If you or an individual you care about finds themselves in jail, you will probably have multiple questions regarding the process of bailing them out. Although these situations are scary, you are not alone because bail agents can help you through the complex process. At Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we understand your fears which is why we are here to help you through every step of this challenging process and secure freedom pending trial after an arrest in Coto de Caza.

Overview of Bail Bonds

A bail bond is an agreement between three parties: the court, the defendant, and the surety. If you have been apprehended for a crime, you should remain in jail until the conclusion of the case. However, if a licensed bondsman posts bail for you, promising that you will present yourself in court when ordered, then the court can release you during the pendency of your case.

Bail bonds are available for many defendants who can’t afford to raise the set bond full. Instead of remaining behind bars for a long time while the court hasn’t determined if they are guilty or not, bail agents come in and post the money for you.

Similarly, some defendants can afford the bail amount set. However, paying this amount while behind bars is challenging because, during booking, all your personal items are taken away. Therefore, even if you are willing and able to pay, you will need someone to help you. Your Coto de Caza bail bonds come in at this point. They make the payment for you, and in return, you pay a non-refundable fee of 10% of the total bail money.

Also, you should consider obtaining bail services even when you have the bail amount because depositing large amounts of cash with the courts might trigger suspicions about the source of the money. If you face embezzlement or money laundering charges, the money deposited as bail might be held by the judge as evidence until a hearing happens. In the proceeding, you carry the burden of proving the money used as bail is from a legitimate source.

However, if you opt to hire a bail agent, they will create an agreement that ensures you understand your responsibilities as a defendant. These responsibilities include showing up in court as ordered because failure to do so means you will be responsible for the entire bail.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

Arrests occur around the clock, which explains why your Coto de Caza bail bonds agency needs to operate around the clock. Further, most of the transactions by the agencies happen electronically to expedite the release process. The paperwork involved here is usually the agreement between you and the agency that ensures you understand the terms of the release and what will happen when you miss court dates.

Additionally, the agreement will state the collateral the company has put on the line to ensure your freedom and the fees involved for the bail services.

Collateral is any valuable item that is used to secure or guarantee the bond. It provides a form of insurance to your Coto de Caza bail bonds that you will make court appearances as ordered or mandated by the court. It can assume the form of personal property, a lien on the property, or cash.

Usually, these companies charge 10% of the total bail money as a fee to secure the release. The state sets this contingency fee, although the agency can provide a 0 to 2% discount if you meet their requirements.

Therefore, when you are arrested for a crime and don’t wish to prolong your stay behind bars, you should call your bail agency, friends, or family. If it’s the agency you have contacted, you must provide them with your full name as the accused, the kind of charges against you, the booking number, and the jail location where you are held.

The bail agent will then reach out to your family or people who care about you and explain what they need to release you from jail. If your family or friends wish to help with the release, they can complete an agreement with the agency guaranteeing to pay the premium and be responsible for your court appearances. By doing this, these individuals become cosigners or Indemnitors. Their role is to sign the contract and present collateral to the company to guarantee future court appearances.

In the event of other related fees and premiums, these are the individuals to be held responsible. Besides, they must maintain communication with the bail agency to ensure everything goes as planned. If you miss court, these are the people to be held liable, and they must assist the bail agency in tracking you down. Any costs involving finding you and returning you to court will also be on these individuals.

Note that before fleeing you, the bail agent will obtain all pertinent information regarding your case, including court dates, receipts, and any other documentation involved in the case. If you don’t show up, it will be your Coto de Caza bail bonds agency to be held responsible for your failure to appear in court as ordered. They will send a bounty hunter after you, and if they can’t find you after a particular duration, the court forfeits the bail. It means that the Indemnitor who signed the bail agreement on your behalf will lose their collateral as the agency tries to recover the bail money they have forfeited.

Documents Required to Post Someone’s Bail

If a defendant detained in jail is someone you care about or family, you will post bail on their behalf. By doing this, you will become an Indemnitor or cosigner. To become a cosigner in the country, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be of legal age that is 18 or older

  • Possess a valid identification like your California identification or driver’s license

  • Proof of income or a recent pay stub

  • A current utility bill to show proof of residency

Additionally, you will be required to provide the following information:

  • The charges the defendant faces

  • The location of the jail where the defendant is detained

  • The accused’s date of birth

  • The defendant’s booking number in jail

The Bail Proceeding

At a bail proceeding or hearing, the judge sets the bail amount as provided in the schedule. When determining this amount, the court will consider your criminal record. If you have an extensive history of crime, the amount of bail will be high. Also, if there are chances you are a flight risk and might skip town any time, the amount of bail you will pay will be higher than that if an individual is less likely to miss court.

