Posting bail might seem like a simple process. For example, you might have an idea that once you’re arrested, another person posts bail on your behalf, and the court or the police release you. Although that’s the general concept of posting bail, the process is much more complicated. That’s why it's critical to involve the services of a reputable bail bonds company, especially when the bail amount is higher than you can afford.

If you haven’t dealt with the California justice system, you might not know what to do when posting bail. For example, you might wonder what would happen if the court charges you $100,000, which you can’t afford. In this article, you will learn what you should do if the court determines a bail amount you can’t afford and the process of posting bail. Also, you will know if another person can pay the bail on your behalf and how to hire a bail bond firm to post the bail on your behalf.

It's critical to understand how bail works, how the courts determine bail amount, the payment methods you can use to pay the bail, and other similar information. So if you or your loved one needs to post bail in Garden Grove, CA, don’t hesitate to contact Steven Mehr Bail Bonds for fast and efficient services.

What Is Bail

Bail is money you pay to the court so that you can be released before the end of your criminal case. The bail acts as a surety to ensure you attend the court hearings. A bail bond isn’t a form of punishment before your case has been determined. It’s meant to ensure you attend the court hearings instead of the court keeping you in custody during the entirety of the case.

Bail is essential in the justice system because it ensures you don’t have to spend time in jail before your case is determined. Bail also ensures you are free to form a strong defense, and you will keep on appearing for the hearing of your case. The court can release you on bail at any time of the justice process. For example, you can be released immediately after your arrest or after the court has issued a sentence.

In the California justice system, three outcomes exist. First, the police can arrest you and release you later without filing a case in court. Second, you can be arrested, charged, and then released on bail. Lastly, you can be arrested, charged, and remain in custody until the court passes the sentence. Using a Garden Grove Bail Bonds agent to post bail is a prudent idea as you will be free to prepare a strong defense.

Understanding What Happens During An Arrest

When police or law enforcement officers arrest you in Garden Grove, they physically take you into custody. You are then placed into a police vehicle and transferred to jail or another criminal processing facility. This process is called “booking.” At times, the police will release you before they file any charges. But should they file charges, you will have to remain in police custody until you’re either released on bail or the court sentences you or the case is resolved in one way or another.

Understanding What Booking Means In The Justice System

After the police arrest you, they take you to jail or the police precinct, where they take your photo, record your personal information such as your name, age, and date of birth. They also take your fingerprints and any physical possession you might have and place them in a storage facility for safekeeping. After all these, you are placed into a holding area.

What Happens After You Have Been Booked?

Once you’ve been arrested and booked, three things can happen. One, the police can release you with a written notice to appear in court. Two, the police can release you once you pay the required bail. Third, the police can detain you in custody until the court determines the appropriate bail bond amount.

The nature of your crime will determine the cause of action the police will take. If you’re arrested for a minor offense like disorderly conduct or petty theft, the police will usually release you with a written note to appear. Should you be arrested for a more serious crime like an assault with a deadly weapon, the police will hold you in custody until the court determines your bail bond amount.

Understanding Bail Schedules

In California and other states, each crime has a corresponding bail amount. For example, the court can charge you up to $1,000 for disorderly conduct in California. For burglary, the bail amount can be up to $5,000.

The state law determines the bail bond amount for each crime. The law also determines whether the police can release you without posting bail. In Garden Grove, California, you will have to undergo a bail hearing for cases involving spousal rape, making terrorist threats, or spousal battery, among other similar crimes. You can’t pay bail immediately after an arrest if your crime falls within the category of crimes that require a bail bond hearing.

What Happens In Bail Bond Hearings?

The court holds a bail bond hearing to determine how much bail you should post for a specific crime. Remember, it’s not a requirement for the court to allow you to post bail. Below are the factors determining if the court will allow or deny bail and the amount to charge as bail.

Whether You Are Likely To Flee

The court will consider if you’re at a high risk of fleeing. For example, the court will consider you a high-risk candidate if you face serious charges with a harsh sentence. On the other hand, your risk of fleeing is minimal if you are facing less serious crimes.

Your Community Connections

You are less likely to flee if you have strong community ties. For example, if your whole family is located in Garden Grove or you own a local business, you are less likely to flee. On the other hand, the court will consider you a high-risk defendant if you’re merely visiting and don’t have strong community ties.

Your Family Obligations

The court is likely to lower the bail bond amount if you have family obligations. Furthermore, if you’re responsible for the well-being of your family or other dependents, the court might be lenient in the bail amount it will charge.

Your Income Level

Your income levels affect the bail bond amount the court will charge. If you have a high source of income, the court will set a significant bail amount. If your income isn’t as high, the court might set a lower amount as bail. The court can also consider if you’re employed and if you are likely to lose your job should the court deny you bail.

Your Criminal History

The court will set a higher bail amount if you have a criminal history and have failed to appear in court on previous charges. The bail bond amount is usually lower for first-time offenders. The court will charge you a higher amount or deny you bail altogether if you have a history of failing to appear in court or consistently violate the bail bond conditions.

