Battling criminal charges is stressful for both defendants and their families. If you have been arrested in Santa Monica, posting bail allows you to secure pretrial freedom and meet the legal team defending you against the charges you face. Communication between defendants and their lawyers is often more manageable when you are not restricted by jail routines and regulations. If you don’t have the financial muscle to post your bail, a bail bond company can provide invaluable assistance. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we can post bail on your behalf and ensure you return home quickly and safely.

An arrest is traumatic enough without considering the unexpected money an arrestee must pay as bail. Securing pretrial release would be an impossible affair for most defendants if it were not for the services of bond dealers. Bail bond companies offer fast surety bonds for a 10% premium fee, which ensures you have a convenient and affordable alternative to posting cash bail.

Important Terms You Should Know If Your Loved One Is Arrested In Santa Monica

Information is power. Simply because the police have arrested your loved one doesn’t mean they have to wait in jail until the trial date. The majority of arrestees are eligible for bail. They can enjoy their freedom before trial through the bail system as long as they abide by the court schedule.

Here are important terms you should know if someone you love is arrested:


Bail assures the court that the accused will re-appear for hearings to face their charges and be sentenced or acquitted. Even though it’s cheaper to post cash bail, most people cannot afford it, so they turn to bond dealers. A surety bond will cost you about 10% of the whole bond amount.

Bail money is a refundable deposit. If you abide by the law, don’t attempt to go on the run and follow other release orders, the court will refund your money after the trial. Generally, bail gives you the option of getting out of jail. If you don’t post it, you have to remain in custody while your case is ongoing.

Bail Hearing

Each county has a unique bail schedule designed by the state. This schedule dictates the amount of bail required based on the nature of a crime. Often, arrestees can secure pretrial freedom before the bail hearing date. They simply need to post the amount corresponding to a crime they are accused of committing.

If you are not eligible to post bail based on the jailhouse bail schedule, you must wait for the bail hearing. During the court session, the judge will decide the bail amount that befits your charges, character, and criminal history. 

The following may happen during the bail hearing:

  • The judge will set your bail amount as it appears on the bail schedule
  • The court will lower the bail, increase or deny it
  • The judge will order an O.R. (own recognizance) release

It is not necessary to have a lawyer during the bail hearing. However, having a skilled legal representative in your corner could increase your odds of enjoying lower bail or even an O.R. release. Your attorney and prosecutor will have a chance to discuss bail with the judge. Skilled experts will always bring their A-game to the hearing and negotiate for the most suitable conditions of release.

Bail Amount

The bail amount is not standard for all crimes. Generally, violent, gang-related, and felony crimes attract a higher bail amount than nonviolent infractions or misdemeanors. However, the judge is at liberty to adjust bail to serve the best interests of justice and the public.

If the judge sets an amount too high for you to afford, a bond dealer can be of invaluable help. Again, you will only need to pay a 10% fee to secure your freedom from custody. Another option is to have your attorney schedule a bail review hearing. Based on the arguments presented by the specialist, a judge may opt to lower the bail, order an O.R release, or provide other convenient alternatives.

Bondsman's Fee

If you seek the services of a bond dealer in Santa Monica, you have to pay the bondsman's fee. In California, the standard bondsman's fee as dictated by the state laws is 10 to 15% of the bail amount. Most agents charge the minimum 10% fee, although they may increase it depending on the risk levels involved when providing a surety bond for a specific defendant.

Apart from the non-refundable premium, bond dealers also require collateral to provide a surety bond. The collateral ensures that a defendant remains devoted to adhering to the court schedule and conditions of release. 

As long as you stick to the terms of your agreement with a bail bondsman, you will have your collateral back right after the trial. You’ll only need to spend money amounting to 10% of the set bail. For most arrestees, such a deal offers them an affordable and convenient way to enjoy pretrial freedom.

Bounty Hunter

If you opt to work with a bail bond company in Santa Monica, it’s crucial to understand who a bounty hunter is and the duties of the professional. Well, bond dealers hire bounty hunters to trace and arrest fugitives. If you have no intentions to skip court or town, you don’t have to worry about bounty hunters.

Once a bail bondsman posts a surety bond with the court, the agent assumes the responsibility of paying your bail in full if you don’t adhere to court schedules. A bounty hunter receives a commission for hunting down escapees and bringing them to justice. This ensures they return to court to answer their charges and also pay the bail seized by the court.

Posting bail as soon as you land in jail is crucial. This ensures you can maintain your job, attend to the needs of your loved ones and prepare for court proceedings. If you don’t have the finances to post cash bail, a bond agent can come to your rescue. The expert will ensure that time in jail doesn’t put your life on hold before your trial.

