Facing arrest in Westminster can be a terrifying experience. After being locked in jail, your primary thought is how you can be released. Unfortunately, securing a release from jail is a daunting process. For most crimes in California, the law requires that you post bail before you are released from jail. Bail is the financial commitment you use to assure the court of your appearance during hearings when released on bail.

The judge determines bail amounts at a bail hearing. They set your bail depending on the circumstances of your case. California courts allow you to pay bail in cash or use property bonds. Mostly, arrests are unforeseen, and you may lack the amount required to post bail.

Fortunately, a Westminster bail bonds company can help you post your bail. In addition, you only pay the bail bonds agent 10% of the bail amount as a service fee. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we will guide you navigate the bail process to ensure you walk out from jail fast.

Overview of California Bail Bonds

Bail refers to funds deposited to the court by a criminal defendant to secure a release before trial. For example, if you or a loved one is arrested in California, you must remain in the jail cell awaiting your trial. However, California law allows defendants to post bail and be released before trial. After the arrest, the judge will hold a hearing to determine the amount required to secure your release.

If you cannot raise enough money to post cash bail for your loved one, seeking the services of a Westminster Bail Bonds Agent would be the wisest decision. When a professional bail bonds agent backs you up, you can easily secure a lower bail amount needed for your release. A bail bond agent with a good reputation can sway the court in your favor. The lower the bail you require, the lower the service fee you are likely to pay to the bail bond company.

When you decide to enter a contract with a bail bond company, they will provide the amount required to pay for a release. As a service fee, you will be liable for up to 10% of the total bail. Also, the bail bond company may need you to provide collateral to secure the amount they use to pay bail for you or your loved one.

Collateral and Bail Bonds

The cost of bail bonds is the first thing that is likely to come to your mind when contacting a bail bonds company. Most people assume that cash and credit cards are the only means through which you can secure a loved one’s release. Sometimes, you can use collateral to secure a bond. Before you decide to use a collateral bond, you need to understand the forms of collateral that are accepted.

Some of the most common forms of collateral used to pay for bail bonds include vehicles, homes, or other valuable items. If your bail bondsman allows you to use non-cash collateral to secure the release of your loved one, there are requirements that you need to meet for the collateral. Before accepting collateral as a mode of payment for a bail bond, the bail company will require proof of property ownership and any other financial history on the property. If your vehicle or property meets the California sale requirements, you can use it to secure bail bonds.

When you secure a bail bond using collateral, recovering the property will depend on your appearance for the court hearing. Failure to appear in court as scheduled will cause the court to revoke your bond. Therefore, the court will seize anything you used as collateral. Collateral seized due to skipping bail goes towards payment of the money lost in bail bonds.

Bail Bond Repayment Plans

Even though using bail bonds requires that you incur fewer costs for your bail, it may be difficult for individuals from low-income situations to raise money to pay for bail bonds service fees. Fortunately, bail bonds agents can offer a payment plan for you to ensure you are not stuck in jail for lack of enough money to pay for their services. However, before agreeing to a bail bonds repayment plan, it is crucial to understand how the plan works. 

There are several ways to pay for bail bonds, including money, jewelry, or property accepted by the bail bond company. When you seek the services of a Westminster Bail Bonds Agent, you will only be liable for up to 10%. Even with this small fee, it can be difficult to pay off since arrests are unexpected occurrences. The payment plans can help you ease the burden of paying bail bond fees.

Different bail bonds companies have different financing options depending on the unique circumstances of your case. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss a payment plan with your bail bonds agent before signing the agreement.

Down Payment for Bail Bond Repayment Plans

When you agree on a bail repayment plan, the bail bond company requires that you make a down payment for your service fee and cover the rest in installments. Several factors go into determining the amount you should pay as a down payment. The amount of bail required to secure your release is the most significant factor in the down payment size for each case.

Since bail amounts vary based on the circumstances of your case, the down payment for your bail bond repayment plan may vary. Also, your employment status and credit score may be significant in determining the amount you need to pay as a down payment. Therefore, before a Westminster Bail Bonds Agent allows you to pay your service fee using a repayment plan, you must establish your ability to pay monthly for the amount remaining after you pay the down payment.

Since the exact costs and fees vary from one company to another, it is vital to ask all the relevant questions about the repayment plan before signing it. If you have prior arrests or facing charges outside California, you may fail to receive a low down payment rate.

