No one wants to stay in the cold jail cells waiting for their freedom. This is true when you're arrested and put in jail waiting for your first court appearance. Although courts set bail to ensure that defendants appear in court, they can set overly high bails that an entire family tree cannot raise.

The best way to secure your loved one's freedom without ruining your finances is by posting a bail bond. A bail bond will allow you to pay a portion of the bail while the agency guarantees the entire bail. Steven Mehr Bail Bonds is a trusted bail bonding agency working in Pomona, CA, and its surroundings. Schedule an appointment with us today, and let's help you secure your loved one's freedom.

Understanding How Bail Bonds Work in California

A bail bond is a contract between the government, a defendant, and the person posting the bail. These people work as guarantors to the defendant's appearance at the court hearing until the case is completed. They assume the risk of forfeiture of the bond when the defendant skips the court hearing. The defendant will be released from jail after the bond has been posted.

For people who cannot raise the required bail, they can turn to our Pomona Bail Bonds agents. These agents work as lenders and can pay your bail for a non-refundable premium of eight to ten percent of the bail amount. This is the fee that a defendant or a cosigner pays for the bail bonding service.

For instance, if the court sets a bail of $100,000, our Pomona Bail Bonds agent will charge $8,000 to $10,000 to post this amount on your behalf. In most cases, bail bonds companies require cosigners for the bond, which typically involves a family member, friend, or anyone with excellent credit. Some bail bonds companies will typically guarantee discounts to the following people:

Union Members

Qualified union defendants and cosigners can enjoy discounts offered by some bail bonds agencies. However, they must provide a validated union card to take advantage of the discount.

Veterans and Active Military Personnel

Qualified members include active members of the United States military and their immediate family members.

AARP(Associated for the Advancement Retired Persons)

AARP cardholders can also enjoy discounted bail bonds premiums if they are validated.

Defendants with Legal Representation

Defendants who have retained the services of an attorney can seek discounted bail bonds premium with our Pomona Bail Bonds agents. This allows you to pass some savings to help you retain sound criminal defense.

Cosigners should pledge some form of property known as collateral depending on the severity of the charges made against the defendant. Bail bonds companies use collateral to recover their losses if the defendant skips bail and pays the entire bond with the court. Some of the assets you can use as collateral include houses, cars, jewelry, savings accounts, and stock accounts.

Most Common Crimes in California and Their Average Bail Amounts

California court judges have the discretion to set a specific amount of bail based on the nature of the crime that a defendant is charged with. They also determine bail upon the request of law enforcement officers and the defendants’ attorney. Below are the common crimes in California and average their bail amounts.


Misdemeanors have low bail amounts that defendants can pay in cash. They include crimes like the violation of domestic violence restraining order and some forms of DUI.

The court usually sets $15,000 for violating a restraining order, but it can set an additional amount to protect elderly seniors and protect children. Other forms of restraining order violations like stalking carry a bail of $20,000 while stalking with an active temporary restraining order against you carries $20,000. Stalking with prior conviction carries a bail of up to $150,000.

DUI carries a bail of $50,000 to $100,000 based on the severity of the crime. DUI that involves the infliction of bodily injury and vehicular manslaughter carries an average bail of $100,000.

Bail for Drug Possession Crime

The bail for drug possession depends on the specific crime you're charged with. The sale of drugs to children carries a bail of $50,000. However, the court can set a bail of $25,000 to $100,000 depending on the drugs you possess. For instance, carrying a controlled substance to jail is $25,000, while possession of drugs like cocaine carries a bail of $30,000 to $500,000.

Bail Amount for Theft/Burglary

In most California jurisdictions, petty theft has a $20,000 bail, while residential burglary has a bail of $50,000. Grand theft carries a bail of $20,000 or the value of the stolen goods, whichever is greater. First-degree burglary is $100,000, while second-degree burglary is $50,000 bail. Other forms of theft, like embezzlement, carry a bail of $20,000, while abuse of an elderly through embezzlement has a $10,000.

Bail Amount for Weapon Charges

California courts impose high bail for felony weapon charges to protect citizens from victimization. For instance, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit has a $20,000 bail. Weapon charges like shooting from a vehicle have a bail of $250,00 while exploding a bomb have a bail of up to $1,000,000.

Bail Amount for Assault Charges

There are different types of assault charges in California. Therefore, California courts impose different bail amounts depending on the nature of the crime. A judge could set bail as high as $1,000,000 if the defendant intended to commit a more serious violent crime to protect the intended victim.

Assault with a firearm would have a bail of $50,000 to $70,000 if the defendant was using an automatic weapon. Shooting at a police officer has a bail of $50,000 to $100,000. Finally, shooting at an inhabited dwelling carries a bail of $250,000.

Bail Amount for Murder

Judges don't often allow bail for murder charges, especially if the individual has a history of skipping court, and there’s prominent evidence that can lead to a conviction. However, they may set a bail of $250,000 for second-degree murder charges. Charges for accessory to first-degree murder can go to up to $500,000. Rarely would judges set a bail of $1,000,000 for murder charges, but they can set up to this mark if the circumstances allow.

