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If you or your friend face arrest, you are in a hurry to help them walk out of jail. However, before the police release them, you will have to pay specific money referred to as bail. The bail will work as an assurance that your loved one will appear during all the court hearings and proceedings. If you cannot raise the bail amount, you could consider seeking help from a bail bond agent.

First, you want to understand the bail bond process, how the court sets the bail amount, the payment method, and any other issue related to the bail bond. Then, working closely with our bail bond agents would enable you to walk out of jail asap. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we have helped many clients seeking bail bond services in Los Angeles, CA. Don’t hesitate to contact our Los Angeles Bail Bonds agents as soon as possible.

The Arrest and Booking

After the law enforcement officers arrest you over suspicious criminal activity, they will take you into custody. While in custody, the police will obtain your information. Then, they will conduct a record search to investigate your criminal record, take photos, fingerprint and repossess any personal items you might have, and put you into a local jail.

Bail vs. Bail Bond

Bail is the money you post before walking out of jail. Note the money isn’t fine. Also, it is not a method of punishment. Instead, the bail serves as a guarantee you will show during court proceedings. A bond refers to a contract or agreement between the court and a bail bonds company to help you secure your release.

What are the Different Types of Bail Bonds?

Primarily, if you or your friend arrested has sufficient cash to pay the bail amount, they will secure a release from jail. The bail bond process might be complicated, especially when it is your first-time arrest. There are various kinds of bail bonds in California. Since bail bonds occur in different forms, they also work differently. Before you post the bail, ensure you work with to help you determine the bail bond type which suits your issue. The types of bail bonds in Los Angeles are:

  • Cash Bond

It’s the common bail bond form. Primarily, the police will not release you instantly after the arrest; they will book you and release you upon paying the cash bond. In case you have insufficient money, you may let another person pay for you. Usually, the court will determine your bail amount after holding a bail hearing. The cash bond will differ from one defendant to another. It will be affected by several factors, like the facts surrounding your case and your criminal record.

  • Secured Bond

It’s also known as a property bond. Under property bond, you will provide the criminal court with the property as security for the bail. For example, John buys a vehicle through a loan. So, his lender gives him the money to purchase the vehicle. John will also promise to give out an asset or property as security for the loan. He and the lender agree about the payment plan for the loan; therefore, if John fails to repay the loan, the moneylender may come for the car and resell it. That’s similar when handling property bonds. The defendant will surrender property as a security for the bail. When you don’t attend the court hearings as agreed, the court may come for the property and sell it.

  • Unsecured Bond

Unsecured bonds occur when the criminal court holds a bail hearing and determines the total bail amount. Under the unsecured bond, you will not pay any amount for the release. But, the court will require you to sign a contract indicating you will surrender the total bail amount when you fail to show up at the court hearing.

  • Federal Bond

If you face a federal charge, then you will qualify for the federal bond. The bonds work similar to surety bonds, but insurance companies usually back them. The rates under federal bonds are often 15% of your bail amount.

How to Post a Bail

As mentioned above, a bail bond is an agreement between the court/government or the party posting bail on your behalf. The one posting bail will serve as the guarantor to ensure you appear at the court hearing until a final judgment is made. If you fail to show up at the court as agreed, the property or cash is at the risk of forfeiture.

After setting the bail amount, the court requires you to pay the money using real property, cash, money order, or cashier's checks. The payments are made to the clerk at the courthouse. After you or your friends post the bail, the criminal court will issue a directive to the officials in your detention center.

When you can’t post your bail, you may seek legal help from the bail bonds company. The Los Angeles bail bonds agents charge you a fee in the range of 10% of your total bail amount. The bail bonds agents will also pay the total amount if you don't attend the court proceedings as ordered.

When your friends or relatives post your bail bond by yourself, this will become an agreement between the court, you, and the surety. The surety will be responsible for the consequences if you fail to attend court hearings in the future. If you’re posting bail, you want to consult our Los Angeles bail bonds agents. The bondsmen are willing to help you post the bail and provide legal guidance when required.

Bail Hearing

Before the court sets your bail amount, it will conduct a hearing. The criminal court may either deny or grant you to walk out of jail through posting bail. The criminal court will examine several factors before deciding whether you are eligible for bail. The judge will consider the factor listed below:

  • The nature of the case
  • Your criminal records
  • Family obligations
  • Public safety

Bail Conditions

During the bail hearing, the court will also impose additional limitations and requirements. These requirements may be close to when the court finds you guilty of the alleged crime. If you violate the conditions, the police officers may re-arrest you. In California, the bail conditions include:

  • Travelers restriction
  • Refrain from purchasing or owning a gun
  • Refrain from using drugs or alcohol
  • Maintain your job

Bail Bonds Payment Process

The criminal court will also determine the bail payment process. Primarily, the criminal court will require you to move and make your payment at the courthouse or jail. The courthouse has a cashier or clerk who receives the money. The court requires you to give specific details like full names, the bail amount, and the booking number.

