There are many reasons why you want to stay out of jail after an arrest. Staying out of jail will help you focus on working together with your attorney to prepare defenses to fight your case. There are different ways to secure your release, but a bail release proves to be the most effective and efficient method. Choosing a professional bail bonds agency is crucial to your quick release. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we are ready to assist you in securing your loved one's quick release in Villa Park, CA, and its surroundings. Schedule an appointment with us today and learn how we can help you.

An Overview of Bail Bonds and How it Works

A bail is a set amount of money that works as insurance between a court and the defendant to secure their release. Usually, bail is often placed at a high amount, and most defendants aren't financially able to post the bail by themselves. That's why they seek help from a bail bondsman or agent to post a bail bond on their behalf.

A bail bond is a form of surety provided by a bail bonds agent to secure the release of a defendant from jail. Defendants can post two types of bail bonds, which include:

  • Criminal Bail Bond: This type of bail bond is used in criminal cases to guarantee that a defendant will appear for trial when called upon by the court and will pay all the fines that are decided against them.
  • Civil Bail Bonds: This bail bond is used to guarantee the payment of a debt, interest, and costs assessed against a defendant in a civil case.

How the Bail Bond Works

The judge presiding over a defendant's case sets the bail amount in a special hearing referred to as a bail hearing. Your attorney can set up a bail hearing within twenty-four or forty-five hours after an arrest, depending on your location. If you can raise the required bail amount by yourself, you can post it without relying on a bail bond agent.

However, it's recommendable to seek a bail bond release with our Villa Park Bail Bonds agent to avoid suspicion from the court when they believe that you illegally obtained your cash bail. This is common when you're facing charges for fraud or gang-related crimes.

To post a bail bond in Orange County, CA, you must pay up a 10% non-refundable bail amount to the bail bondsman. The bail bonds agent will then secure the rest of the amount in the form of collateral.

Defendants can seek out relatives to cover the bail bond if they don't have enough collateral to secure their release. Anyone who assists in covering the bail amount for a defendant is referred to as a cosigner.

When the defendant appears in court, the court will dissolve the bail and return it to the bail bondsman after the court case concludes. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond will be forfeited, and the bail bondsman will use the defendant's collateral to recover their loss.

Different Forms of Collateral Used in Posting a Bail Bond

In terms of collateral, our Villa Park Bail Bonds Agent can accept a wide range of items. However, whenever a relative or defendant puts a particular property as collateral, they will temporarily lose access or possession of the property until the defendant honors all the court summons. Following are common items that are considered as reasonable collaterals by bail bonds agents:


A land is a suitable option for securing a bail bond release. You or your loved one should hand over the title deed of the land or its pink slip to the bail bonds agency as proof of it before surrendering to them. The agency will hold onto it until you show up for your court dates.


Vehicles are also a great option for collateral. You can use various vehicles like RVs, boats, or cars as long as you can prove ownership.


Our Villa Park Bail Bonds agent can accept the property title of your house as collateral if you want to secure your bond. However, you should not provide a house under mortgage since it doesn't qualify as a viable option.


Antiques, luxury jewelry, artwork, and other collectibles can be suitable collateral options. You can also use electronics and your bank account collateral. When you use your bank account, all the money in it will be unavailable until you honor all the required hearings.

Credit Card

Your credit card can be a suitable form of collateral. Ensure that your credit limit is more than the bail amount before deciding to use your credit card as collateral. You must also disclose the authorization PIN to allow the bonds agency to recover their losses when you violate your release conditions.

Irrevocable Letter of Credit

The bank usually writes an irrevocable letter of credit to the bail bond company. In this letter, the bank states that they will guarantee the condition that has been set forth by the bail bonds agent on your behalf. You must have enough money in the bank to secure your freedom using an irrevocable letter of credit. However, the bank must confirm that you cannot jump the bail to accept the responsibility.


The use of cash as collateral is not common since defendants can use it to post bail without involving a bail bondsman. Still, some defendants prefer using it since it guarantees a "low profile" about themselves if their release is secured through a bail bonds agency.

Stocks and Bonds

Defendants can also offer their stocks and bonds as their collateral. Their value must match the amount of the bail to be accepted by the bail bondsman. Using your stocks and bonds means that you'll surrender their possession as long as your bail isn't exonerated.