The Seriousness Of The Crime

The more serious the crime, the higher the bail bond amount. For example, in Garden Grove, California, bail for petty theft might be $1,000 or less. However, for more serious crimes like murder, the bail bond amount might run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Public Safety

The court will not allow bail if you pose a danger to others or the community at large. For example, you can be denied bail if you’re charged with conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism.

Some Of The Bail Conditions The Court Might Impose On You As A Defendant

Apart from determining the bail amount, the court will also impose additional limitations and requirements on you as a defendant. If you violate these conditions, the police can rearrest and place you into custody until the court passes a sentence. A Garden Grove Bail Bonds agent can send a bounty hunter after you if they post bail on your behalf and you fail to appear in court.

Below are the bail bond conditions in more detail:

Pretrial Check-Ins

You will have to check in with pretrial service officers. It’s the responsibility of the officers to ensure you aren’t violating the terms of the bail bond. In addition, they make sure you’re complying with the conditions imposed by the court.

No- Contact Orders

If you’re accused of making criminal threats of causing physical harm, stalking, domestic violence, or other similar crimes, the court will usually impose a no-contact order. The restraining order requires you not to make any contact with the alleged victim.

Finding Employment

The court can demand you find employment or stay in employment when you are out on bail.

Travel Restriction

The court doesn’t allow you to travel when you’re out on bail. You can only travel if the court allows you to do so.

Different Types Of Bail Bonds

Cash Bail Bonds

You can pay a cash bail when the police arrest you. If you don’t have money, you can use Garden Grove Bail Bonds services to post the bail on your behalf. The amount of bail depends on the crime you’ve committed.

Signature Or Unsecured Bail Bond

An unsecured bail bond means the court sets the bail amount, but you don’t pay the bail. Instead of paying the amount, you sign an agreement stating you will pay the bail bond if you fail to appear in court.

Property Or Secured Bond

A secured bond means you offer the court an asset whose value equals the bail bond amount. With a secured bond, the court has a right to possess your asset to cater for the bail bond amount if you fail to appear in court.

How Garden Grove Bail Bonds Companies Can Help You Post Bail

Garden Grove Bail Bonds agents or bondsmen pay bail on your behalf. You pay the bail bond agent a fee, and the bail bonds agents act as a surety. They assure the court they will pay the bail should you fail to appear in court. 

Garden Grove Bail Bonds agents make money by charging a percentage of the bail amount. The fee is usually 10% to 15% of the bail amount. For example, if you are charged $10000 as bail, you will pay the bail bond agent $100 for them to act as a surety on your behalf.

The bail bond agents require you to provide some kind of collateral or security against the bail bond.

How Do You Bail Out A Defendant Whom The Court Has Sent To Jail?

As earlier stated, you remain in jail before your bail bond hearing if you have committed a serious crime. During this time, it's critical to contact a Garden Grove Bail Bonds agent, depending on your charges. The court will charge different bail depending on the severity of the crime. If the police arrest and send you to jail for a serious offense like murder or assault with a deadly weapon, your bond will likely be high. The case is different if your alleged crime isn’t as serious.

You can decide to either post bail immediately after you are sent to jail or wait until after you are aligned in court. It's prudent to post bail immediately when the court sentences you. If you aren’t in a position, you can contact a reputable bail bond agent to post the bail on your behalf. Posting bail immediately will give your lawyer more time to prepare a strong defense. The attorney will also have more time to convince the prosecution to reduce or dismiss the charges altogether.

Jails And Courts Information In Garden Grove, Orange County

Garden Grove City Jail

11301 Acacia Parkway,

Garden Grove, CA-92840

Phone: 714-714-5704

Orange County James A. Musick Facility

13502 Musick Road,

Irvine California, 92618

Phone: 949-855-2600

Los Pinos Probation Camp

39251 Ortega Highway,

Lake Elsinore, California, 92530

Phone: 909-678-2125

Below is a list of all courts that offer legal services in Garden Grove, CA, and its surroundings with their contact information:

Superior Court of Orange County

8141 13th St,

Westminister, CA - 92683-4593

Phone: 657 622 6878

Central Justice Center

700 W Civic Center Dr

Santa Ana CA- 92701

Phone: 714 834 5955

Lamoreaux Justice Center

341 The City Dr S.

Orange CA- 92868

Phone: 657 622 6878

Civil Complex Center

751 W Santa Ana Blvd

Santa Ana CA- 92701

Phone: 65 622 5300

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Similar to other California justice system processes, bail bond procedures can be challenging to understand. Moreover, bail bonds can be expensive and therefore place you into serious financial problems. Additionally, facing a criminal case also has detrimental consequences on your finances, social and emotional wellbeing.

Therefore, it is critical to engage a reputable bail bonds agent who understands the California justice system. The agent will post bail on your behalf, which will give you the much-needed freedom to prepare a strong defense. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we have been posting bail for clients in Garden Grove, CA., for a very long time. If you or your loved one needs to post bail in Garden Grove, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-834-8522.