Anyone arrested in Palmdale has a right to leave jail on bond. A bail bond serves as assurance between the defendant and the court. The defendant places money or property with the court and agrees to attend all the set court hearings. In return, the defendant regains their cash or property upon the conclusion of their case. Unfortunately, many people do not have enough money to pay the bail set by the court. Depending on the crime the defendant commits, bail could cost thousands of dollars. If you need an affordable bondsman to bail you out in Palmdale, you can count on Steven Mehr Bail Bonds.

24-Hour Bail Bond Services In Palmdale

You can have a run-in with the law when you least expect it. Our bondsmen are always standing by to help you whenever you are in need. Our phone lines, email boxes, and chat boxes are always open on weekdays, holidays, and weekends. You can trust us for 24/7 bail bonds. Our clients always have peace of mind knowing that we are available, regardless of location or time. We strive to make the process of posting bail accessible and convenient for everyone. You can count on us for the service you need regardless of where you are in California. We work closely with local courts and jails to ensure that our clients enjoy a timely release from custody. Irrespective of where you live in California, affordable bail bonds are at your fingertips. 

Spend Less Time In Jail

Any time spent in jail is stressful. While in jail, the defendant no longer has a sense of privacy and safety as they had in the outside world. We understand that being in jail is a trying moment for both the defendant and their loved ones. Our bondsmen work tirelessly to deliver a defendant's bail bond to have them out of jail as soon as possible. Our team of bondsmen processes cases in as little as 20 minutes. We have many years of experience working with law enforcement. All our agents understand what it takes to meet the required bail bond conditions. When you contact us, our agents will walk you through the bail process to ensure that you know what to expect from the beginning to the end. We will ensure that the defendant is home in the shortest time possible.

Affordable Bail Bonds in Palmdale

California law requires bail bond agents to charge a premium of not more than 10% of the total bail figure. These rates may appear enticing. However, you should beware of hidden fees that some agencies impose. Hidden fees could drive up the cost and have you pay more than you should. Some of the most common bail bond fees are:

  • Processing fees
  • Travel expenses
  • Notary fees
  • Annual premiums
  • Late filing premiums

We take pride in being one of the most affordable agencies in Palmdale. We always give attractive discounts to deserving clients. We have a transparent pricing policy that does not include interest or down payment. We have a way of keeping our bail bonds cheap even when our competitors cannot. Our bondsmen accept a wide range of payment services to suit our client's needs. Some of the accepted payment methods include money orders, cash, credit, and checks. We may ask for bail bond collateral like a car or land, depending on a client’s case. When your family member or a friend is sitting in jail, we welcome you to contact us as soon as possible. Our agents are ready to reunite the defendant with their family as quickly as possible. Our phone lines are always open 24 hours a day. We understand that bail postings do not take a break; neither do we.

Professional Courtesy And Respect 

Our bondsmen treat all clients with unmatched professional courtesy and respect. We understand that the arrest may have happened at an inconvenient time. That’s why we tailor all our services to meet our clients' needs. We are discrete in all our dealings. All our bondsmen are flexible; you can come to them, and they can come to you. Our agents can also meet you in jail or at the police department, especially if you want to give the defendant a ride home. You can contact us through our website or call us directly. 

Usually, many jails take as little as 30 minutes to release a defendant upon receiving a bail bond from a bondsman. However, county jails might take longer to release the defendant, given the volume of cases they handle. When hiring a bondsman, it’s always advisable to ask whether the bondsman is licensed. To be sure, you could even ask for the bondsman license number.

High Standard Business Practices

All our bondsmen hold themselves to high standards, as portrayed by our business practices. We work with some of the reputable criminal defense attorneys who value their clients' privacy. These attorneys require a bondsman to be professional in appearance, work ethic, and attitude. The attorneys who work with us understand that we are a reflection of them. Therefore, these attorneys would not refer their clients to us if they didn’t have faith in our services.

Choose The Right Bondsman To Handle Your Bail Bonds

After your friend or family member's arrest, you will probably go through different bail bond websites, and they will all seem to sound the same. There are numerous bail bond agencies in Palmdale, but none has an extensive history like Steven Mehr Bail Bonds. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family. The stress of having to compare and choose between different companies could only add to your burden. We will make your life easier by providing a convenient and hassle-free bail bond experience. While any bondsman can get a defendant out of jail, not every bondsman offers the same level of competitive terms and compassionate service like the one we do. 

