Bail is the agreement between a defendant and the court to ensure that the defendant will appear in court during hearings after release from jail. An arrest can be a traumatizing event for you or your loved ones. If you are arrested and booked in jail, you are expected to remain in jail, awaiting your hearings.

However, you can secure your release by posting bail. Unless you face serious charges, you have the right to post bail. In California, bail can be in cash or property. Since most arrests are unexpected, seeking the services of a bail bonds company is great in accelerating the release of your loved one.

The bail bondsman will guide you through the bail process and post your bail at a fee. If your loved one is in jail and you are seeking a quick release through bail, it would be wise to contact Steven Mehr Bail Bonds. Our Buena Park bail bonds agents work hard to ensure that all our clients spend less time in jail.

What is Bail?

In the California criminal justice system, bail is the money that a defendant must post with the court to be released from jail before a hearing. Posting bail is a means of ensuring that you will not flee or fail to appear on the dates set by the court. If you are facing charges for a minor crime, you may be released without a bail commitment. However, you may need to sign an agreement promising to return for your hearing as scheduled.

If you face serious charges, bail will be required to secure your release. After you are arrested, the court will hold a bail hearing for you. During this hearing, the judge will set a bail amount depending on the severity of your crimes, your criminal history, among other circumstances of the case.

Each county in California has bail schedules that stipulate the amount of bail required for each crime. More serious crimes require a higher amount of bail compared to minor offenses. During a bail hearing, the bail amount from the schedules may be reduced or increased based on the circumstances. You can petition the court for a reduction if you feel that the amount is too high. At the end of the hearing, the judge comes up with a specific amount that you must pay before your loved one is released.

Arrests are sudden events for which you cannot prepare. Therefore, putting together enough money to post a cash bail could be challenging. Fortunately, seeking the services of a surety bond agent can make the situation more manageable. The bail agent will post your bail and be held responsible for your conduct while you are out on bail.

Benefits of Hiring a Bail Bonds Agent

Once you hire a bail bonds agent, they will provide the court with the amount required to assure your return on the required date. Some of the benefits you accrue from hiring a Buena Park bail bonds agent include:

  • Lower Bail Amounts

A professional bail agent will not only ensure a quick release but will offer you monetary relief. Most people can't give cash bail. This is because bail amounts are often high in California. When you work with a surety bond company, you will only be liable for 10% of the total bail, which may be easier to raise.

  • Quicker Release From Jail

Spending time in a jail cell can take a toll on you and your entire family. You do not want to suffer the consequences of something that is not yet proven. A good bail agent knows the importance of spending as little time as possible in jail. When you spend all your time in jail while awaiting trial, you could lose your job or delay your day-to-day plans. Since bail agents are conversant with court procedures, they can help you speed up the process.

  • Financial privacy

When you pay a high amount of bail in cash, a financial investigation is likely to follow. The court will try to ascertain the source of your funds. Whether or not you are facing a financial crime. A financial investigation may take a long time and delay your release. A bail bond company will post your bail in full and save you from scrutiny.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Bail Bonds Agent

Most people lack enough money to pay cash bail. Therefore, the only option you have is to seek the services of a surety bond. To ensure a smooth bail process, you will need to work with an experienced bail bond agent. Some people can locate a bail bonds agent through referrals from their contacts. However, it is recommended that you speak with previous clients of the bail agent and read testimonials before deciding to hire the agent. Other factor factors that you must consider when hiring a bail agent includes:

Your Bail Bonds Agent Should Be Licensed

It is crucial to know whether a bail agent is licensed before you hire them. In California, it is a requirement for all bail bondsmen to be licensed. An honest bail agent will be willing to provide their bail license number to you.

Sign a Contract

A bail agent must be someone that you trust. This is because before offering you bail, you may need to provide collateral. Items used as collateral for bail bonds may include real estate properties, vehicles, or other valuable items. Therefore, it is essential to never work with a bail agent unless they provide a written contract. The contract should contain all the details of your agreement, including payment schedules, service fees, and the information regarding collateral for the bond. 

Before paying your bail, the bail agent should know that you can pay them back. You will be required to sign an indemnity agreement indicating that the bail agent is not responsible for debts you may accrue from the bail.

