Being arrested is no joke. It is not a game and can be extremely frustrating. The truth is, most people haven't had to deal with an arrest. Hiring a bail bonds agent is something they thought they would never have to do. The highly trained, professional agents at Steven Mehr Bail Bonds are here to answer your questions and make sure you understand every step of the process. We offer special 1% bail bond down payments on premiums for individuals who meet the requirements.

We Have Answers to Your Questions

A knowledgeable bail bondsman has all of the answers you need to put your mind at ease. Having someone with almost 90 years of experience in your corner is a good feeling. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, our agents have the years of experience you need to protect your rights. When you have questions, call our office at 800-834-8522 to talk to on of our highly trained agents. Ask about our 1% premium for qualified applicants. Applicants who are eligible for this special rate must be able to secure the bond through the use of collateral. This type of property bond is secured by vehicles, boats, real estate, stocks/bonds, bank accounts, jewelry and any other type of physical property that is owned out right with no title holds or liens. The value of the property must meet or exceed the total value of the bail bond by at least 150%. For example, If a person's bail is set at $100,000, the total value of the property after sale and fees must exceed at least $150,000.

Our 1% Premium

At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we are able to offer a unique 1% bail bond premium deposits to our clients who meet the requirements. In the state of California, the state-mandated premium to apply for a bail bond is 10%. This premium is set by the state and cannot be changed or negotiated. It is also non-refundable. Once the case has closed, the premium will be used to pay the bail bond agent for their services. 

We are able to offer a 1% bail bond because we allow our clients to pay the remaining 9% later on via payment plans. Because of this additional service, the only way of allowing a 1% premium to be used is if the bond is secured with collateral, such as personal property or real estate. The value of the property must exceed at least 150% of the total cost of the bond after fees and the 9% additional cost of the premium has been included. Once the case is over, you will have to reimburse us for the other 9% of the premium that was rolled into the total cost of the bail. In some cases, if the property is liquidated, we will collect our fee and return the remainder of he money or property to you.

Getting to Understand Bail Bonds

The bail bonds process is easy to understand. There are several types of bail bonds that we can offer with the 1% down premium, as long as the bail is large enough to make the service worth the final cost. They include:

  • Property bonds – Property bonds require physical collateral that holds value of at least 150% of the total amount of the bond. The property must be owned free and clear with no liens or title holds.
  • Domestic violence bonds – Domestic violence bail bonds may have stipulations that involve personal protection orders.
  • Weapons bail bonds – May involve stipulations that involve turning over any weapons that are owned by the defendant until after the court case has been resolved.
  • Immigration bonds – Often requires physical property as collateral. May be higher than a conventional bond to reduce the risk of flight.
  • Surety bonds – A type of bail bond that requires the services of a licensed bail bonds agent. Co-signer must pay a 10% premium that cannot be negotiated or refunded.

The co-signer of the bail bond must fill out an application and secure the bond by paying a 10% premium. By signing the bail bond agreement, the co-signer agrees to be responsible for the remainder of the bail if the defendant does not show up for court. At any time, the co-signer has the right to revoke the bail bond and have the defendant returned to jail. If the defendant does skip bail, the court will inform the bail bond agent that they are revoking the bail bond and they have so many days to return the defendant to the jail. If the defendant cannot be found, the co-signer must cover the remaining amount of the bail in full at the court's discretion.

If the 1% premium down payment is used, the property that secures the bail bond must be delivered to us for safe keeping, along with the one percent in cash, check, money order, credit card or cashier's check. We will provide you with a receipt for both the cash and the property that will detail what is still owed on the premium, and the total value of the bond and the collateral.

100% Availability

At 1% Bail Bonds/Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, our agents take pride in being able to serve their clients whenever they may be needed. Our agents are available 24/7/365. We work nights, weekends and holidays to put your mind at ease. Call our office today at 800-834-8522! We can take the stress out of a difficult situation. Our goal is to make sure our clients understand exactly what is happening during every step of the bail bonds process. With our 1% bail bond premium, we can help you secure your bond in a relatively short period of time. All we need to do is have the property appraised and the value guaranteed. With our fast service, and the inability to work with the courts and law enforcement agencies, we are able to provide fast, efficient answers to all of your questions. Call us today!