The events following your arrest often result in detention in a police jail as you await further instructions. Nonetheless, you can exit jail as you await the prosecutor handling your case to determine whether the trial will follow. Among the options to assess in an existing jail is posting bail or bond. Upon partnering with a reliable bail bonds agent, you will complete the transactions on time and secure your release. This comes about thanks to the services they offer to post bail on your behalf.

At Steve Mehr Bail Bonds, a highly skilled and well-experienced team is ready to post bail soon after you present your case. Thanks to their diligence, the team has helped hundreds of persons detained in Glendora, California, regain their freedom soon after arrest and detention. Subsequently, you can expect reliable assistance upon contacting them to help you leave jail within hours of arrest.

Understanding What Bail and Bond Payments Entail

Any arrested suspect in California can exit the jail, provided their reason for arrest does not involve a serious offense. Among the various options for release is by your own recognizance. By choosing this option, you will confess to having committed the charged crime. Subsequently, you will sign a document to show your acceptance, as well as commit to making court appearances.

Although a release on own recognizance is a straightforward procedure, you may later face some ramifications. For example, the prosecutor may present the signed document containing your acceptance in committing the offense as evidence. Therefore, you want to be careful with this option.

An alternative to release on own recognizance is posting bail or bond. The California Penal Code provides for the option under sections 1269 and 1276. The transaction involves depositing a specific amount or valuables with the court. In return, the presiding judge will grant release orders to help you return to your normal life.

A difference between bail and bond exists, particularly in the type of transaction you should complete. On one hand, a bail transaction requires you to post a determined monetary figure with the court. This amount is determined using a schedule discussed below and may vary based on different factors.

Upon depositing the amount, it serves as collateral for your freedom. Hence, you can continue living outside police custody even as the trial proceeds as long as you attend all mandatory hearings.

 Any default to the court-attendance requirement results in the loss of your bail amount. Consequently, the court has the right to retain the amount and order for your detention upon the default, Therefore, defendants are advised to remain keen on the attendance dates to avoid inconveniences.

On the other hand, posting a bond entails transferring a lien over a piece of property or valuables to the court. The transferred lien signifies a transfer of control over the property temporarily to the court to secure your release.

Similar to bail transactions, the property acts as collateral for your freedom. You will therefore need to abide by all court requirements to avoid losing your property to the court for good. 

Events Leading to Posting Bail and Bond

As a rule of operation, only suspects with court authorization can post bail or bond to help them exit jail. Thus, you need to understand the processes leading up to the transactions. These details will help you prepare for the various requirements to satisfy. Further, you will have a chance to seek additional help from your Glendora Bail Bonds agent in advance.

Firstly, you need to have faced an official arrest and detention from law enforcement officers. They ought to have formed probable cause for arrest or should have been present when you committed the crime. An arrest is considered official only after an officer complies with the requirement for probable cause, followed by taking you into custody.

You also need to undergo the booking process whereby officers collect your identification details at the police station. Typically, the booking process concludes within minutes of your arrival at the station. However, some stations are busier than others, so the time frame may change.

The law enforcement officer handling your case will require you to provide the following details:

  • Your official name
  • Your identification card details
  • A physical address
  • Your contact details
  • Mugshots and fingerprints (taken at the station)
  • Your criminal record, if any

After obtaining the details, you will then have a chance to contact your family or loved ones, as well as your bail bonds agent. During the phone call, you want to provide all the necessary details, including your location and your booking number. Doing so will help the agent conduct their duties faster and more diligently.

How to Determine the Amount Payable When Posting Bail

When you are on call with your Glendora Bail Bonds agent, they may request a bail amount quotation to help in filling the application forms. Thus, you will need to determine the estimated amount beforehand. As a first-time offender, you may be unaware of the references to use, especially because you lack access to tools like your phone.

Nonetheless, the officers in your station will provide a bail schedule with the assigned amounts for each offense. The following are various pointers to help you sum up the estimated bail amount that the judge will require:

Determine Which Criminal Charge Requires the Highest Bail Amount

If you are accused of committing an offense chargeable as a misdemeanor or felony, you want to estimate your bail amount using the higher charge; the felony. Doing this will put you in a safer position, as your Glendora bail bonds agent will prepare an adequate sum to post bail when the time comes. If the amount turns out to be lower, you will not lose anything as the bail bonds company will retain the excess money set aside to post on your behalf.

Add All Bail Amounts for Suspects Facing Multiple Charges

Cases involving multiple charges are also not uncommon, especially if the offense occurred over a long period. The best strategy to adopt is finding out all the charges pressed against you and checking the bail amount assigned in the court schedule. Afterward, add these amounts to find the lump sum that the judge is likely to endorse as bail.

Since some charges may involve wobbler crimes, it helps to check for the higher bail amount, as discussed in the point above. Overestimating the amount will help your bail bonds agent prepare adequately for an adverse bail hearing outcome.