Similarly, the court will consider your family obligations. If you are a caregiver, spouse, or have strong community ties, you will receive a lighter bail because you have a lot to lose if you are present in court as mandated.

When setting bail, the judge has the discretion to increase or decrease the amount from the provisions in the schedule based on the above factors. Although you don’t need a criminal lawyer at this stage, they might be helpful because the opposing sides will have an opportunity to discuss why the bail should be set high or low. Your criminal attorney will argue in your favor to try and have the amount reduced.

Apart from release or bail, the judge handling your case might decide to release you on your own recognizance. This is a written agreement between you and the court, promising to obey the set pretrial release guidelines. By obtaining this form of release, you save hundreds or thousands of bail money since you aren’t required to post bail.

Action to Take Between Your Bail Release and Court Date

The last idea that should cross your mind after release on bail is to sit back and relax. You didn’t pay hefty amounts of money to secure freedom just to relax. You need to shift your focus to the upcoming court date and prepare adequately for a positive outcome in the case. The steps you should take to ensure you won’t be going back to jail are:

  1. Adhere to the Conditions of Your Release

If the judge is releasing you on bond, it issues conditions that you must obey to avoid violating the bail contract. The conditions include a requirement to report to authorities whenever you change addresses or employment. Also, you are required to check in with your bondsman frequently and appear in court as ordered.

Besides, you may be required to comply with travel restrictions barring you from leaving your city, county, or state until the case is determined.

If you fail to adhere to these and other conditions imposed by the court, you might find yourself behind bars again, and this time, you will have no other option than to remain in detention until the case is closed. Make sure your Coto de Caza bail bonds provide you with the paperwork detailing all the conditions of the release to avoid a violation of any of these requirements.

  1. Remain a Law Abiding Citizen

A bail release is like a second chance to freedom, and it’s essential to use this opportunity the best way you can. Your last wish during this time is to cause trouble or violate the law because this could result in bail cancelation and being sent back to jail. During the period you are out on bail, avoid drugs or any kind of intoxication because if a random drug test is conducted, you might fail the test and find yourself back in jail.

Also, respect your family and avoid any family disputes deemed domestic violence because this could mean more trouble.

When showing up in court for your hearings, ensure you are dressed professionally and in the company of your family because appearances may influence the judge or jury’s decision. Groom your hair and consider trimming beards and shaving any facial hair because this will depict you as a responsible and law-abiding citizen. In short, you should be on your best behavior and do everything to look professional, and this will give you an advantage over the individuals who attend court hearings from behind bars.

  1. Hire a Criminal Attorney

One element that most defendants who are denied bail lack is good legal representation. If you are behind bars, you are less likely to raise money to hire a private attorney. As a result, most defendants are forced to rely on public defenders who handle multiple cases simultaneously. With this kind of legal representation, you might not have ample time to analyze the issue and find facts that could prevent a conviction. The chances of a sentence are, therefore, very high.

However, if you secure freedom, you can continue with your work, meaning you can afford to hire a private lawyer. These people have the resources to evaluate your case and find the weakness in the prosecutor’s evidence and use it to obtain a favorable outcome. Also, private attorneys will prioritize your lawsuit, and because your freedom is not restricted, they can arrange several meetings to discuss the charges and find the best defenses.

Therefore, if you are released on bail, pay more attention to hiring a reputable attorney who will increase the chances of a favorable verdict in the close of the case.

  1. Be Punctual for Your Court Hearings

Prepare for your court dates and ensure that you appear in court some minutes before the session begins. Doing so sends a good message that you are ready to leave the mistakes of the past behind and focus on upholding the law.

Also, if something terrible has happened that prevents you from showing up in court, ensure your attorney and Coto de Caza bail bonds know about it. Also, there should be documented evidence to provide a valid reason for skipping court. Failure to do so will result in the issuance of an arrest warrant, which could mean losing the entire bond money and remaining in jail until all the remaining hearings are concluded, and the case is determined.

If you want to find a loved one detained in an Orange County Jail, the best place to look is:

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Facility

550 N. Flower ST. Santa Ana,
CA 92703

Phone: (714) 647-4666

For court appearances, you will need to visit:

Harbor Justice Center – Newport Beach

4601 Jamboree Road
Newport Beach, CA

Phone: 92660-2595

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