You have received a desperate phone call. A family member or friend is in police custody and needs your assistance getting out of jail urgently. The next step you take will have a significant influence on their freedom.

If you are in the Placentia region in California and find yourself in this situation, the Steven Mehr Bail Bonds can help you through the whole process to get your loved one out of police custody. Do not attempt to deal with this alone. Allow us to take the stress and uncertainty out of the situation by taking care of the bail technicalities for you.

How Do Bail Bonds Work in Placentia, CA

A bail bond is a contractual arrangement between the state and the surety or individual who posts the bond. The surety guarantees the defendant's attendance at all court sessions until the case is completed. They bear the consequences if the defendant fails to appear at all mandatory hearings and the bond is forfeited. After posting bail, the defendant is freed from custody.

Those who are unable to acquire the required bail money through their means in Placentia, California, might resort to a bail bonds firm. Bail bonds businesses act as lenders, and they can post the amount for between 8% and 10% of the total bail amount. This charge is the bond firm's compensation for bearing the cost of the forfeiture if the accused fails to appear in court.

Based on the seriousness of the accusations the accused is facing, a cosigner may also be asked to put up collateral or security in the form of a title, money, or other valuables. If the offender fails to appear before a judge, the bail bonds firm will be required to pay the court the bond sum and will subsequently seek restitution from the cosigner. If they are not capable of paying the bail sum, the collateral shall be utilized to cover these costs.

Types of Bail Bonds Available in Placentia

A bail bond is the money issued by a bail bonds agency to assist with the freeing of a person who has been arrested so that they might wait for their court appearance out of jail. There are many different kinds of bail bonds in Placentia, including:

Surety Bail Bonds

These bonds may only be issued by privately regulated bail agencies. This is sometimes referred to as the "private" bail system. Here, the accused's presence is exclusively the obligation of the bail agency. The surety bail bond is one of the most successful forms of bail.

Own Recognizance Bonds

This bail system is intended for individuals who have never been jailed. Their sole obligation is to pledge before the judge that they will attend all relevant court appearances on their own accord. Furthermore, not everyone who has never been jailed before receives this kind of bail; sometimes it depends on the complexity of the case.

Cash Bonds

To be freed, the accused, or a friend or relative acting on their behalf, must pay the Court the full amount. This is usually a difficult bond to choose from because the whole price of the bail is often quite significant. But if you have substantial amounts of money to pay over once, cash bonds are ideal. However, the accused is still obligated to show up in court.

Property Bonds

These are intended for those who want to put their property as security for a bond by using a state license. The way to conduct this correctly is that the court supervises the written responsibility since it cannot surpass a certain percentage of the worth of the property.

Pre-trial Release Bonds

While the prosecution is still ongoing, the accused gets freed from jail under this form of bail. However, just like any other discharge, this one generally starts with a bond. Pretrial Release Bonds are essentially a bail system run by the state.

What is the Process of Getting Someone Out of Jail in Placentia?

When the unanticipated occurs, having a strategy and knowing which measures to follow might be challenging. When a family member or friend gets arrested in the Placentia region of California, the bail bonds procedure is something you may not always be familiar with.

However, understanding how a bail bond functions are essential if you want to assist a family member or friend swiftly and efficiently in a moment of need. A bail bonds firm can help you get a friend or family out of jail without having to pay the whole cost.

An agency usually takes a specified sum (often ten percent) of the total bond amount to assure the Judge that your family or friend will appear in all needed hearings.

The first thing you should do is to contact your local bail bond agent. Since a bail bond might take a long time to process, you should contact an agent right away. You should be informed that you'll be asked several questions.

These queries generally revolve around particular details regarding your detained family or friend. The individual's legal name, birth date, charge, and where they've been detained, among other things, are the questions frequently asked. As a result, it's critical to have all of the important details before calling a bail bonds service.

Accepting a bail bond. A bail "yes" indicates that you agree to pay the needed percentage of the entire bail bond sum, with Bail Yes Bonding generally covering the remaining 90% of the bail bond. While you should keep in mind that posting that 10% ensures your family or friend will be present in all the required court sessions.

After accepting the bond, the agency will make contact with the jail to obtain the specific bail details needed to facilitate your relative's or friend's discharge. You can sit by the telephone and wait for a call from your bail bond company to finalize the arrangements.