Your Responsibility When You Bail a Defendant Out of Jail

When you bail a person out of jail, you will be known as an indemnitor. This means that you will assume full responsibility for the arrestee to ensure that they attend all the upcoming court appearances. If the defendant skips bail, you will be responsible for the total amount of the bond. In most cases, the indemnitor doesn’t have to pay the full cost of the bond. Most of the issues that arise during the bail bond process can be solved by phone.

The Bail Bond Process In California

After an arrest for a crime, you become a defendant under California law. The police place you in custody, awaiting trial. However, you can get out of jail before the trial by posting bail. Under California law, bail is the amount a court imposes on arrestees to get out of jail as they await the trial date. The court uses the bail as a guarantee for defendants to appear for the set court hearings. The bail can be in the form of a bond secured from a bail bond agency or in cash. However, the court does not impose bail on every crime. It imposes bail on the defendant based on the nature and severity of the offense they commit.

A defendant's character, as well as the facts of the crime they commit, will determine the amount a judge sets for bail; it can either be increased or lowered. Each county in California determines the bail figure by using a bail schedule. Each county has a local bail schedule for different crimes, which they use to determine the applicable bail for a crime. The bail bondsman or the defendant's loved one has an opportunity to review the bail schedule to determine if the set bail amount is reasonable.  

If you are accused of a crime in California, there are three ways that you can post bail. They include Bail bond, cash PC 1269, and property bond PC 1276.5. The process of posting bail, period, and the amount differs from state to state. There are some situations where an arrestee could be put in jail at a specific date and immediately post bail without being booked. However, such instances are rare and only occur in a few cases. Typically, once a defendant is arrested in California, below is the process followed to secure bail and release:

Booking and Processing

Once the police arrest and take a defendant into custody, their first stop is in the nearest police station or sheriff. The defendant is then taken through the booking and processing procedure. This is where a background check is conducted, and photographs and fingerprints are taken. This process lasts between 2 and 8 hours, or even more, depending on the case. Finally, the bail is set according to the California bail schedule in the county where the defendant was arrested. 

Determining The Bail

A panel of judges uses the bail schedule to determine the bail amount for different offenses. Bail schedules also give an opportunity to the jail to decide on the bail to impose on an arrestee without having them appear before the judge. Once the court allows and sets bail for a defendant, he or she posts bail and gets out of custody before the court hearing. The defendant may also decide to wait in jail until the date for court hearings.

Gathering Knowledge On The Bail Bond Cost

The cost of a bail bond will vary depending on the severity and the number of offenses the defendant faces. The good news is that the cost of a bail bond is always 10% of the total bail figure, no matter how much bail is set. For example, the cost of a bail bond will be $2,000 if the full bail amount is set at $20,000.

Contacting a Bail Bond Agent to Begin the Bail Process

If the law enforcement officers arrest you or your loved one, you should first contact a professional and licensed bail bond agency. They will begin the process by asking you several questions regarding your arrest and custody.

Filling The Contract and Bail Application

The contract and a bail application will be drawn up using the information you give to the bail bondsman. You can accomplish this process through email or fax since it is not a long document. It is also a convenient way if you are unable to meet with the bail bondsman physically.

The bondsman will post the bond once the payment has been arranged and the necessary paperwork has been filled out. Since most bail bonds agencies in California are reliable and accessible at any time, bail bonds can be posted at jails 24/7, 365 days. Therefore, your friend or loved one will not have to wait for business hours to get out of jail, no matter when you decide to begin the bail bond process.

Clearing The Bail Bond

The judge will declare the bail cleared once a defendant satisfies all of their court obligations. At this point, it implies that the court does not have any financial interest in the bondsman and the defendant. It also means that the court does not bear financial responsibility regarding any uncertainty that befall that particular case whatsoever. 

At the end of the court hearings, rulings of innocence or guilt resulting from trial do not have an impact on whether or not the bail is refunded. The most important thing is that the defendant honors all the set court dates.

The Co-signer’s Financial Responsibility

The co-signer of the bond ought to be fully aware that the financial responsibility lies on them should the defendant forfeit to meet the court's obligations. Therefore, the co-signer should ensure that the defendant adheres to all court hearings. Before signing the bail bond contract, the bail bondsman must explain all responsibilities to the defendant. The signer should consider bailing the defendant out only if they trusted to avoid financial loss risks.

Releasing A Defendant On Bail

The bondsman will post the bond, and the defendant will be released from jail once the paperwork is finished and the bail paid for. Once the bond is posted, they will be released from jail. Depending on the staff, jail, and circumstances of the defendant, this process takes 30 minutes to 12 hours.

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