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Laguna Hills Bail Bonds

If you, your friend, or a family member have been arrested in Laguna Hills, CA, you can turn to us for help with the process of posting bail. We at Steven Mehr have a proven track record of delivering fast and professional bail bonding services. In fact, we have been in this business since 1927, and our bail bondsmen are second to none in experience and effectiveness.

Unlike some of the other options out there, we take the time to explain to you the complexities of the bail bonding and criminal justice system. Call us today at 800-834-8522, and we can answer all of your questions and give you a free consultation. We can also call the police department to inform them we are coming to post bail so that your loved one will not be moved to another incarceration center before we arrive.

Bail Bonds

How the Bail System Works

As soon as the police make an arrest, they will put the accused in custody at a local jail temporarily. In some cases, when the likelihood of the arrested person fleeing or committing the same crime again is deemed high, no bail will be allowed. In most cases, however, bail can be posted to let the accused enjoy his/her freedom while waiting for a court verdict.

After one day, or a few days at most, the accused will be transferred to another location. This second jail/prison will typically be a harsher environment than the first. Posting bail before this transfer is made can save your loved one the unpleasant experience that the new incarceration location would entail.

Bail, a security payment to ensure that the accused will show up for his/her court date, can be posted the accused himself or by someone else in his behalf. It can be paid in cash or as a bail bond (also called a surety bond.) The bail amount is set at the time of arrest by the local magistrate and must be paid in full before the accused can be released.

Why Use a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is an insurance policy that creates a contractual obligation. It guarantees that the bailed out person will show up for all required court dates so as to answer the accusations brought against him. A licensed bail bond agent is required to collect a 10% non-refundable fee, which is based on the bail amount. California state law requires that the fee be neither more nor any less than 10%. Despite this added fee, there are many good reasons to use a bail bond agency.

First, most people do not have the cash (or cashiers check) on hand when they are in custody. These are the only two payment methods allowed if you opt to pay personally. Second, the court will keep all of your money in its possession until your case is 100% complete. No interest will be earned on this money in the meantime. Often, the reality is that you are losing a large sum of money for months or even years on end without gaining a penny of interest. Furthermore, court fees will be deducted as well. If you have plenty of money available, the bail is not too high, and your case is concluded quickly, paying individually might work out for you. Those factors, however, are rare and uncertain. It is almost always best, therefore, to post bail via bail bond.

What If I Miss a Court Date?

If you paid personally, a single court date being missed automatically forfeits your bail in full. If, however, you posted a bond, there is still a chance to recover the money. There will typically be a "grace period," i.e. a time limit, within which the accused can appear before the judge to save the bail funds. The court will have sent out a notice that the accused missed a court date and that the bond is in default. A "bench warrant" may even be issued and lead to the re-arrest of the accused in order to force him to keep his court date. However, filling out some paperwork and producing the accused before the judge can often remove the bail bond's default status. This is, however, at the discretion of the court, so missing a court date is still very risky.

We at Steven Mehr Laguna Hills Bail Bonds Service can consult with you in the confines of a clean, private office or over the phone if you call us at 800-834-8522. We know how to help you in your time of need, how to get your arrested loved one out of jail fast, and how to put the best possible protections on your bail payment.