Cosigners for Payment plans

Credit is very vital in securing a bail bond and payment plan. If you have a poor credit score, you may consider requesting a family member or friend to cosign your bail bond and ease the process. When another person cosigns your bail bond, they will be liable for your conduct following the release on bail. If the bail bond company offers you a repayment plan and fails to make the payments, the cosigner may be required to repay your bail bond services.

A cosigner for bail bonds in California must meet the following requirements to ensure that they are credible enough to take responsibility for the defendant.

  • Government-issued identification
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of income and a good credit score. This can be proven by establishing that the potential cosigner has held the same job for some time.
  • Cash, credit, and debit cards are available. A cosigner is financially liable for the bail bond if the defendant defaults.

Failure to provide the above information can result in denial of bail bonds for co-signing.

It is essential to understand that each bail bond repayment plan is subject to approval. For your plan to be approved, several factors are considered, and it is not always a guarantee that it will be accepted. In addition, even when you pay your bail bond using a payment plan, you may need to provide collateral for the total amount of bail set by the court.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bail Bonds in California

The issues regarding bail can be complicated and challenging, especially when your financial capacity does not allow you to pay for cash bail. If you decide to seek bail bond services, you should contact a knowledgeable bail bond agent. Some of the frequently asked questions about bail bonds in California include:

  1. Do I Have A Constitutional Right To Bail In California?

Even though the right to bail is recognized in the constitution, bail is not always a matter of right. Most defendants facing criminal charges will be entitled to bail often by a judge during a bail hearing. When you pay the amount set by the judge as your bail, you will be allowed to go home and return on the scheduled date of your trial.

If you face charges for capital crimes and the presumption of guilt is significant, the court may deny your bail. However, you may still be entitled to a bail hearing where the judge will decide your fate. For this purpose, a capital crime is punishable by a death sentence or life imprisonment. One of the reasons that you could be denied bail when you face a capital crime is that the court considers you a flight risk.

  1. What Do I Agree To In A Bail Bond Contract?

When you enter a contract with a bail bond company, you agree to:

  • Pay the bail bond premiums at the established rates.
  • Provide collateral. When a Westminster Bail Bonds Agent posts your bail, they will require that you provide collateral to secure the amount they use to pay your bail. If you fail to appear for the hearing and the court forfeits bail, the bail bond company will withhold the property you used as collateral.
  • You should inform your bail bondsman of changes in employment, address, or any plans to travel.
  • If you secured a bail bond for your loved one facing criminal charges in California, you must aid the bail agent in locating a defendant if they fail to show up in court.
  • After signing the bail bond agreement, the bail bond company requires that you pay all the necessary fees incurred while working on your case.
  1. What Happens When A Defendant Violates The Bail Conditions?

When you are released on bail awaiting trial in California, the judge will likely set some conditions that you must follow while out on bail. Some of the common bail conditions include:

  • You must show up for all court dates as mandated by the judge
  • Avoid traveling out of the state
  • Stay away from the victims if you are involved in a violent crime

If you fail to appear for your trial or violate any other bail condition, the court will forfeit your bail. If a bail bondsman posted your bail, they would lose the amount they deposited with the court. In return, the item used as collateral for the bail bond is sold to recover the amount lost to the court.

When a Westminster Bail Bonds Agent pays your bail, they are responsible for your appearance for the hearing. When you fail to appear, the bail bond company has the right to engage a bounty hunter who finds you and takes you back to jail.

Some of the jails in Westminster, CA, include:

Westminster Jail

8200 Westminster Blvd

Westminster, CA 92683


Westminster Police Department

8200 Westminster Blvd

Westminster, CA 92683


Garden Grove City Jail

11301 Acacia Pkwy

Garden Grove, CA 92840


Courts serving around Westminster, CA, include:

The Superior Court of California

8141 13th Street

Westminster, CA 92683


Superior Courthouse, Justice Center

8141 13th Street

Westminster, CA


Orange County Public Defender West Court

14120 Beach Blvd

Westminster, CA 92683


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When you face arrest, you are detained in jail, awaiting your arraignment and court sessions. Fortunately for you, under California law, you have a right to be released on bail. Working with a bail bonds company helps you secure your release from jail if you lack the amount required to post cash bail. When you seek the services of a bail bonds agency, they will post your bail at a 10% fee of the total bail.

Also, the bail bondsman will be responsible for your conduct while you are out on bail. If you or your loved one is stuck in jail for lack of enough money to pay your bail, we invite you to contact Steven Mehr Bail Bonds. Our Westminster bail bonds agents will post your bail and use their knowledge on the process to help ensure a quick release for you or your loved one. Contact us today at 800-834-8522 for bail bonds services.