When your loved one has been arrested and placed in custody, the first thing you would want to do is find out the fastest means to secure his or her freedom. For this to happen, you need to call the best bail bonds company in La Palma.

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An Overview of Bail Bonds in California

A bail bond allows defendants to post bail that they cannot afford. A bail bonds agent posts the total amount on behalf of the defendant. The defendant will pay a non-refundable amount to the bail bonds agent, usually a maximum of 10% of the bail. The defendant will then secure the bond with collateral.

For instance, Max is arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. The judge sets a bail of $20,000. However, since Max doesn't have this amount, he approaches our La Palma Bail Bonds agents. He has to pay $2,000 upfront and secure the bond with his vehicle to have the agents post the bail on his behalf.

Please note, if a defendant doesn't have collateral worth the bail amount, he or she can turn to a friend or a relative and work as a cosigner. Apart from that, most bail bonds agents have different payment plans that include debit cards, credit cards, and cash bail for defendants who cannot afford to raise their pay.

Defendants who fail to appear in court forfeits the bail, meaning that they will end up owing the bail agent the total amount. Therefore, an agent can exercise their rights to the collateral to secure their loss.

That's why our La Palma Bail Bonds agents go a great length to ensure that their clients appear in court before the court forfeits the bail. They can even check on you in the morning of your court appearance and have you visit their offices regularly to ensure that you meet your court obligations.

If you fail to appear in court, an arrest warrant will be issued on you, allowing law enforcement officers to look for you and return you to custody.

Consequently, if you satisfy all the court requirements, our agents will recover the full money they had posted. However, you must pay the fee required to obtain the bail bond.

Alternatives to Bail Bonds

Since they cannot raise the required bail amount, defendants who are in custody can seek a bail reduction through a bail hearing. They can seek a bail hearing within five days after the bail was first set. However, for serious felonies, prosecutors should write a notice at least two days before the hearing.

The bail hearing allows defendants to ask for a reduction of their bail or release on recognizance. However, the judge has the discretion to decide based on the factors discussed below.

How the Court Determines Your Bail

Defendants without first-hand experience with legal proceedings might want to know how the judge determines the amount to set as bail. Judges usually take note of various considerations when determining how much they would set for a defendant's bail. Some of these factors are as follows:

Nature and Circumstances of the Crime

Judges will mainly set a high amount for dangerous crimes. There are particular guidelines that judges use while setting bail according to the nature of the crime, but generally speaking, the worse the crime, the higher the bail.

Evidence Against the Defendant and The Likelihood of a Conviction

The court will most likely deny or set a high bail for a defendant with a high amount of evidence and a likelihood of a conviction. This aims at dissuading the defendant from trying to flee. Judges should use their best judgment to create a situation where a defendant will work according to the law.

The Defendant's Past and Present Conducts

The court will also look into the defendant's past and present conduct, like failing to attend court. It's said that history can repeat itself, given a chance. Therefore, the judge may not want to provide a defendant the opportunity of fleeing again by lowering the bail amount.

The Defendant's Criminal History

A defendant's criminal history includes several factors like threatening the community and being released after an arrest. That's why the judge usually sets exceptionally high bail for unusually violent crimes.

The Defendant's Community History

Judges usually place a lower bail on defendants with family ties, businesses, or good employment history. They perceive that people with close community ties can generally stick closer while waiting for their court dates than those without relationships.

The Defendant's Criminal Status

Defendants on parole, probation, or released from another crime will likely have a high bail amount.

The Defendant's Source of Income

The defendant's source of income can be a significant factor in determining how much to set as bail, especially for those who've been arrested for selling drugs. For instance, the street value of the drugs involved might determine whether to set a high or low bail or deny the bail altogether.

Possibility of Flight

A defendant who will most likely not appear in court is referred to as a flight risk. A defendant with a high probability of fleeing might not be released, or the court will set an extremely high bail. If a defendant skips town before a court date, it is more likely that the judge will not guarantee the same opportunity once they are brought back to custody.

Ways to Secure Bail and Remain Safe While in Police Custody

It can be confusing when you're arrested, especially if you have never had any legal issue. Therefore, you should understand how to carry yourself to ensure that you're released as soon as possible. You might also want to know how to stay safe and work with the police to avoid getting into more trouble. Here are a few considerations that you should make to secure your bail and remain safe while in jail.