Understand Bail Fees before Signing the Contract

After the judge sets bail, you can pay it by seeking surety bond services. When you seek the services of a Buena Park Bail Bonds Agent, you will be required to pay a service fee that is often 10% of the total bail amount. The service fee you pay to the bail bonds agent is non-refundable. Therefore, before hiring a bail agent, you should always discuss the service fee they are charging you for their services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bail Bonds

Commonly, most people don't understand the dynamics of bail bonds unless you face an arrest. The bail process may be complicated, but with the help of a Buena Park Bail Bonds Agent, you can easily navigate the process and protect your loved one from a prolonged stay in jail. The following are some of the frequently asked questions about Bail Bonds:

  1. What information Should I give a Bail Bondsman?

There are details that you need to know and will provide to your bail agent as soon as you contact them:

  • Location of your loved one. You need to ask the person arrested about their location regarding the county and the jail where they are detained.
  • Booking number and names of the person in jail. After an arrest, a criminal defendant is booked in jail. The bail bondsman will need information about the official names and booking numbers of the defendant.
  • Cost of bail. Immediately after an arrest, the court holds a bail hearing to determine whether or not you are eligible for bail and the amount required to secure a release. Therefore, when you contact a surety bond company, it is essential you know the amount needed. This helps ensure that they arrange the right amount to bail.
  1. How Can I Acquire Bail in California?

After an arrest, there are several means through which you can secure a release from custody before trial, including:

  • Paying cash bail. This involves presenting the total amount of bail to the court before the release of your loved one. If a defendant fails to appear for the court hearing after posting cash bail, you may lose the amount through bail forfeiture.
  • The judge may decide to release you from custody without a monetary commitment. In this case, you will sign an agreement promising to show up for trial. Mostly, release on own recognizance is possible for individuals facing less serious charges and first-time offenders.
  • Bail Bonds. The most convenient way to post bail for a loved one is by seeking the services of a Buena Park Bail Bonds agent. The agent will post your bail at a fee. In return, they may require that you offer collateral for the bail. In this case, collateral may be in the form of a property or a valuable item. When a bond dealer agrees to post your bail, they will be responsible for your conduct and appearance in court.
  1. Do I Recover my Bail Money Back after the Case is Over?

Bailing your loved one out of jail can be expensive, especially when you try to post cash bail. Bail acts as an assurance that the defendant will show up for the hearing. When a defendant goes to court, and the case ends, you will recover your money. However, the method you use to pay bail will significantly determine your ability to return your money.

When you pay bail in cash, your money is refunded as soon as the court reaches a verdict. If a defendant is rearrested for failure to follow bail conditions or skipping a court date, the bail is forfeited. However, if the defendant is found guilty and sentenced, the court may deduct fines and court fees from the bail amount.

Enlisting the help of a Buena Park bail bonds agent is cheaper since you only pay the service fees. However, it is crucial to understand that the cost paid for surety bond services is non-refundable. Therefore, if you fail to appear for trial, the surety bond company will lose its money. In return, they can sell the item provided as collateral to cover their losses.

  1. Can I Leave the State after Posting Bail?

Often, one of the conditions of bail in California is travel restrictions. For example, an attempt to leave the state could be viewed as fleeing. Therefore, the court may take away your passport when you are released on bail. Additionally, if you want to travel outside the state where you have a pending case, you will be required to consult with the court.

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Find a Buena Park Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

When your loved one is arrested and detained in Buena Park, your first thought is how to secure their release as soon as possible. Spending time in prison can take a toll on the defendant and their family. In California, you can be released before trial after posting bail. After an arrest and booking, the court holds a bail hearing where the judge determines the amount you need to pay.

The court could set a high bail amount; hence, you could remain in jail until trial. However, if you find that the bail amount needed exceeds an amount that you could raise in a short time, it would be wise to seek the services of a bail bond agent. Whether you are facing jail time or helping a loved one walk out of jail, Steven Mehr Bail Bonds could offer you unmatched bail bond services. If you seek Buena Park bail bond services for you or your loved one, contact us today at 800-834-8522.