No one deserves to remain jailed before trial. An arrest is bound to interrupt a person’s life, which could affect them for a very long time. Fortunately, California law allows defendants to enjoy a pretrial release by posting bail to guarantee court appearances. Your family member or friend also deserves a chance to collect evidence, hire a lawyer, and plan for their defense. It’s one way to be sure that he/she will have a fair trial.

Bail is vital for everyone that faces an arrest in Norwalk. But it could be more than a defendant’s family can afford. A reliable bond dealer like Steven Mehr Bail Bonds could help your friend secure his/her freedom with a surety bond. Contact us soon after their arrest, and let us discuss the terms of our bail bonds. After that, it will only take us a few minutes to process their release. 

Defendant’s Eligibility for Bail

It is usually the first task of a judge when a defendant makes their first court appearance. It happens after the booking process. The first appearance is mainly for establishing the defendant’s suitability for bail. Several factors come into play in determining whether the court will grant your family member or friend bail.

A first-offender will be suitable for bail. However, he/she must not face charges for a severe or violence-related felony. Sometimes the judge might choose to keep a defendant in jail if they are likely to cause fear among public members after their release. If your friend is considered dangerous and likely to retaliate or harm one or more people when released, the judge might deny bail.

A habitual offender might also be unsuitable for bail if the judge thinks that he/she will likely commit another offense while out on bail. But an aggressive criminal defense lawyer working on behalf of the defendant could help convince the court of the defendant's eligibility for bail.

Sometimes the judge might choose to allow a defendant out without bail, but on their own recognizance. A release on OR (own recognizance) occurs when a defendant is simply allowed to go home without paying anything to assure court appearances. That might happen if your family member or friend is a first offender, and their case doesn’t involve violence. 

Bail Options for Those Arrested in Norwalk

When your family member or friend faces an arrest in Norwalk, it might seem to them as the end of the world. An encounter with the police is not always pleasant, even when a person is sure of their innocence. The thought of being jailed, facing a jury during the trial, and a possible conviction is enough to intimidate even the strongest person. However, defendants in California have the hope of regaining their freedom soon after the booking. That allows them to go back to their life, at least before the judge’s verdict on their case. 

The most standard way to obtain freedom after an arrest is through cash bail. The judge sets a defendant’s bail and then orders them to pay it in cash or other means if they do not want to remain incarcerated. The problem with cash bail is that it is usually beyond most family’s ability to raise. No one saves money specifically for bail because arrests are generally unanticipated. Thus, it might take you or the defendant a longer time than they can afford to raise bail. Fortunately, you have other options if you wish to bail your friend or family out.

The next option for you would be a property bond. If you have a valuable asset like a vehicle, home, land, or a business premise, you can use its title to secure your friend’s freedom after arrest. Property bonds are allowed in California, but only if they are of a greater value than the set bail. You take the documents of the said asset to court. The court will find a professional to appraise it and then process the defendant’s release if the bond is acceptable. You are assured of receiving your documents back after the conclusion of the case, provided that the defendant doesn’t skip bail.

If you cannot pay cash bail or property bond to the court for your friend’s release, you are left with one last option: partnering with a third party for a surety bond. Bond dealers are all over California today. Therefore, it is possible and easy to find reliable Norwalk bail bonds for your family member or friend. Once you have a bond dealer in mind, contact them to learn more about their services. It helps to understand how bail bonds work beforehand to be well prepared and make an informed decision.

Bond dealers obtain surety bonds on behalf of their clients. They do this by paying a particular amount of money to the court, with an assurance of paying the full bail if the defendant fails to appear. A bond dealer will willingly work with a defendant who can assure them of his/her willingness to make all court appearances. The assurance is done in the form of providing collateral for the bail bonds and having a cosigner. Collateral will be security for the bonds. If the defendant skips bail, the bond dealer can sell the collateral to recover its financial losses. 

A cosigner is also used as security for bail bonds. A cosigner agrees to take financial responsibility if the defendant skips bail. As a cosigner, you will be required to ensure that the defendant makes all court appearances until the conclusion of their case.