Determine Whether Your Charge Involves Any Aggravating Factors

Moreover, you want to stay ready for any chances of a sentence enhancement caused by aggravating factors. These are events or actions you participated in that worsen the circumstances of your case, making you susceptible to harsher judgment.

Some common aggravating factors include using violence to commit a crime, using dangerous weapons, and causing severe injuries to the victim. Additionally, involvement in gang crimes is often classified as an aggravating factor, as gangs often cause adverse outcomes for victims. An offender with a previous criminal record should also anticipate their case being an aggravated offense based on the extra scrutiny.

If your case involves any relevant aggravating factors, you want to estimate your bail amount using the highest charge in the schedule. Often, the judge will resort to the same outcome guided by these factors.

The Bail Hearing Process

An arrested suspect should undergo court arraignment where they take their plea and receive an official court directive to post bail. In  California, the bail hearing should occur within twenty-four hours of your arrest. Alternatively, you may have to wait until the next court working day if you were arrested on a weekend or public holiday.

When you are arraigned, the judge asks you to take your plea, then begins the bail hearing. This court session helps the judge determine whether you are a suitable candidate for release. On top of this, they will determine whether your bail amount will be increased or reduced, depending on various factors.

Factors Influencing the Judge’s Decision on Granting Bail

The judge is responsible for ensuring that any released suspect will not engage in subsequent illegal activities upon release on bail. Thus, they will use several conditions to reach an acceptable decision on whether to grant release on bail.

Moreover, the amount payable for your release also rests on the judge’s discretion. Some factors that determine the final decision include:

A Prior Criminal Record

Usually, past criminal offenders will face stricter restrictions compared to first-time arrested persons. Consequently, the judge will check your records and issue a decision guided by the pattern they observe. If you have engaged in the same crime multiple times, you could miss your chance to post bail or bond for your release.

Flight Risk Considerations

A person marked as a flight risk is likely to flee the state and find a location outside the current court’s jurisdiction. Suspects do this to avoid facing legal consequences of their actions, especially incarceration.

Thus, any person identified as a flight risk may be denied bail or may end up posting a higher amount than anticipated. Working with a Glendora Bail Bonds agent would therefore be advisable.

Effects of Your Release on the Community

The community's reaction to your release also plays a significant role in the judge's decision. The people in your surroundings must be guaranteed safety when you return to help avoid violence. Also, if the judge reasonably believes your safety would be in danger due to the public’s possible attack.

The Role of Your Glendora Bail Bonds Agent

A bail bonds service aims at assisting detained persons to regain their freedom without incurring significant expenses. Thus, by contacting your Glendora bail bonds agent, you will give them the responsibility to post bail or bond on your behalf.

When contacting the bail bonds agent, you will provide the details necessary for your application and release. Therefore, you should have your police detention location, booking number, and personal identification details ready to share.

After the bail bonds agent acquires the details, they will fill the bail application forms soon to allow the court to process payment. In the meantime, funds are prepared ready for dispatch into the court account upon approval. Once the court receives payment, officers in your detention center will then receive authorization to release you.

Thanks to your bail bonds agent, you will leave jail within a short period and without spending large sums on the transactions. Overall, you are in a more advantaged position when working with a bail bonds service compared to working alone.

Service Fees Payable to Your Bail Bonds Agent

Since you will receive convenient services from the company, you will need to pay a small service fee. Your Glendora bail bonds agent requires a fee amounting to 10% of the total bail or bond amount for the services rendered as a standard rate.

Additionally, you will need to pay a separate amount known as the collateral fee. The payment is useful in ensuring the bail bonds company does not lose their money if. Therefore you fail to attend mandatory hearings. However, you will recover the amount once the bail bonds company retrieves their sum from the court. This occurs after the finalization of your case, after following the court guidelines as required.

Jail and Court Information

Apart from learning of the useful guidelines in posting bail or bond, you may need to contact several officers on behalf of a detained loved one. The following is helpful jail and court information for reference:

West Covina Courthouse (Glendora Courthouse)

1427, West Covina Parkway,

West Covina, California,


Glendora Police Department

150 Glendora Avenue,

California 91741,

United States.


Glendora Jail

150 Glendora Avenue,

California 91741,

United States.


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Navigating the bail or bond payment process without assistance can take a toll on you, especially as a first-time offender. Therefore, you want to partner with an experienced team that understands the importance of providing timely services. Doing this will help you exit jail within a shorter duration. At Steve Mehr Bail Bonds, you access services from qualified and well-experienced bail bond agents. Their assistance provides an easier transition when making court payments to prevent financial constraints. Thus, you can rely on them for excellent bail bond services available in Glendora, California. For more information on how to post bail or bond using bail bond services, contact 800-834-8522 today.