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There's no such thing as a convenient time to be arrested. Facing incarceration can cause tremendous inconvenience. Thankfully, Steven Mehr Bail Bonds provides a fast and reliable means for you to get out of jail.

After a defendant is booked, law enforcement will decide whether bail needs to be posted as a requirement for release. The defendant will be allowed to make one phone call - preferably to someone who can help arrange bail.

Bail hearings usually take place within 48 hours of an arrest. If bail is denied, you will have to remain in custody throughout your trial. However, in many cases you will be granted bail even before you see a judge. Once your bail has been set, get in touch with a Steven Mehr Bail Bonds nearby to attain the money you need to obtain a timely release. Our professional bail bondsmen will post bail on your behalf, and you will be released to prepare for trial at home.  At the same time, you will be free to return to work and provide for your loved ones while you await your trial.

Getting out of jail quickly can help prevent your arrest from derailing your life. It can prevent you from losing your job and provide you with the freedom to work with your attorney on mounting a strong defense from the outside.

How Bail Bonds Work

Unless you are faced with capital crimes, you have a constitutional right to get out of jail on bail. It can only be revoked if the defendant is a danger to the community, or a flight risk. When you are offered the option of bail, you will have to quickly decide how you wish to pay for it.

In rare cases, a defendant will be released on his or her "own recognizance", but in most cases, you will have to pay bail. There are several approaches to this, and a consultant from Steven Mehr Bail Bonds will be able to advise on your options.

Bail is often expensive, especially to the average American who has a hard time covering monthly expenses. In today's economy, it is hard for many people to make ends meet and few people are able to put away savings every month. The last thing anyone puts money away for is to post bail. Therefore, it can be difficult to come up with the money you need. An additional bail fee can cause financial devastation, which is why it is usually best to obtain a bail bond. With a bail bond, you the client puts up 10% while the bail bondsman puts up the balance.

Importantly, it should be noted that if you choose to pay the bond in full it can take up to six months for the cash to be released upon completion of the case and in turn the bail. Also, when procuring a bail bond, the 10% premium is non-refundable. Don't add financial hardship to the trauma and legal consequences of being arrested. Steven Mehr Bail Bonds can assist with in-house financing options to make bail more affordable.

Types of Bail Bonds

The two most common types of bonds are:

  • Property Bond: A property bond or surety bond is not ideal, but it does provide a last resort. In this case, your property will be used as collateral, but the property value must exceed the bail amount one and a half times.
  • Surety Bond: These bonds are the most affordable, reliable, efficient and quickest method for getting out of jail. The bail bond allows the defendant or co-signer to pay 10% of the entire bail to the bail bond agency, who will then cover the balance payable.

The 10% fee is much easier to find than the entire price of the bail, which is why Rancho Cucamonga bail bonds make much more sense. Something to note is the main term on a bail bond contract is your agreement to attend all court hearings and dates, as that is key to resolving your legal issues.

California law stipulates a non-refundable fixed rate of 10% premium on the bail amount. In rare cases, it may be possible to reduce the amount to 8%, however, anything less could cause the court to declare your bond invalid. If the defendant fails to attend court proceedings, the co-signer will be held liable for the full bail. The defendant will also be subject to re-arrest by a bail bondsman or bounty hunter after skipping bail.

Provided you adhere to the terms of your bail, you will have the opportunity to be freed from jail, freely work with your attorney and prepare a good defense. Some of the terms of your bail will typically include not being charged with another crime, not leaving the county, and maintaining accurate contact information with the bail bondsman.

As part of our service, when we post a bond on your behalf, we will try to have your court date extended for thirty days to give you an opportunity to hire an attorney, build your case and find your proof of completion.

Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds

Steven Mehr Bail Bonds in Rancho Cucamonga, CA is one of the oldest bail bond companies in the state, dating back all the way to 1927. We have assisted thousands of individuals with the aid they required to be reunited with their loved ones following an arrest. Our family owned and operated business' commitment to helping families through difficult times has seen us earning our reputation as the nation's #1 recommended bail bond company. When you need a bail bond in order to secure your release from jail, our state licensed agents have the in-depth understanding of the process to help reunite you with your loved ones.

If you've never dealt with bail bonds in the past, the process can be frustrating and even frightening. However, you can rely on our expertise to help you deal with it. Our experienced agents will explain the entire process to you, whether you need help in securing a bond for a loved one's release, or simply to answer a few questions.

Once you are released from jail, a representative from Steven Mehr Bail Bonds will explain your rights and legal responsibilities. At the same time, they will provide you the date of your next court appearance.

For the duration of the bond agreement, both the defendant and co-signer have to meet certain obligations. While the defendant must attend scheduled court hearings, the co-signer will remain fully liable for the total bond amount. If the defendant fails to abide by the bail conditions, the co-signer, the bond will be forfeited and the co-signer will have to pay the full bail amount right away in the form of the collateral. In some rare cases, if the defendant can prove that they did not purposefully miss the court date, or that it was unavoidable, the judge may consider reinstating the bond and schedule a new court date.