What You Need to Know About Cosigners

No one would want to see a loved one go to jail. Therefore, by being a cosigner, you can help your loved one, friend, or relative to be released from jail as quickly as possible. Before you decide to assist your friend or relative, you must determine whether your decision is ideal or not. Some of the aspects that you should know about are as follows:

A cosigner can Be Anyone as Long as they Know the Defendant

Theoretically, anyone can be a cosigner suitable to secure a bail bond release. However, bail bond agents would most likely accept those with stronger relationships. Co-workers, spouses, family members, and spouses are usually fair bets.

There are a Few Qualifications Needed to be a Cosigner

Our Villa Park Bail Bonds agent has established several requirements you can use to determine whether you can cosign for your loved one release. Some of these qualifications include:

  • A good credit history: If you have a good credit score, it means that you can make regular payments as required. If you have some savings in your bank, you will most likely make a suitable cosigner since there is some financial backing if the money is exonerated
  • A stable Job: If you have been in the same job and have been receiving a regular check, your bail bondsman can feel secure that you're able to pay for the bail amount if your loved one breaches the term of the bail release
  • A responsible person: There are some responsibilities associated with co-signing a bail. Failure to adhere to these responsibilities will have you deal with the consequences outlined in the bail agreement

Being a Cosigner Comes with Several Responsibilities

Being a cosigner means that you are becoming the defendant's liable party. The first and most crucial responsibility of being a cosigner is ensuring that your loved one meets all the court schedules on time. It's in your best interest to ensure that the defendant attends all court schedules to avoid losing your property.

Cosigners are also responsible for paying the bond premium. They should pay this amount in full or through an arrangement made by the bail bond agent.

You Should Know About Your Rights

It's crucial to learn about your rights when you're about to cosign a bail agreement. First, you have the right to decline to be a cosigner. Don't sign the agreement if you are fully aware that you might end up losing your property if your loved one doesn't honor the court summons.

You can also revoke the right of bail bonds even after cosigning. If you feel that the defendant cannot appear in court, you should contact our Villa Park Bail Bond agents about your concern and desire to terminate the bail bond agreement. This might prompt the court to order the defendant to go back to jail until the court hearing is done.

How to Choose the Best Bail Bonds Company in Orange County, CA

There are chances of choosing the wrong bail bonds company based on the level of stress that comes with an arrest. However, it's much easier to choose a bail bond agency that meets your expectations if you take note of the following factors:

Find an Agency of Getting the Cash Back After the Closure of the Case

Normally, you can't get back your money since it will save you from serving your jail term. Therefore, you have to abide by the conditions that have been set forth by the court. However, if a particular bail bond agent assures you that you'll get your money back, even after failing to adhere to their requirements, they're probably trying to hoodwink you. 

Look for an Agency with the Simplest, and Most Hassle-free Bail Process

A good bondsman should assist you in an easy, simple, and transparent manner without imposing too many conditions and regulations. Professional bail bond agents must be confident of what they're doing and must not burden you with harsh terms and conditions if you're the client.

Check for their Better Business Bureau Rating

The Better Business Bureau or BBB is the best avenue to check out the best bail bondsman. In there, you can find the ratings and reviews of the company that you intend to hire for the bail bonds services.

Seek Referrals from Friends and Family

Always refer to a bail bonds agency that has earned an excellent reputation for themselves and has gained popularity with your friends and family, Villa Park Bail Bonds agent being a classic example.

Choose an Agency that's Available 24 Hours a Day

You never know when an arrest may occur. Maybe you'll be arrested in the middle of the night for DUI allegations and want to be out of jail in the morning. Having a bail bonds agent that works 24 hours will help you out quickly and effortlessly, no matter the time of your arrest.

Find a Company with the Best Customer Services

A bail bonds agency is a business like any other. They are providing a service for you as their customer. Therefore, you should expect the same level of professionalism from the bail bond agency, similar to that you would experience from other reputable businesses.

A firm offering quality customer service won't take long to interact with them and answer all your questions and concerns. Remember, it might be your first time dealing with a bail bond service. Therefore, if you depend on a company that doesn't maintain quality customer services, there are chances of missing some crucial aspects needed for your loved one's quick release.

Information About Jails and Courts in Villa Park, CA

Once you're arrested in Villa Park, CA, you'll probably be detained in the Orange County Sheriff's Department Jail Complex. Below are some of the information you need about them:

Orange County Sheriff's Department Central Jail Complex

550 N. Flower Street

Santa Ana, 92703

Phone: 714-647-4666

The police will probably take you to the nearest courthouse for your bail and arraignment hearing. Here is the information to some of the courthouses that they can take you to:

Superior Court of California of the County of Orange

700 W Civic Center

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: 657-622-5800

Orange County Superior Court Civil Complex Center

751 W Santa Ana Blvd

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: 657-622-6878

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