Regardless of the amount that has been set for your release, our Pomona Bail Bonds agents can help you secure your release in the most stress-free way.

Reasons to Use a Bail Bond Service

Many people with their loved ones in jail aren't sure of whether to use a bail bond or not. Although you don't have to use a bail bond to secure a bail bond, there are several reasons why you should consider this option. Below are the top reasons why using our Pomona Bail Bonds agency is the most reasonable way to secure your loved one's freedom.

Saves Money

As stated earlier, bail bonds can be as high as $1,000,000. Only a few people would afford to raise this amount of money. To some, raising $50,000 would be too much hustle and might even end up draining their entire savings. A bail bonds agency would come in handy and save you loads of money that you cannot afford right away. For instance, if the court has set a bail of $150,000, you'll only have to pay $1,5000 to be released, which is more convenient than the entire amount.


Bail bonds agencies are the most convenient source of bail. Many bail bonds agents are available 24-hours to deliver assistance to their clients anytime. Some even accept online payments and debit cards. Therefore, there's no need to pay a cashier's check or cash only when you can use conventional means. Apart from that, you should note that many agencies can work for a quick release. Therefore, you will be able to secure your loved one’s release as soon as possible.


Our Pomona Bail Bonds Agency handles every case discretely and safely. They have a 100% secure option to ensure that your personal information is kept safe. Once you contact them, they will ask you a series of questions, but you don't have to worry about sharing your information with anyone.

Avoid Staying in Jail

You or your family member will stay in jail without paying bail until the case completes. Contacting a bail bonds agent would be the best thing you can do to ensure that you're released until the end of your court hearing. All you need to do is honor your court hearing to avoid losing your bail.

What You Should Know About Cosigning a Bail Bond

Bail bonds agencies require defendants to provide cosigners to guarantee their attendance to the scheduled court dates and pay fines when summoned to do so. Cosigners vouches for a defendant to ensure that they get back on track after their release and attend their court hearings as required.

Cosigners can theoretically be anyone who knows the defendant. A bail bonds agent will most likely be inclined to accept cosigners with a strong relationship with the defendants. Therefore, family members, co-workers, and spouses can be suitable cosigners.

Before you choose to become a cosigner, you should take note of the following three things. These things are as follows:

Your Credit History

If you have good credit, you can make regular payments as required. It also means that you have some savings, collateral, meaning that you'll make a good cosigner. A good credit score means that you have some financial backing needed to pay your bond money.

Your Job History

Bail bonds agents feel secure when dealing with someone who has maintained the same job for a while and has been getting a regular paycheck. This also proves that you're a reliable citizen.


Cosigning a bail bond comes with several responsibilities. If you don't meet these responsibilities, you'll face the consequences outlined in your bail bonds agreement. Ideally, the bail bonds agent expects cosigners to be responsible for the defendant showing up to court as scheduled until the trial is over. Our Pomona Bail Bonds agents expect cosigners to pay the bond premium before posting the bail.

Your Rights as a Cosigner

Like other forms of cosigning agreements, you should know your rights when cosigning a bail bond. Firstly, you have the right not to be a cosigner if you find this decision to be risky. You should also agree if you fully understand your responsibility to pay the full amount and incur the risks of the defendant's failure to show up in court.

You can also revoke your bail bonds agreement if you feel that the defendant will not appear in court. All you need to do is reach out to the bail bonds agent or local court and advise them of your concerns and desire to terminate the agreement.

How to Reduce Your Risk as a Cosigner

If you still decide to cosign someone's release, you should have several ways to reduce your risks. Here are five tips that will help you reduce the risks of cosigning a bail bond:

  1. Keep in touch with the defendant through personal visits and daily phone calls
  2. Show up at the defendant's workplace occasionally to ensure that they are working
  3. Maintain current records by periodically asking for verifications from the defendant
  4. Read through the bail bonds contract before you sign it
  5. Maintain a strong relationship with the defendant. A defendant will more or less likely skip bail if he's or she's a close relative

Pomona, CA Jails and Court Information

The process of getting a loved one from jail requires you to be certain of the jail that they are held in and the court that the court hearings will possibly take place in. Therefore, you must have the addresses for these places to easily locate your loved ones and ensure that they meet all court obligations. Here are addresses for jails in Pomona, CA.

Pomona Jail

490 West Mission Blvd

Pomona, CA 91766

Phone: + 1 909-620-2131

Here are the addresses for the courthouses where your loved one's trial will possibly be held.

Pomona Superior Court

400 civic Center Plaza

Pomona, CA 91766

Phone: + 1 909-802-1100

Los Angeles Superior Court

350 West Mission Blvd

Pomona, CA 91766

Phone: + 1 909-802-9944

Find a Reliable Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

Many things are at stake when your loved one is held in jail. That's why you should act immediately to ensure that they are out of jail as soon as possible. Engaging a professional bail bonds agent would be the best decision you would make to guarantee a quick release. Steven Mehr Bail Bonds is here to help you secure your release from jail in Pomona, CA. Our agents are ready to help you throughout the release process and answer any questions you might have. Contact us today at 800-834-8522, and let's start processing your loved one's release.