Understanding How Remaining In Jail Can Impact Your Health

Posting bail and securing pretrial release is an option that is available to most defendants. Note that even if the judge grants you the right to bail, it is perfectly okay to choose to remain in custody until your trial. 

Whether you’re the one in jail or it’s your sibling, parent, relative, or friend, you cannot underestimate the importance of posting bail. Most people don’t know that their stay in jail can impact their physical and mental well-being.

Here’s how remaining in jail can affect your health:

Higher Risk of Contracting Contagious Diseases

Sometimes, it feels a bit tempting to let a friend or loved one remain in jail just to teach them a lesson. Unfortunately, their stay in remand may do them more harm than good. Jailhouses are often congested, and the inmates live in close quarters. It’s also worth mentioning that the ventilation is not the best, increasing the risk of contracting infectious diseases like skin infections and even tuberculosis.

Stress and Depression

An arrest can take a toll on just about every area of your life. Once the authorities slap your wrists with handcuffs, this may very well mean that you have to stop working abruptly, ditch all personal errands and even stop spending time with your loved ones. Irrespective of the events that lead to an arrest, arrestees are often left traumatized and stressed.

The sudden change in your routines and lifestyle can have a nasty impact on your mental health. Each day spent behind bars strains your finances and relationships while increasing your obligations. While posting bail doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t end up behind bars after a conviction, it ensures you have a good chance of fighting your charges. At the very least, it allows you to prepare yourself mentally for the expected changes. 

Mood Disorders 

Again, an arrest forces you to drop everything and remain in police custody. This is enough to cause not only stress and depression but also mood disorders. It’s normal for arrestees to feel anxious, irritable, overwhelmed, and physically drained. They may also develop a sense of hopelessness, among other mood disorders.

Once an arrestee cannot take the physical and mental effects of staying in remand, they are more likely to give up on the fight. This means they will no longer want to defend themselves and will plead guilty in the hopes of getting over and done with the ordeal. Unfortunately, even innocent defendants with a good chance of acquittal can plead guilty and accept whatever deal the prosecution can offer.

If your loved one is eligible for bail, you owe them the favor of securing their release. The idea is to allow them to enjoy freedom unless the prosecution can prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Before you opt to turn a blind eye to a loved one in jail, remember that even if they are found innocent, their time in jail can have a lasting impact on their health. Defendants who remain in remand often battle with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and phobias for years.

Bail bond services in Santa Monica are affordable. The 10% fee is just a small price to pay, considering the dire consequences of sitting in jail until the trial. If you want to know more about bond services, call Steven Mehr Bail Bonds now to speak to an experienced and compassionate agent.

How Long Will It Take To Be Freed From Santa Monica Jail?

If you are not familiar with the legal system, the process of posting bail can feel a little confusing. There are crucial steps involved, and even minor blunders can leave your loved one spending longer in jail than necessary. If you need guidance posting bail in Santa Monica, turn to Steven Mehr Bail Bonds for reliable assistance.

Once you post bail, the release process should take place within 24 hours. This means that your loved one may be freed within a few hours or at least on the same day. Unfortunately, same-day processing may not be possible if your friend is held in a busy jailhouse or you encounter problems with the required paperwork.

Sometimes, it is possible to post bail before the bail hearing. If this is not possible, an arrestee may have to spend more time behind bars. The estimated time they will spend in jail may be longer, especially if they are arrested on a holiday or weekend when they cannot be arraigned.

You cannot rule out the chances of encountering delays. However, you can increase your chances of enjoying a speedy release process by seeking the help of a bail bondsman. Bond agents understand the processes in place and can lend a hand with the paperwork to ensure an easy and fast release from custody.

Bail bonds professionals post bails for a living. They help secure the release of arrestees all year round. Hence, they understand potential challenges that you may come across and how to address them. Additionally, they often deal with courts and jailhouses and know just what it takes to process an arrestee quickly and efficiently.

Santa Monica Jail and Court Information

Santa Monica Police Department

Address: 1725 Main St 

Santa Monica, CA 

Phone No:: (310) 458-8482

Century Regional Detention Facility

Address: 11705 S. Alameda Street

Lynwood, CA 90262

Phone No:: (323) 568-4520

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - Men's Central Jail

Address: 441 Bauchet Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone No:: (213) 974-4921

Court Information

Santa Monica Courthouse

Address: 1725 Main St

Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone No:: (310) 255-1840

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An arrest and going to prison are two different things. The first is the initial procedure in the criminal justice system, while the second only happens after a conviction. In between the arrest and verdict, a defendant can obtain their freedom by posting bail. If you need a bail bond in Santa Monica, call Steven Mehr Bail Bonds now. We offer free consultation 24/7/365 and can provide both large and small bonds. Please dial 800-834-8522 to speak to one of our seasoned agents.