When you face arrest in California, your options to secure a release from jail are usually limited. You could end up spending more time in incarceration than you should for lack of financial assistance. Bail is generally set high. Thus, not everyone can post cash bail for their release. Fortunately for you, you can solve this challenge by involving the help of a reliable bail bondsman if you face arrest in Yorba Linda, CA. Steven Mehr Bail Bonds will ensure that your bail is processed in time to go back to your everyday life and prepare for trial.

What is Bail?

When law enforcement officers arrest you in California, they take you through the booking process, whereby they obtain your personal details and those of your case. After that, they place you under custody, from where you could await trial. California law doesn’t allow defendants to be held in custody much longer before a court determines them guilty. Therefore, you are eligible for an early release from incarceration. This way, you can go back to your everyday life. It also gives you time to gather sufficient evidence, hire an attorney and prepare for trial.

However, the local court judge must be sure of your availability for trial before granting you bail. The judge is allowed by law to deny you bail if he/she has a reason to believe that you’ll skip trial. However, if you can assure the court of your readiness to appear for the hearing,  the police will allow you to begin the bail process soon after the booking process. The process mainly involves payment of bail, after which you’ll sign a few documents. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be free to go back to your life.

Therefore, bail is the money that defendants pay for their release from jail before trial. You pay the money mainly to secure your freedom from incarceration. Bail will ensure that you’ll show up in court. A high bail means a possibility of losing a lot of money if you don’t show up in court. However, it doesn’t mean that you could skip trial since you’ve already paid a considerable sum to the court. The judge will issue a warrant for your re-arrest if you fail to appear. Once you are re-arrested, you might not be eligible for bail and will forfeit the bail that you’ve already paid.

The judge could release you without bail, on personal recognizance. It happens mostly to first-time offenders whose charges involve a non-violent misdemeanor. If you qualify for this, the police will only require you to sign a few documents. One of these is a commitment to appear for your hearing without fail. The judge must ensure that you’ll not fail to appear on the set dates to release you on personal recognizance. Again, if you do not honor the court dates, the judge will warrant your arrest. It will give the police the authority to arrest you on sight. In addition to your underlying charges, you’ll face charges for failing to appear. You’ll also not be granted bail.

A judge could also deny your bail request. If you face arrest for a severe or violent felony, you may not be granted bail. California judges consider the degree of risk defendants place on their community when deciding to grant them bail. If you are considered a risk to the community, you may have to stay in custody until the court concludes your case. However, you have a right to a speedy trial. Thus, you will be arraigned before a judge within 72 hours. If you’re not found guilty of the underlying charges, the judge will drop all your charges and grant your freedom.

Types of Bail Bonds Available in Yorba Linda

Several types of bail bonds are available in Yorba Linda, based on your case’s facts. The common ones are:

Unsecured Bond

As previously mentioned, the judge may decide to let you go without posting bail, popularly known as release on your own recognizance. This option is available for first-time and low-level offenders. When the judge decides to release you on personal recognizance, you’ll only sign a few documents, among them a promise to show up in court on the set court date. Once all the pa[perwork is completed, the police will release you.

Cash Bail

You could choose to post cash bail if the bail is affordable to you and your family. This type of bond is usually offered for defendants whose bail is set low and can quickly raise the required amount. The court will only require you to submit your payment. Then the police will release you after filling in the required paperwork. The court will refund your money back after the conclusion of your case, regardless of the outcome of your situation. However, if you fail to show up in court for the hearing, you could forfeit the entire amount.

Property Bond

A property bond is available for defendants who would like to post their bail but do not have the money to do so. Sometimes the court might ask for a form of security just to be sure that you’ll appear in court. It could be a document for a valuable asset like a real estate property or a car. The value of the property, in this case, must be more than the bail amount. This way, the court will ensure that you’ll choose to honor your court date and not lose an asset of great value. The defendant doesn’t have to be the one to provide the property. A friend or family member can do so on their behalf. The court will release the property after the conclusion of your case, regardless of its outcome.

Bail Bonds Services

The help of a bail bond dealer is invaluable as far as bail bonds are concerned. Since most bails are set high, most defendants and their families cannot raise the required amount or provide collateral to guarantee their release. Thus, prompting them to seek the help of a professional bonding company. A bail bonds agent plays a surety bond to the court to secure their client’s freedom from incarceration. In turn, you pay a portion of the bail as a fee and premium for the bond services.