Without a doubt, this procedure may be stressful. However, you must strive to remain relaxed and patient because many jail establishments have a delayed processing system and frequently have a congested phone system. Trust your bail agency; as soon as it receives a response, they will inform you of the release state and the required charges.

Collateral Accepted by Placentia Bail Bonds Agencies

Often, the bondsman demands collateral as part of the transaction. Given the risks, this is reasonable. A defendant is usually considered a flight risk. There are several instances where a bail bonds firm is required to hire a bounty hunter to fetch the accused back.

However, what constitutes appropriate collateral? Essentially, you may use a property as collateral if a bondsman thinks it's valuable. Here are a few examples:

  • Vehicles

  • Real estate

  • Credit cards

  • Stocks

  • Bank accounts

  • Jewelry

  • Bonds

The fact that the amount you must repay is controlled by law should not prevent you from engaging a bondsman. State rules guarantee that you do not pay too little or too much for your bail. Bond businesses are trustworthy and provide an acceptable repayment schedule, making it easier for you to repay. Bail bondsmen help the accused to concentrate on their cases while being in a pleasant setting than jail while awaiting trial.

Questions You Should Ask Before Bailing Anyone Out of Jail in Placentia

When somebody is arrested, they're entitled to bail while they wait for their prosecution; however, if they're unable to post it personally, they must have it posted for them by someone else. If you're that person, you should be mindful of what you're putting yourself into. Once you decide to bail someone out, remember to ask yourself these questions:

Are you familiar with the individual you're bailing out?

Whereas the logical response is yes, some people who claim to be friends are not who they claim to be. Evaluate how you two connected them by examining your bond with them. You ought to know that the person you're planning to bail out is as devoted to you the same way you are to them. When you choose to trust somebody you just know as a friend or acquaintance, make sure you are aware of their usual spots, their work and at home addresses, and the addresses of any of their family members.

Are you sure you fully understand what you're signing up for?

Obtaining a bail bond is similar to buying insurance. You should be completely informed about what you're buying and the insurance it provides. You will also be pledging to remain active in the investigation. If the individual breaches the law again while on bond, you could be in trouble. If the individual fails to appear, you are responsible for the entire bail amount.

Are you able to cover the cost of the individual's bail?

When you post a bail bond, you just have to pay 10%, which might not appear to be a significant financial load. It can be quite a sum in some circumstances, but in any event, if that individual fails to appear in court, you will be held liable for the whole amount of bond. It should not be done if you need to utilize your assets as security. It should not be done also until you are certain the individual will appear in court.

Paying bail for a friend or acquaintance may appear to be a generous and selfless act, but it might backfire if the individual isn't trustworthy or the amount isn't something you can handle.

Importance of Using a Bail Bonds Service

Most individuals who have a loved one in custody are undecided about whether or not to utilize a bail bond. The most common question is usually, "Would I need to hire a bondsman?" The response is no, you do not need to utilize the services of a bail bond company to post bail. There are, however, good reasons to employ a bail bonds agency in Placentia. It is not only the most often employed method for getting someone out of jail, it is also the simplest and fastest alternative.

Spend less

A bail bonds service is the way to go unless you have an extra for instance, $50,000 sitting around. They don't demand a huge amount of money for the defendant to be freed, only a mere fraction of the bail cost. Unfortunately, if you are like the majority of individuals, you certainly don't have $50,000 at hand to spend right now. That's where a bail bonds service can help; you'll be able to save a lot of money that you can not afford immediately.


Most agencies are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist. They also take debit or credit cards and over-the-phone transactions in most situations. There is usually no need for cash only or cashier's check transactions, which take more time and can not be completed right away. Ultimately a bail bonds agency is the most suitable option.


The benefit of using a bail bonds company is that each case is handled discreetly and securely. They are a completely safe alternative for ensuring total personal details security. When you reach out to a bail bonds service, they will often ask you a variety of personal details. You can be confident that your data will remain private and not disclosed to anybody.

Getting Out of Jail

Your family member or friend remains in custody until you are released on your conditions, or not if no bond is posted. The wisest thing you can do till the court appearance is to contact a bail bonds agency. Pay a reasonable fee and go to court instead of remaining in prison.

Jailhouse Information in Placentia, CA

If a family member has been detained in Placentia, he or she will most likely be jailed at the Placentia jail, which is situated at:

It's also likely that he or she is being detained at Orange County's main detention facility. The Orange County Jail is situated at the following address:

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