Contact a Bail Bonds Agent

Many jails usually limit arrestees to a single phone call. You should use your single phone call to contact our La Palma Bail Bonds agents. The agents will most likely need information from you, which includes the following:

  • Your full name
  • Name of the jail that you're held in
  • Charges made against you
  • Additional details related to your arrest

Please note, you should remain honest with all your answers to avoid a situation where you'll jeopardize your release and end up spending more time in jail.

The agents will then contact your loved one to secure your release. They will also call the jail to verify your arrest and know about the jail.

Once they have collected all necessary information, they will need you or your loved ones to sign the paperwork, put up collateral, and pay the non-refundable bail amount. You should secure the agent's license number and clarify your terms of payment before your release. This will help you avoid a bail bonds scam. It also clearly states what you expect from the bail company and reduces the possibility of encountering any financial repercussions from the agent.

Look for a Single Holding Area or Cell

You should inquire whether a single holding area or cell is available to allow you to be alone as our La Palma Bail Bonds agents post your bail. A single cell or holding area guarantees our safety. If it's unavailable, try to maintain your calm. Remember, many people are in for different reasons, and there's a possibility of a fight breakup amongst yourself.

It's also recommendable to avoid acting aggressively towards other inmates and the police. Any aggressive action might have the inmates assume you're a threat, and the police might charge you with additional crimes.

Speak to the Officers

Police officers are there to protect you and other prisoners. Therefore, it's recommendable that you speak to them respectfully and do whatever you're asked to. One trick that can help you talk with the officers is by looking them into their eyes, answering their questions politely, and keeping your hands visible. You should also avoid any form of resistance.

However, you should know your rights while in detention. For instance, you have the right not to answer any question, including those related to your crime. A simple answer that seems to be seemingly innocent can have you accidentally incriminate yourself. When the police ask you about the crime you're charged with, tell them that you politely choose not to speak to them until your attorney is present.

What You Should Know About Collaterals in Bail Bonding

Bail collateral is used in place or in addition to your bail money to secure a release from jail. It works as a security towards the amount of bail that a bail bonding company has posted on your behalf.

Collateral can be in different forms, including your house, jewelry, or other valuable assets. If you're offering your vehicle, house, or other large property as collateral, the court will require you to place their pink slip or deed in their trust. For smaller items like jewelry, they will take physical possession of the items and keep them in a secure place until your case completes.

Please note, the court can take your property as a form of bail. However, the property's equity must be at least 150% of the money that the court has set. Once a defendant fails to appear, the court will seize and sell the home.

Our La Palma Bail Bonds agent will return collateral to their owner after the case completes. It doesn't matter whether the defendant has been found guilty or innocent to return the collateral.

Bail bonds agents may fail to return the total amount of collateral when a client hasn't paid the required premium. However, suppose a client had paid the entire premium. In that case, it will take five business days to receive the collateral if the case has concluded and the individual has completed all other financial obligations.

Most people wonder whether they can continue using their property even after using them as collateral. Well, the ability to retain your possession of an asset depends on the bail bonds agent's ability to claim possession of the property even if it's not in their hands. For instance, if a particular item like real estate can be claimed using documentation, the cosigner or defendant can maintain its possession and continue using it even if it's being used as collateral.

However, you cannot use such arrangements with other items like electronics, jewelry, or smaller assets. Your agent will most probably take them and keep them as our court proceedings continue.

Collaterals and Cosigners

Sometimes defendants might lack the property needed to use as collateral, meaning that another person should do this on their behalf. These people are referred to as cosigners and work similarly to indemnitors in a typical bank loan.

Our La Palma Bail Bonds agent expects cosigners to prove ownership to the property they intend to use as collateral, just like you would do if the property were yours. Therefore, your cosigner must show a title or deed to the property depending on whether it's a vehicle or a real estate property.

La Palma Jails and Courts Information

When a loved one is arrested, it can be confusing to locate their jail and the courthouse to attend their trial. That's why you should know the locations of the courts and jail in La Palma, CA, to avoid any confusion when needing to release your loved one out of jail or attend the trial. Here are the addresses of jails in La Palma, CA.

La Palma Police Department

7792 Walker Street

La Palma, CA 90623 United States

Phone: + 1 714 690 3370

Ghost Town Jail & Sad Eye Joe

Main Street

Buena Park, CA 90620 United States

Here are addresses for courthouses in La Palma, CA.

Bellflower Courthouse

10025 Flower Street

Bellflower, CA 90706 United States

Phone: + 1 562-345-3300

LA County Superior Court Department

12720 Norwalk Blvd

Norwalk, CA 90650 United States

Phone: + 1 562-345-3700

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