When you're accused of a crime, you'll need to put a strong defense to prove your case. Before your case comes to a successful conclusion, you'll have to go to court regularly, which can sometimes be stressful for you and your family. What's more, you'll need to part with a huge amount of money to avoid going to jail while your case is in progress.

If you or your loved one has been arrested in Cypress, you need to be set free as soon as possible. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we can help ease the financial burden of this process by posting bail on your behalf. This guide shares valuable information you need to know about working with a reputable bail bonds company.

Steps To Bail Out Your Loved Or Friend With The Help Of A Bail bond Company

When you need to bail out your loved one with the help of a Cypress Bail Bonds agent, you should consider different steps for a successful process.

Obtain Relevant Personal Information

When you're arrested and put in jail and your friend or loved one contacts you before the bail hearing, they'll have to be patient until the bail hearing to know the bail amount to post. But, before your arraignment, you should let them know the specific charges brought against you and the exact location where you're held. Additionally, ensure that they know your date of birth as this is important if they wish to post a bond based on the jail bond schedule.

Seek The Help Of A Cypress Bail Bonds Agent

Once they've taken down all the necessary information, they can reach out to a reputable Bail Bondsman. When seeking the services of a cypress bail bonds agent, you should ask specific questions like how the bail bond process works, their operating license, and the time it takes before you can be released from jail.

Verify Whether a Bail Bonds Company Is Reputable

Before you can commit to the services of a bail bonds company, you need to verify whether they are reputable. Different things will indicate whether or not they're reputable, including their transparency in costs and fees and how they handle and address their client concerns. You can check their reputation by reading online reviews and asking for referrals.

Prepare To Provide Collateral

When you seek a bail bonds company service to help you post bail, you'll need to provide collateral as a surety for the bail amount. This is a way for bail bond companies to protect themselves in case you decide to break the bail conditions that may cause a court to forfeit the bail. Some of the acceptable forms of collateral include cash or high-value assets or property like a car and house.

Be Conversant With Your Obligation and Rights

If you posted bail for your loved one, you have to know that you're entitled to certain rights and obligations discussed below:

  • As a co-signer, you'll be held liable for the bail amount if the defendant doesn't show up to court. You will even have to pay any fees for locating a defendant if they decide to skip their hearing and move out of town.
  • It's possible to reclaim the bond you posted if the defendant is put back to jail and the court has not revoked the bond. What you need to do is notify a bail bond agent of your intention to release the bond, and they'll secure a judge's approval.

How Is The Bail Amount Set?

Before a judge can set bail, they'll begin by assessing your case based on factors like the nature of your case, your ability to make bail, and whether or not you're a flight risk.

Requirements For Bond Reduction

If you believe that the bond amount set is too high and can't afford to pay, you can seek a bond reduction. However, you'll need to show that you made an effort to post bond before a court can grant your request. You could present evidence from friends and family indicating the Cypress Bail Bonds agen6 you've called to help you clear the amount.

When seeking a bond reduction because there's been a delay in your indictment, you should present evidence to show the duration you have been in custody without being charged. In Cypress, California, courts can lower your bail amount if you've been in custody for over three months without being indicted.

In exchange for a reduced bond amount, a court can suggest certain conditions such as electronic monitoring. This tells the court that you're not going to skip court before your trial.

Forfeiting Bond In Cypress, California

If a bail bond agent helps you or your loved one be released from jail by posting a bond, you must show up to all your court hearings. If you fail to show up in court, the defense will consider this bond forfeiture. When you forfeit bail, the court will give a ruling on the day you miss your appearance.

Bond Liability In Cypress, California

When a bail bondsman posts bail on behalf of your loved one, and they don't appear in court,  the bail bondsman will be liable for the full amount. They also have the right to track down their loved ones and turn them into police custody.

Common Forms Of Bail Bond Collateral

If your loved one was recently incrassated and you have enough cash to post a bail, you should seek the services of a knowledgeable bail bond company. Steven Mehr bail bonds accept different types of bail bond collateral. However, it's essential to understand that you’ll have to part with a 10% fee before the bail bonds agent can post bail on behalf of the defendant. Below is  an overview of the common forms of collateral you can provide:

Real Estate – Stephen Mehr bail bonds can accept your property as collateral to secure bail for your loved one. What you need to do is file a deed of trust at your local court to show that a bail bond company has authority over your property. It's also possible for your attorney to file such a deed on your behalf. The claim on your property will be lifted when the bail you post for your loved one is terminated. Remember that you cannot use real estate as collateral if you aren't the primary owner of a property. This also applies to properties that are facing demolition or damage.


