Dealing with an arrest is nerve-wracking, especially if it is your first to face arrest. You are never ready for what’s ahead. Therefore, it can be confusing and scary at the same time. Knowing that you can find help and support in your situation, even securing your release before the trial could ease your burden. If the police arrest you in Laguna Beach, CA, Steven Mehr Bail Bonds would be your best bet if you don’t wish to remain in police custody much longer. Our bail agents will start processing your release right after you contact us to avoid any delays that could affect your job, school, or even family time. It will also give you time to hire an attorney and plan for trial.

After Arrest

Arrests in Laguna Beach are not uncommon. A law enforcement officer can arrest people for all kinds of reasons, mainly when they suspect someone of wrongdoing. California has strict laws that call for the arrest of any lawbreaker. Therefore, if the police receive a report that you committed a criminal offense, or they find you breaking the law, you can be arrested.

Arrests are generally intimidating, especially if you are arrested in the streets, school, workplace, or while at home with your family. If the police have a warrant for our arrest, nothing will stop them from arresting you on sight.

Once the police have arrested you, they’ll take you to their station, where they start the booking process. The officers will inform you of the reason for your arrest. Therefore, you can quickly tell how severe or otherwise the offense is. The booking process entails noting down your personal information and taking your pictures and fingerprints. The officer will also check whether there are pending warrants for your arrest, criminal history, and other information that could interest the prosecutor.

After you have been booked, the police might detain you. You are required to remain behind bars until your case’s hearing and conclusion. However, the California criminal system can easily be overwhelmed if all suspects remain in custody before trial.

The law allows most suspects to secure their release from police custody before trial to reduce the costs, which puts a lot of burden on taxpayers. That way, you could continue to live your life until the conclusion of the case. If you are found guilty after trial, you could be incarcerated. But if you are not found guilty, you’ll be free to live your life as if nothing happened.

California courts will not just release you from incarceration without an assurance that you will show up for trial. Many people would flee the county once an opportunity presents itself, especially if they are afraid of a conviction. To avoid that, California courts will only release you on bail.

Understanding Bail

Bail is the payment a court compels a defendant to make to the court to be released from police custody before trial. Bail is usually predetermined for most cases, but the judge could set it higher or lower than the predetermined amount, based on your case’s details and your criminal history.

Bail is always high, even for minor offenses. The idea is to set bail high to discourage serious defendants from securing their freedom. It is also a way to assure the court that you will show up for trial as required or forfeit the amount. Many people will show up on trial so that they won’t lose a substantial amount of money. After all, you have a chance to defend yourself during the trial, which might improve your chances of not facing a conviction.

Some cases have their bail set higher than the others, for instance, serious felonies. Your bail could also be higher if you have a criminal record. It is important to note that bail is usually not the same for all offenses and defendants. Thus, you’ll first appear before the judge for your first hearing. During this hearing, the judge will study the details of your case to determine whether you qualify for bail. If yes, he/she will set your bail depending on the facts of the case.

Note that you can be denied bail for several reasons. People who face charges for serious violent felonies may be denied bail. It is because they might be a threat to the community once they are released back to the community. You could also be denied bail if you previously skipped trial. It is essential to consider all these possibilities and seek the help of an attorney if you feel that you might be denied bail.

Once you are allowed to post bail, the court will wait for you to make the payments. The officer will then process your release. The speed at which the officer will work on your freedom will be determined by how quickly you’ll post bail. Some families will take a longer time to raise the entire bail. Thus, you might remain in custody much longer if you can’t raise the money fast. But you could seek the help of a Laguna Beach bonds dealer.

Types of Bails Available in Laguna Beach

Several bail bonds types are obtainable in California. It helps if you know the one that is right for you. Here are some of the common bail types in Laguna Beach today:

Unsecured Bond

California courts deal with secured bonds in most cases, whereby the defendant must pay a certain amount to secure their release. However, you can be granted an unsecured bond for various reasons. For example, if you’re a first-time offender and face charges for a low-level misdemeanor, the judge might choose to grant your freedom on your own recognizance. In this case, you will only sign an agreement that you will show up on the date set for trial without fail.

