Bail is money or property  posted with the court by a criminal defedant  in exchange for a release before trial. Spending time in jail is an unpleasant experience that no one wants to undergo. The judge sets your bail after the booking process ends, and if you have the finances, you can pay a cash bail. However, many people find it challenging to raise money, and bail bonds may be the only option.

When a Fountain Valley Bail Bonds agent posts your bail, the court holds them liable for your conduct during the time you will be out on bail. The bail bondsman must ensure that you show up to court for your hearing and other proceedings. If you are  seeking a faster, cost-effective, and convenient way to post bail for yourself or a  loved one, we invite you to contact us at Steven Mehr Bail bonds. Our bail agents are conversant with local jails and courts, and they work hard to ensure all our clients spend less time behind bars.

Ways through which Defedants are Released from Jail

Jail is not a pleasant place to spend your time. When you face an arrestt, you want to ensure they are released as soon as you can. You do not have to remain in jail as your case continues. As soon as you post bail, you can go home to be with your family while awaiting trial. Ways through which you can be released with a pending criminal case include:

1.  Recognizance Release

Not everyone will require bail to facilitate a release from jail. Some defendants may be able to stay out of jail without monetary commitment. When you are released on recognizance, you sign an agreement promising to appear for all court proceedings. Defendants with a low flight risk and those facing charges for minor offenses are often released on recognizance. You can also secure this type of release when your strong community ties make it impossible for you to flee. Failure to appear for trial after a recognizance release will prompt the court to issue an arrest warrant.

2.  Cash Bail

Paying your bail in the case is probably the fastest way to ensure a release. If you can pay bail in cash, you must deposit the full bail amount with the court clerk without leaving jail. California courts allow cash bail to be paid using cash, check, or credit card.

Although paying your bail in cash helps prevent a prolonged stay in jail, it can open doors for financial scrutiny. Even when your charges are not money-related, the court could  investigate the origin of your funds when you post a high amount of cash bail.

3.  Property Bail

You can use the property when you lack the amount required to post bail for your loved one. Property that is acceptable for use as bail in California may include real estate or a vehicle. If you use the property for bail, the court will place a claim on the property, Failure to appear for trial or a court proceeding can result in forfeiture of the property. Using property as bail can be a lengthy and complex process since the property must meet the requirements stipulated by the court.

4.  Bail Bonds

You can seek bail bonds services if you lack the cash or property to put up as bail. When you contact a bail bonds company, they will post your bail in full. In exchange, you will pay a service fee of up to 10%. This allows your loved one to be released from jail even when you are incapable of raising the bail money.

Hiring bail bonds services is cost-effective since you will only need to raise the 10% premium. When the premium is too high, a Fountain Valley bail bonds agent can allow you to make a repayment plan to cover the costs. Even after the case ends, it is vital to understand that the bail bonds premium is non-refundable.

If you are not eligible for recognizance release, bail bonds are the most convenient way to ensure your loved ones release. The bail bond agent appointed by the agency will pay your bail and guide you through the bail bonds process. Additionally, the bail bondsman is responsible for ensuring that you appear for trial. The bail bonds agent can ensure that you do not skip bail by requiring you to contact them constantly.

When you fail to appear for trial after posting your bail through a bail bonds agency you risk bail forfeiture. Therefore, the bail bondsman can employ the services of a bounty hunter to find you. The bounty hunter will arrest you and take you back to jail.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Bail Bonds Company

 It is always a shock when you are arrested or learn of your loved one’s arrest. Being arrested is a stressful situation both mentally and emotionally. However, after the initial shock, you must regain your balance and act fast to ensure your loved one spends less time behind bars. Arrests are unforseen events, and most families are not prepared for the ordeal. Therefore razing the money required for bail is challenging. 

Finding the right bail bonds company to help you through the bail process is one of the most crucial steps you can take towards ensuring a smooth bail process. Some of the factors you should look into when selecting a bail bonds company include:

Availability of Bail Bonds Agents

Arrests can occur at any time. Spending time in jail can take a toll on the defendant. Therefore, you want to secure a release as soon as possible. When looking for a bail bond company to help you post bail, you must consider their availability. Choosing a bail bond company available twenty-four-seven is critical if you want a quick and effortless release for the defendant.

Bail Bonds Licensing

You should always seek bail bonds services from a company that is licensed to operate in California. With a licensed company, you are in safe and reliable hands. It would be best if you avoidedcompanies  that charge a very low rate on their services. This is because these companies are likely to be unlicensed and unprofessional. 