A co-signer can request for a bond to be revoked if he or she no longer wants to be responsible for the defendant. Sometimes, a judge will revoke a bond if there is reason to believe that the defendant will not abide by the court's requirements. Some of the reasons may include instances in which the defendant:

  • became a flight risk
  • was charged with additional crimes
  • failed to submit to routine drug tests
  • failed a routine drug test
  • failed to show up to a scheduled court date.

If a judge or cosigner revokes the bond, the defendant will have to be returned to jail, after which the money or property exceeding the bail bond premium will be released. However, the mandatory 10% will not be returned.

Quality Bail Bond Service 24/7/365 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Thanks to Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, your loved one doesn't need to stay in jail until your lawyer is able to bail them out. Our office is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, including holidays. We're here whenever you need us.

Simply place a call to our office at 800-834-8522 and we will put you in touch with an agent who handles bail bonds nearby in Rancho Cucamonga. Our offices are manned by real people, no matter when you call.

Rancho Cucamonga Bail Bonds FAQ

Should I stay in jail for a few weeks, or should I post bond?

It is usually up to the detained and their family to decide whether to stay in jail or whether to arrange a release. If you have work and family commitments, it's usually best to prepare for your trial in the comfort of your own home.

Who can post bail at a jail?

If you are financially able, you can post your own bail. Alternatively, anyone over the age of 18 is legally an adult and may therefore post bond at the full cash amount.

I bailed out my friend. When will I get my money back?

If you pay the jail the entire bail amount, you may get most of your money back after your friend has attended all the court dates. Timelines typically range from 4-6 months, and you will not earn interest on the money during this period. Likewise, you will not receive the 10% premium back.

Most people don't have money to post bail using cash, which is why most people opt to have their bail bonds posted by surety companies.

What is bail, actually?

Bail is defined as a monetary amount in cash or surety bonds payable to the state. This money is a type of surety bond to ensure that you will appear at all your court ordered hearings after your release. It allows you to meet your responsibilities outside of jail while the case against you is ongoing.

What is a bond?

Bonds usually make more sense than cash bail. In order to be released from jail, you and or someone else will make an agreement with a bail bondsman who will post the necessary funds to secure your release.

Will I need collateral to back a bond?

In many cases, you will need sufficient collateral or cash to back one and a half times the entire bail amount in the event that the defendant skips bail.

When will I get my collateral back?

If the court exonerates the bond, you should get your collateral back, provided there is no money outstanding on your premium (excluding the 10% premium). This usually happens if charges are dropped, if you enter into a negotiated plea and are sentenced, if you are granted a deferred entry of judgement, if you are found innocent, or if you are sentenced at trial.

What happens if I have doubts after posting cash bail?

When you post bail, you show the court that you are confident that the arrestee will not skip bail after his or her release. However, if they do skip court hearings, you will forfeit your cash. However, the option exists for you to persuade your loved one to return to custody in order not to miss a court date, you may be entitled to complete the correct paperwork and have your cash returned to you within thirty days.

The charges were dropped or the defendant was found not guilty. What happens to my money?

Money is usually refunded to the person whose name is on the cash bail receipt within approximately 14 days.

The accused missed a court date. What happens to my money?

If a defendant misses a court date, the judge will issue a bench warrant to authorize an arrest. The cash bond will go into default or forfeiture. In this case, you will only get your money back if the accused is jailed again of their own volition or by law enforcement. Cash bail is typically forfeited after 180 days.

What are the co-signer’s responsibilities?

The co-signer vouches that the accused will attend court appearances. As such, it is in your best interest as the co-signer to help the bail bondsman to find the defendant.

How long will it take before I can get out of jail?

Completing your paperwork will take approximately fifteen to thirty minutes. If you are held at the local police station, we will submit your paperwork to them and you should be released within the hour. The process takes longer in larger facilities. You will usually be released within 2-10 hours from a large county jail.

Why should I work through Steven Mehr Bail Bonds?

If you or a loved one is in jail and you do not have sufficient cash to cover the full bond amount, you may need to hire a bail bondsman. If you are placing a bond to help someone get out of jail, but you don't want to gamble with your own money, it may be a better idea to work through a bondsman.

Will I receive my collateral or money back?

It is important to always read promissory notes and contracts before signing anything and retain copies of all documents. If there is anything you don't understand, be sure to ask questions. Collateral is typically refundable, depending on the written agreement. State fees and premiums are not refundable.

How do I Find Bail Bonds Near Me?

Are you in need of a bail bond in Rancho Cucamonga or anywhere else in California? Then get in touch with Steven Mehr Bail Bonds at 800-834-8522. Live agents are standing by to provide you with the solutions you or a loved one requires in order to be released from jail.