Why You Need Yorba Linda Bail Bonds Services

California courts consider several factors when determining bail for various offenses. Bail for some offenses is usually pre-determined. However, you could be required to make your first appearance before a judge for a bail hearing if your case’s bail is not predetermined. Your bail could be high, depending on the severity of the offense and your criminal history. Therefore, it is not unusual for you to find your bail unaffordable to you and your family.

Some defendants choose to fundraise among their family and friends to raise the necessary bail. The problem with this is that it takes time, meaning that you could remain in custody until you raise the entire amount. The good news is that the law allows defendants to seek the help of bail bond companies. They are companies that offer financial assistance to defendants who are incapable of raising bail. These companies process bail very fast to quickly secure your release.

Therefore, you are at an advantage if you engage the help of a Yorba Linda bail bonds dealer. The bail bond dealer will be there soon after contacting them to avoid wasting more time and keeping you longer in jail. The dealer will also take you through the bail process to make it easier for you. If you haven’t been arrested before, or it is your first time to face arrest in the city, you may not be familiar with the local court’s processes. You need someone to walk you through it to avoid making mistakes and taking more time than necessary.

The right bail bonds company will save you money. Courts always set bail high to ensure that defendants show up in court for trial. You may not afford to secure your release, but a bail bonds company will. The company can raise all the required amount in time to secure your freedom from incarceration. In exchange, the bond dealer will charge you a portion of the bail amount. For about 10% of your bail amount, you’ll be able to go back to your life and prepare for trial. It is a lot less than you’d be expected to pay if you chose cash bail.

Working with a bond dealer saves your assets from liquidation. An arrest is not always easy to handle for the defendant and his/her family. Thus, people are willing to do all they can to guarantee their release. Out of desperation, you may be pushed into selling your valuable assets to raise enough money for bail. Liquidating your assets is not always a good idea, mainly if you depend on the same assets to make a living. Engaging the help of a bail bonds dealer will save you from this. The bond dealer only requires you to raise a small amount, which you could pay over a given period, after your freedom from incarceration.

Yorba Linda Bail Bonds Process

Working with a Yorba Linda bond dealer is the quickest way to secure your release from jail today. Bail bonds dealers work remotely. Therefore it doesn't take you much time to have your bail process completed. Here are the three main steps you’ll go through to complete the bail process:

Filing in the Application Forms

Once you’ve learned your bail amount, there’s no need to take much time as it could translate to a more extended stay in incarceration. Quickly contact a reliable bond dealer to initiate the bail process. Fortunately, most bail bonds dealers offer online services. Therefore, an agent will send you the required paperwork to fill and sign. It should only take a few minutes. Some of the information the agent might need include your official names, date of birth, area of arrest, bail amount, name and location of the place where the police have detained you, and a few details of your case.

Discuss Service Fee and Payment Plans

Bail bonds dealers understand your unpreparedness to post bail. Therefore, they’ll only require you to pay a portion of the bail amount for their services. Your agent will tell you the exact amount you’ll pay for the services and how you’ll make the payments. If you need time to raise the money, you’ll discuss the payment options with the agent. Most Yorba Linda bail bonds dealers have flexible payment plans. Therefore, you’ll find a suitable one according to your needs.

The Court Grants Your Freedom

Nothing much is required of you when you engage the help of a bond dealer. The agent assigned to your case will handle it all for you. Once you sign the documents and agree to appear in court as required, the bail agent will forward your paperwork to the responsible court, and then you’ll be free to walk.

The bail bondsman might ask for some form of collateral to secure their services. Collateral could be a valuable asset like a home or vehicle. The company can only keep the asset if you fail to appear in court and consequently forfeit the bail.

Additionally, the bail bondsman will keep in touch, just to be sure that you won’t miss your trial.

Yorba Linda Court and Jail Information

Court Information

The Superior Court of California

Orange County

North Justice Center

1275 North Berkeley Avenue

Fullerton, CA


Jail Information

Police Department of Yorba Linda

Chief of Police—Cory Martino

20994 Yorba Linda Boulevard

Yorba Linda, CA 92887


Fax: 714-779-7208

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Orange County Jail

550 N. Flower Street,

Santa Ana, CA 92703

(714) 647-4666

Theo Lacy Facility

501 The City Drive South

Orange, CA 92868

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If you face arrest in Yorba Linda, CA, you can count on the help of a dependable bail bondsman to post bail for your release. The service of a bail bonds dealer is available if your bail is high, hence unaffordable for you. If you consider engaging the help of a bond dealer, Steven Mehr Bail Bonds could make it worth your while. We offer reliable, quick, and confidential online bail services for all. Call us at 800-834-8522, and let us help you regain your freedom.