Location of the Company

When you seek bail bonds, it is important to contact a company that is within your locality. A local Fountain Valley Bail Bonds Agent will use their knowledge of local courts and jails to ensure a release without delays. A company located away from the jail where your loved one is held may not respond to emergencies promptly, thus causing you to stay in jail longer.

Check for Reviews

Over the years, bail bond agencies have become popular, and many people benefit from their legal knowledge and financial assistance when posting bail. However, finding a trustworthy bail bond company to walk the journey with you is challenging. Due to the already stressful situation around your loved one’s arrest, you want a company that will make the process easier. There is no better way to find out about a company’s review than checks for customer reviews.

By reading the online reviews about an agency, you will find out if their agents are reliable and the type of service they offer. Reviews are often written by individuals who have employed the services of a particular company. This will give you more comfort and confidence as you hire a bail-on agent from the company.

Bail Bond Repayment Options

First, you must ensure that the company you want to hire is honest about its rates and options for repayment. It can be devastating to hire a bail bond company and then realize some information they failed to disclose about their services. If the bail bonds company does not seem to be upfront about their charge and options, they may not be the right choice for you.

When the bail amount is too high, it could be challenging for some defendants to pay the service fee all at once. Before you hire the services of a company, you should consider whether they allow a repayment plan for defendants who are tight on cash.

Good Communication

When you contact a bail bond agency, they will send a bail bond agent who acts as a medium between you and the agency. The bail process is challenging, and you want to hire an agency that provides the insight you need. The bail bondsman should explain to you how the bail process works so that you can be informed at each stage. Your communication with a bail bond company doesn’t end after they post your bail. 

Accountability for Clients

A Fountain Valley Bail Bonds Agent is responsible for ensuring that your loved one attends all the court hearings. When searching for a bail bonds company, you want to work with someone with a history of accountability towards their clients. Even after a release, the bail bondsman should keep contact with you and guide you on each step to avoid violation of bail.

How does my Criminal History Affect Bail Amounts?

Although bail schedules indicate the recommended bail amount for each crime, the judge may adjust your bail based on case specifics. In determining whether your eligibility for bail, the judge will review the severity of the crime you committed and your criminal history. In a bail hearing, the court considers information regarding your past that is relevant to the situation.

Having a lengthy criminal record for serious or violent offenses, your chances of a lower bail may be slim. Having a criminal record gives the court a notion that you are incapable of living in a law-abiding society. When the court allows you to post bail and go home with a pending criminal case, they put in measures to ensure the safety of other members of the society.

If you are accused of committing a violent offense like murder, battery, attempted murder, or domestic violence, the judge will set a significantly high bail amount. This will ensure that you abide by all terms of bail. Violation of restraining order or failing to appear for trial may cause you to lose money or property in bail forfeiture. In cases where a defendant is a first-time offender and faces charges for a minor offense, the judge is likely to set a low bail amount.

Bail is not a guarantee for all criminal defendants. In some situations, the court may deny you bail and order that you remain in jail until your case ends. If you have a history of skipping bail or violating court orders, you may be at risk of bail denial. Regardless of the amount of bail you require to secure a loved one’s release, a Fountain Valley Bail Bonds Agent will provide the money you require to post bail.

Some jails around Fountain Valley, CA, include:

Fountain Valley Jail

10200 Slater Avenue

Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Central Jail Complex

550 S Flower Street 

Santa Ana, CA 92703


The following are courts serving Fountain Valley, CA:

Lamoreaux Justice Center

341 The City Drive

Orange County,CA 92868


I Court-jury Services

8141 13th Street



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Most criminal defendants will require bail to secure a release from jail before trial. Bail acts as a guarantee that you will return to court for trial as scheduled by the court. Spending time in jail can take a toll on your life, especially when facing charges for a crime that you did not commit. Although you can decide to remain in jail until the verdict on your case is pronounced, this can slow down your life and cause you to lose your job. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to post the bail with the court and go home to meet your attorney and build a defense for your case.

While posting bail saves you from the trouble of spending time behind bars, bail amounts may be quite high for some defendants to afford. If you find it challenging to raise bail money, you can contact a bail bonds company for financial assistance and guidance through the bail bonds process. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we will post your bail and guide you in the bail payment process to ensure a faster release for your loved one. Contact our Fountain Valley Bail Bonds Agents today at 800-834-8522.