Factors Affecting Bail Amount

Bail is not the same for all defendants. Some will have more bail than others, and others will have no bail at all. It depends on several factors as will be discussed here:

The Local Bail Schedule

Bail for most charges is usually predetermined in California. Courts within a particular jurisdiction set a specific amount for bail, depending on the nature and seriousness of the offense. However, that doesn't mean that your friend will pay the amount already set by the court. The judge must study the facts of his/her case and determine other factors like their criminal history to set the final amount. It happens during the defendant’s first court appearance. Thus, your friend’s bail could be higher or lower than the amount provided under the bail schedule the local court is using.

The Underlying Charges

Bail for different cases is set according to the nature of the underlying offense. Lenient charges like traffic infractions do not have bail. Offenders are only given a citation by the officer, showing the date and place where they must appear for the mentioning of their case. The police do not make arrests for most infractions. However, it will be different for misdemeanors and felonies. Felonies are considered more serious, and so they will likely carry more bail than misdemeanors. Bail for various felonies could be different, depending on the nature of the offense. A violence-related felony offense will probably have a higher or no bail at all. 

Criminal History

A defendant's criminal history might determine if their ail will be higher than it appears on the local bail schedule. A habitual offender is likely to receive more bail than a first offender. Typically, first offenders in California are released on personal recognizance. But anyone with two or more previous convictions in their criminal history will be treated differently during the first appearance. The judge might even deny a defendant bail if he/she feels that the defendant might commit another crime while out on bail.

Flight Risk

The possibility of a defendant skipping bail is a significant factor of concern when California courts set and grant bail. A judge is likely to reconsider bail if there is a possibility of the defendant fleeing after release. It would serve the interests of justice if the defendant remained incarcerated until their case’s conclusion. However, an assurance that the defendant will honor all court-ordered appearances is enough to cause the judge to set and grant bail.

Choosing a Bond Dealer

The majority of families cannot raise bail after the arrest of their kins. Additionally, some defendants prefer to handle the matter privately without involving family members or friends. In that case, bond dealers play a vital role in facilitating the person's release. However, you must make the best choice of a bond dealer from the many companies operating in Norwalk. Here are some factors you might consider when choosing the best bond dealer for your family member or friend:

Reliable Bonds Services

A bond dealer’s reliability is the assurance a defendant or the person seeking to help them with bail needs to know that they’ll receive the help they truly need. Reliable bail bonds will guarantee your friend’s release from incarceration in minutes. A dependable bond dealer will have an agent ready to handle the matter and process bail for your friend soon after signing an agreement. You feel confident knowing that you are dealing with a company that will not fail you or your incarcerated friend in the end.

Availability of Bail Agents

Bond dealers in California operate through bail agents. The right bond dealer will have its agents available to take you through the bond process. The agent must be educated, skilled, and experienced in matters regarding bail bonds. He/she should have all the information needed at the fingertips to ensure that your questions are answered with minimal delays. An experienced bail bond agent will process bail very fast to secure the freedom of your friend without delay.

Licensed Bond Dealer

It is crucial to consider working with a bond dealer. Note that not all bail companies that claim to operate in Norwalk are legal or in existence. Scammers use all manner of tricks to benefit financially from unsuspecting internet users. Ask about the licensing of the company whose bail bonds you wish to hire for your friend. 

How long has the company operated in the town? 

Be careful when dealing with a new bond dealer. Experienced bond dealers have a track record of performance you can check to determine their legality. 

The Agency’s Location

Location matters so much when it comes to bail bonds. If you seek help with bail in Norwalk, finding a reliable bail bond agent is advisable. Thus, bond dealers offering services within Norwalk will be more suitable for your situation. They will know the local jails within town or county, the courts, and how the two operate. Information like that will help speed up the bail process for your friend. 

Company Reviews

It helps to do due diligence first before committing to a particular bond dealer. The company’s reviews will tell you the kind of services they offer, how they are offered, and whether you’ll be making the right decision in partnering with them. The internet is a wonderful platform to check reviews.

Payment Options

Consider working with a bail bond dealer that offers flexible payment options and payment plans for your convenience. Fortunately, most Norwalk bond dealers provide a wide range of payment options that their clients can use to pay for bail bonds. If you cannot raise the total initial payment for the services, the company should provide a flexible payment plan according to your financial ability. It will make it easier for you to complete your payments.

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