Upon paying the bail amount, the responsible party will notice the correctional officials at the detention facility. After a short period, the release may occur as the clerks and cashiers are suited next to the California jail facilities.

Most people pay the bail in the form of cash. However, the court also approves other payment methods like money orders, credit or debit cards, or traveler’s checks. Remember, the amount may vary based on the facts surrounding the case and your criminal history. Are you making payment for the bail, and you don’t know where to start? Steven Mehr Bail Bonds are here to help you pay the required amount and let your loved one walk out of jail as soon as possible.

What Happens When You Fail to Appear in Court Session?

Under the state’s law, failing to show up during the court proceedings as ordered may attract heavy fines as well as extended jail terms or both. However, you might miss the court proceedings because of uncontrolled circumstances. But, you may have a valid excuse when you attend the court immediately after the uncontrolled circumstance.

Bounty Forfeiture and Bounty Hunters

When you use the bondsman legal services, you must follow the agreement. If you fail to appear at the criminal court as ordered, the bondsmen will come for you and take you into custody. But the criminal court will grant the bondsmen a grace period. If the bondsmen arrest you and return you into custody within the court's grace period, the bondsmen will not pay the total amount.

During the grace period, the bail bond company will have sufficient time to seek bounty hunters to trace you. The bounty hunters are not government employees. Therefore they don’t have the power to arrest you. However, the court permits them the authority to apprehend you if you worked with a bail bond company and run away. Remember, when you approached the bondsmen and signed an agreement, you allowed the company to hire bounty hunters and track you when you failed to obey the contract.

Why Choose Steven Mehr Bail Bonds

If the police arrest your family member or friend in Los Angeles, they will place you in a detention facility. While you are at the jail, you or your friends may contact a bail bond company to assist you in posting their bail as soon as possible. Speak with our Los Angeles bail bonds agents and post the bail right away. The agents will also help benefit from the following legal services:

Our Bail Bonds Company is Well Insured and Licensed

Our Steven Mehr bail bonds company is insured with licensed professionals. Since the company is licensed and insured, you should trust experts and services. We ensure our bondsmen have valid licenses from our state. The staff team is also ready to prove their active licenses.

Enjoy a 24/7 Legal Bail Bond Services

Our bail bondsmen provide full-time legal services. Remember, crimes don't work on a schedule. The law enforcement officers might apprehend you anytime, either during the daytime or nighttime. So, our Los Angeles agents will process your bail bond papers immediately as the police book you after the arrest. For example, if the police arrest you at 4 am and book you at 4:30 am, our agents process your bill without waiting for working hours.

Bail Bond Over the Phone or Online

Steven Mehr Bail Bonds allows you to post bail online or over the phone and help your loved one walk out of the detention facility without traveling to the court. Our company will enable you to bail your friend out of jail while comfortable at home. You Only need to provide several details, including:

  • The defendant's full names
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Payer's information
  • At least three references

Don't make a trip to the bail bonds company or court. Instead, contact our bail bonds company, and you will complete all the information online, and the signature will be obtained through your email, fax, or DocuSign.

Provides Bilingual Services

Steven Mehr Bail Bonds have experienced agents in working with people of different backgrounds. As a staff, they are dedicated to assisting clients facing challenging times due to hardship in incarceration. Since the US has many Spanish-speaking individuals, they find it challenging to seek legal help. In addition, the Spanish-speaking individuals may have fear due to the language barrier with those helping them. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, our bondsmen are fluent in speaking Spanish.

We Offer Fair Payment Plans

Our bail bond agents and bondsmen offer good payment methods to the clients. We will ensure we plan a payment option that favors your current financial capability. Also, we don’t have to charge our clients with hidden interests or fees. We accept various payment options like paying in person, over the phone, or online.

Jail and Court Information in Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Detention Facility

464. North Rexford Drive

Beverly Hills, Ca 90210

(310) 285- 2187 

The Century Regional Detention Facility

11705 South Alameda Street

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(323) 357 – 2187

Alhambra Courthouse

150 West Commonwealth

Alhambra, Ca 91801

(626) 293 – 2100

Airport Courthouse

11701 S. La Cienega

Los Angeles, Ca 90045

(310) 725 – 3000

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To post bail might be a challenging process, especially when it’s your first time or you can’t raise the bail amount your court determines. You will need a bail bonds company’s help with posting bail. First, you want to understand the kind of bail bond which suits your circumstance. Second, obtaining legal services from skilled experts is always preferable for smooth bail bond services. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we offer unmatched legal services to clients seeking to post bail in Los Angeles. Call us today at 800-834-8522, and we will offer you quality bail bonds services.