Any valuable item, whether big or small, counts as collateral. Some of the common valuables you can use as collateral include boats, yachts, and vehicles. If you're using your property to post bail, you'll need to show proof that you're the owner of the boat or vehicle. Bail bond companies also use gold bars, antiques, jewelry like watches, neckless and rings). Other acceptable valuables include electronics(sound systems & laptops), but they have to be high quality and in good condition.

Remember that a bail bonds company will have to appraise and store your items, primarily when you use smaller items as collateral for your bail. You'll have to agree with the bail bond agent on how you plan to keep such items and who'll cater to the storage fees. 

Bonds and Stocks

You can pledge your bonds and stock to be used as collateral by a bail bonds company and the evidence handed to a bail bonds company. You will receive your investments after your bail has been terminated.

Important Tips To Note When Seeking The Help Of A Bail Bondsman

The services of a bail bondsman are necessary to ensure timely release from jail. However, there are important considerations to know to ensure that the process goes on smoothly.

Be Sure Of Your Bail Amount

Before you seek the help of a bail bondsman, you should know your bail amount. After your arrest, you have to go to court for your bail hearing. A judge will then rule on the amount to pay as bail. This can only happen if your loved ones have not posted bail on your behalf based on the bond schedule used by jail booking staff. If a judge isn't sure whether to grant bail for your case, they may schedule your hearing for a later date.

Negotiate Your Bail Amount Before Reaching Out To An Attorney

It is unconstitutional for the courts to grant excessive bail and fines. You can tell that a bail amount is unreasonable if it's higher than your financial means, criminal history, or offense. If you believe that your bail amount is high, seek the help of your lawyer to help you negotiate a lower bail amount. If a judge considers your bail reduction plea, you should contact a bail bond company and post bail.

Be Conversant With The Bail Bond Fees

Before hiring a bail bond agent, it's possible to post bail without parting with the full amount. Steven Mehr bail bonds will require you to pay a 10% fee of the total bond granted by the court.

Settle For Local Bail Bondsmen

When seeking the help of a bail bondsman, you should work with a local provider than a national agency. If you decide to work with a bail bonds company outside Cypress, Ca, you may have to part with additional fees than seeking the help of a local provider. Working with a bail bond company within your area means that you'll recieve faster services because it's convenient to meet for one-on-one discussions.

Another advantage of working with a local bail bonds company is that they know the judges and other court officials you'll be dealing with. In addition, they understand how the court process works and can offer advice to you on the best actions to take for a successful case.

Check What Others Are Saying About the Company

You have to know that not all bail bond companies are the same. If you want to receive fast and reliable services, ensure that you read online reviews about a bail bond company. Once you know their reputation, it's much easier and less stressful to post bail.

What You Should Know About Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunters

If you have posted bail for your loved one and they decide to skip court hearing or leave town, a bail bonds company may seek the help of a bounty hunter to track, arrest and transport them to jail.

The Role Of A Bounty Hunter

Many bail bonds don't only rely on law enforcement to track down fugitives, which is why they seek the help of bounty hunters. These professionals have a high success rate of capturing criminals thanks to their expert skills in tracking the whereabouts of individuals. Before they begin their search, bounty hunters will research where a fugitive is hiding. This may include monitoring their phone number or license plate number. They'll even receive more information about the individual from acquaintances, friends, and family members. In some cases, bounty hunters may need to be well-armed, especially if the fugitive is dangerous.

Laws and Regulations on Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunters are protected by law and sometimes have a higher probability of making successful arrests than the local police. When you or your loved one seeks the help of a bail bonds company,receive and you decide to skip court, the bounty hunter hunted by a bail bond company has the right to enter your property without an arrest warrant.

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Following the arrest of your loved one, you must seek the help of a bail bondsman, primarily if you can't raise the total amount in cash. When seeking the help of such a professional, you need to know the different types of bonds available. Besides a cash bond, other collateral that you can use includes assets like your vehicle or property. If you're posting bail on behalf of your loved one, you should know that you'll be held liable for additional fees in case they seek the help of a bounty hunter.

If you or your loved one has been arrested in Cypress, you need the services of a bails bond agent to secure a timely release. At Stephen Mehr Bail Bonds, we understand how the bail bond process in California works. Our wealth of experience ensures we post bail on your behalf on time. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-834-8522 and let us post bail on your behalf.