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As one of the most well respected and trusted bail bonds agencies in California, Steven Mehr Bail Bonds has been writing bonds in the Orange County area for over 88 years. We are fully bonded and licensed and are capable of working throughout the entire state. We know how the jails in Cypress work and are ready to do what it takes to make sure your loved one is released in a timely manner.

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Know how the Booking and Release process works so you don't make unnecessary mistakes

Booking and Bail in California

It makes no difference what your charges are. DUI, domestic violence, battery or any other type of offense, the bail bonds process is basically the same. If you have been arrested and transported to the local police or sheriff's department, we can help. If we can't get you bailed out prior to your transfer to the Orange County Jail, the process may take longer, but we can get it done. Bail can be posted at any time, day or night, every day of the year.

Before a Cypress detainee can have a bail bond posted, they must first pass a criminal background check to determine if they have any outstanding warrants or holds. If they are cleared, the bail bond agent can post their bond and begin the release process. This will also notify police if the defendant has used an alias and whether or not they have holds under a different name. This is called a Live Scan and uses information from several main databases.

It can take from 30 minutes to over 3 hours for a bail bond to be processed and the defendant released. The release time will depend on the size of the facility, how busy they are at the time and how many people they have on hand working cases. After the defendant is released, they will need to meet with the bail bonds agent and finish filling out their portion of the paperwork. The agent will take a photo of the defendant and advise them of their court dates and responsibilities while they are out on bail. At this time, most agents will recommend seeking the services of a qualified, Cypress criminal defense attorney.

Standard Cypress Bail Bond Questions

Question. If I'm arrested, what is the easiest way for me to get released early?

Answer. You have three main options when it comes to early release by posting bond. They are:

Surety Bond/Bail Bond – You can hire a bail bonds agent and have them post your bail for you. This requires a premium of 10% of the total bail bond amount. You may also be asked to provide collateral of some kind.

Cash Bond – With a cash bond, the full amount must be paid in full, in person at the facility where the person is being held.

Release On Own Recognizance (O.R.) - A defendant who has no prior criminal history and has strong ties to the community may be released on their own recognizance. This means there is little fear that they will flee the jurisdiction of the court prior to their hearing.

Question. How Long Does the Bail Bond Process Take?

Answer. The paperwork itself can take as little as 15 to 30 minutes to complete. The release process will depend on the size of the facility and other factors that are out of the bail bond agents control. In most cases, a good rule of thumb is anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, with smaller facilities being able to provide release in as little as two or three hours.

Question. What Is Collateral?

Answer. Any personal property that holds value can be used as collateral. In most cases, the value of the property must be at least double the total amount of bail. Collateral is used to secure a bail bond and subsequently guarantee the defendant will appear at all future court dates pertaining to the case. The collateral will be released by the court once the court case is finalized.

Question. Can a bail bond or premium be financed?

Answer. Of course! Payment plans are available for those who are eligible. We offer NO interest and affordable payments. We also accept various types of payment including:

  • American Express-
  • Cash
  • Cashier's and Traveler's Checks
  • Discover
  • Master Card
  • Visa

Question. Will I get any money back when the case is finalized?

Answer. Bail premiums are not returned. They are the initial payment to the bail bonds agency for taking on the financial risk of bailing out the defendant. No, the bail premium is not returned.

Question. Is the defendant allowed to leave the state or the country if they are out on bond?

Answer. While many jurisdictions do not allow defendants to leave the state, others may receive travel authorization from the courts and the bail bonds agency. However, if the court says they cannot leave, the bail bonds agency cannot authorize their travel plans.

Question. What happens if the defendant does not appear at their hearing?

Answer. If a defendant fails to appear, a bench warrant will be issued. They will be listed as a fugitive in the NCIC database. The bail bond agency will be informed of their absence and given the opportunity to apprehend the defendant and return them to jail. If they cannot do so, their bail will be forfeited and the entire amount will be due and owing.

Question. Are all bail premiums the same?

Answer. The Department of Insurance has set the mandatory premium fee at 8 to 10 percent of the total bail amount. If any agency charges less than that, they may not be operating legally.

Question. What information do I need when I call to hire a bail bond agent?

Where is the person being held?

You should know where the defendant is being held: city, state and the name of the facility.

What is the full name of the person who is in jail? Do you have their booking number?

You will need the full name of the defendant so the bail bonds agent can get all of the information they need to complete the bond paperwork. It is also helpful to have the booking number.

How much is bail?

The bail bonds agent will find out how much bail is needed when they talk to the facility where the individual is being held. Once they know the total amount of bail, they will be able to give you an exact amount you will need for the premium.