case, one of the bail conditions will be a restraining order to keep you away from all the individuals involved in the case. If you are a threat to the safety of others, the judge may set a high bail amount.

Role of a Bail Bondsman

The state licenses a bail bond agent to post bail for defendants who choose to post a bail instead of cash bail. The bail bond agent is a representative of the bail bonds company and will not only pay your bail but are responsible for your conduct while out on bail. The primary duties and responsibilities of the bail bond agent include:

Evaluate Bond Applicants

Assessment of a defendant and their representative is the first step in the bail bond process. Next, the bail bond agent will investigate a defendant's background considering their criminal history, flight risk, and charges' severity. Also, the agent is responsible for assessing whether or not you can pay the bail bond premium and take responsibility if the defendant fails to appear for trial. Finally, the decision to give or deny bail bonds is dependent on the assessment.

Complete paperwork

If the bail bonds company grants your request for bail, the bail bond agent will start working on the paperwork and filing it with the court. The approved bail triggers your temporary release from jail. Sometimes, the bail bonds company may require that you provide collateral for the bail bonds.

Some of the items you can use as collateral for bail bonds include vehicles, real estate properties, or other valuable items. If the defendant fails to appear for trial and bail forfeited, the bail bonds company can take the item used as collateral to cover their loss.

Before using the property as collateral for bail bonds, you must prove ownership or equity to the property. The bail bonds agent is responsible for processing all the paperwork involving the collateral. 

Intermediaries Between a Defendant, the Court, and the Bail Bond

A bail bonds agent is responsible for ensuring that you follow all the terms and conditions of bail. The agent will be in constant communication with you and report your conduct to the court. Also, they will be the link between you and the company offering the bail bonds.

Apprehending Defendants Who Skip Bail

When a Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds Agent posts your bail, the court will hold them for your conduct. If you skip a court date, the bail may be forfeited, causing the bail bonds company to lose its money. Therefore, the bail bondsman will always check on you to ensure you act right. If you fail to appear in court, the bail bond agent will track you and take you back to court, which will help protect their financial interests.

Benefits of Hiring a Bail Bonds Agent

Once you contact a bail bonds company and agree to pay your bail, a bail bonds agent will provide the court with the amount needed to secure your release or that of your loved one. In addition, seeking the services of a bail bonds company can make your bail process more straightforward. Some of the benefits you accrue from working with a Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds Agent include:

Quicker Release from Jail

Facing an arrest is a traumatizing experience that no one expects. Spending time in jail can take a toll on you and your family, especially when the case is not yet proven. In addition, if the court sets bail for a criminal defendant, they cannot be released until the total amount is paid. Since many people do not have cash stored for such unexpected situations, you may need to spend some time in jail while you gather money for bail.

Fortunately, a Bail bonds company can settle your bail quickly and help you avoid an unnecessary stay in a jail cell. A Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds agent understands the importance of getting out of jail as soon as possible. Therefore, they will talk to the necessary individuals to secure a faster release.

Financial Privacy

Financial investigations are one of the concerns that many defendants have as they try to post cash bail. When you or your loved one faces serious charges or has a criminal record, the court may set a high bail. If you pay cash bail, the court may subject you to financial scrutiny to determine the source of your funds. Also, individuals posting bail for federal crimes must undergo financial investigations.

Whether or not you face charges for a financial crime, the investigations may take some time and delay your release from jail. However, a bail bonds company can provide you with the funds required to pay your bail without raising any suspicions in court.

Lowering the Bail Amount

A professional bail bonds agent will make it convenient and faster for you to post your bail and offer you monetary relief. For most offenses in California, bail is often remarkably high. Raising the entire bail amount could be stressful and take a while. When you hire a bail bond agent, you will only be liable for up to 10% of the total bail amount. This helps reduce the financial burden, and you can focus on attorney fees and other details of your case. 

Protect your Assets

When you want to pay cash bail and lack the funds, you could be forced to liquidate your assets to come up with bail money. Mainly, you could sell the asset at an amount lower than their value. Using a bail bond agent prevents you from losing the assets you are not ready to sell, making the process less stressful and confusing.

Increased Confidentiality

When you need money to bail a loved one out of jail, you could be tempted to sell your assets or borrow money from relatives and friends. Unfortunately, this may put your loved ones under arrest out in public. A bail bonds agent understands the importance of confidentiality and can provide the necessary funds while handling the matter with absolute discretion.

Legal Knowledge

The bail process may be challenging and complicated, especially when it is your first time. However, bail bonds agents know the ins and outs of the bail bond process. This knowledge can help secure your release and expedite the process.

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No one would like to think that they will need bail bonds services. However, arrests are unexpected and can happen to anyone. Spending time in jail while you wait for your case to be resolved can be traumatizing. One of the first thoughts most people have after an arrest is how to secure a release as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you will require a monetary commitment to secure a release from jail with a pending criminal case for most criminal charges.

Whether it's you or a loved one who was arrested and is stuck in jail for lack of bail money, a bail bonds company can help you secure a release in the timeliest manner possible and with no financial damage. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we offer guidance through the bail bonds process and provide you with the funds necessary for your release. Contact our Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds Agents today at 800-834-8522.