The judge might consider other factors, like your possibility to flee the county or state once your freedom is granted. If you have close family ties within the county or a permanent job, it could compel you to remain within the state. That is the guarantee the court needs to determine your flight risk.

Cash Bail

If you don’t qualify for unsecured release, you could post a cash bond. From its name, you could pay the full bail in cash to guarantee your freedom. Some defendants opt for cash bail, mainly those that can afford to raise the whole amount in a short period. Once you make the payment, the officer will process your release. The court will give you back the money in full after the determination of the case.

Property Bond

You may lack the full bail in cash but could offer property as security for your release. Some courts allow property bonds. If the court agrees, you could provide your car or real-estate property as a guarantee that you will show up on the date set for trial. If you fail to appear, you could lose the property. However, the property must be greater in value than your bail.

The challenge is that this type of bond might take time to be approved. The court might require a professional company first to appraise the property. It means you might remain in jail much longer than expected.

Surety Bonds

The greatest challenge for many people who face arrests in Laguna Beach is their inability to raise the bail. As previously mentioned, bail can be high. No one is really [prepared to post bail. Therefore, many people are caught unawares when arrested and have to secure their release from police custody.

That is where the need for surety bonds comes in. surety bonds are offered by bonds dealers, who offer to guarantee your release for a small fee. These dealers only require you to raise a small portion of your bail, mostly 10%. The amount is usually non-refundable since it will be the service fee for the bond services.

The dealer then offers to pay a surety bond to the court and help process your release from confinement. Bail bonds companies work very fast. Therefore, you do not remain in confinement more than you should. These dealers are always prepared to post bail on behalf of their clients. It doesn’t take them much time to raise the expected amount, which translates to a fast release for you.

Sometimes the bond dealer might ask for some form of security for the bond, which they return after the determination of the case. That security is usually in the form of a title to a property or a valuable asset like a car. If you fail to appear, you forfeit bail and could lose that security.

The Bail Process

Surrey bonds are pretty standard, as they are hassle-free and can guarantee a quicker release for defendants. The bail process is also straightforward when working with a Laguna Beach bail bonds company.

The process starts when you first appear before a judge after the arrest. The judge sets the court date for your hearing and your bail. He/she also gives you options from which you can secure your release from police custody.

If you cannot raise the bail amount right away and do not have a property with which to guarantee your release, you can contact a reliable bail bonds company immediately. Fortunately for you, most Laguna beach bail bonds companies are available online and over the phone. You do not need to visit their office in person to discuss their services.

The bond dealer of your choice will assign your case to a bail agent right away. Bail bonds companies understand the stress that comes with an arrest. Thus, they work very fast so as not to keep you in jail more than they should. A bail agent will call you back to obtain information that would enable him/her to kickstart the bail process. For instance, the agent will need your official name, specific case details, and the jail where the arresting officer has incarcerated you.

It will take the agent a few minutes to prepare your release documents, which he/she will present in court to begin the release process. Feel free to ask questions regarding their services. Most bond dealers charge a 10% fee to process your release. It is crucial to ensure that you’ll not be asked to pay any hidden costs once the process is over. Additionally, ensure that the company allows your preferred payment methods. Most bond dealers offer flexible payment options for tier clients to make it easier to pay for bail services.

Reliable Laguna Beach bail bonds companies operate round the clock. Therefore, you don’t need to wait until the official opening hours to contact the dealer for their help. If you’ve been arrested in the middle of the night, contact them right away. It will minimize the amount of time you might remain in police custody.

The company will also want an assurance that you’ll appear for the mentioning of the case. If not, it could forfeit bail, and you might lose any property you had placed to secure the bond services.

Once your case is over and you have appeared for trial as expected, you might be incarcerated (if guilty) or released. The company will return the property you had placed to secure their services.

Laguna Beach Jail and Court Information

Laguna Beach Jail

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Laguna Beach Courts

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