Posting bail is among the most popular ways to exit jail upon facing arrest. However, most laws direct you to pay a significantly huge amount of money to retrieve your freedom. As a result, some detained suspects choose to remain in jail until the trial proceeds and concludes. Despite this, you can avoid the financial obstacle using bail bond services near you. The option allows you to collaborate with a bail bonds agent and have them pay the entire amount for your release. You can then work out a payment plan when outside custody. Upon contacting Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, we begin processing your case immediately. Our services are suitable for persons detained in Orange, California, to help you leave jail at the earliest opportunity. 

What Happens After Your Arrest

First-time offenders may struggle with the procedures that follow arrest, primarily if they are unfamiliar with the criminal process. Owing to this, you may be unaware of the processes leading to posting bail, meaning you are more likely to be unprepared for the responsibility. Understanding the subsequent events occurring at the police station is essential to you, as you will have an easier time fulfilling the expectations.

Firstly, you will undergo booking upon arriving at the station. The officer in charge records a statement and reports for records, then proceeds to undertake the booking process. This exercise is used to collect your essential data and additional details regarding the types of charges you face. Hence, your cooperation is required to ensure smooth access to the records. 

Information Collected During the Booking Process

Typically, the booking process begins with the collection of physical data. This includes your fingerprints, mugshots, and physical description. Having the information stored as police records gives them an easier time to identify you, on top of creating your database. 

Additionally, you will have to provide your place of residence, including a recent physical address. Your contact details and workplace are also recorded in case the officers need to contact you after release. If you have a next of kin, you may also need to provide their details for future reference or in case of emergencies while in detention.

The process concludes by having a background search conducted on you. The officers will use the data you provide at the station to search, then identify any important details. 

You should note that the criminal background check is conducted to determine whether your previous offenses affect the current charge. Due to this, you may be in a slightly disadvantaged position as a repeat offender owing to the existing record.

How to Learn of the Possible  Bail Amount Set For Your Charges

Once the booking process is complete, the presiding police officer will inform you of the charges pressed against you by checking the court schedule. This is a document that includes all offenses listed under the penal code. Beside each offense is the approximate cost required to post bail and is often listed in a range. 

The officer handling your case should provide the information as soon as possible to help you prepare yourself for the transaction in a suitable way. For example, you can contact your Orange Bail Bonds agent and have them prepare the approximate amount as directed by the schedule. In doing so, you will reduce your waiting time in jail significantly.

Although the bail schedule can help you determine the best way forward in raising funds, you will still need to appear before the judge for your bail hearing. This is because the presiding judge will need to assess various factors regarding your case before issuing their decision. 

Expectations for Your Bail Hearing

Under the law, arrested persons are entitled to court arraignment within twenty-four hours of facing arrest and detention. Following the directives, you will be arraigned before the judge within the stipulated period, except if the arrest occurred on a weekend or holiday. If so, you will wait until the next available court date for the proceedings. 

When arraigned in court, your plea-taking session requires you to either admit or deny your involvement in the crime. Pleading guilty means that you accept the charges as read to you, and the judge will issue a sentencing date. 

In the meantime, you can request a cash bail to take you out of custody as you await the date set for your sentence. Alternatively, persons accused of minor offenses or cases involving straightforward facts may receive penalties in the same session. However, this may be hindered by the judge’s need to go through your case facts for a proper grasp on the matter at hand.

Conversely, pleading not guilty means, you deny the charges and require a hearing to argue your position against the prosecutor. Consequently, the judge will issue the tentative the-trial conference date to help prepare for your hearing. Further, you will receive your exact bail amount payable to the court within the specified duration. 

How the Judge Determines a Suitable Bail Amount for Your Release

Before the determination on posting bail is issued, the judge is guided by various factors involved in your allegations. Going through the various elements is crucial for the judge in some circumstances, as it can mean the difference between remaining in detention or regaining freedom. 

Thus, you want to understand the important factors to help you prepare for the judge’s outcome. You will also be better positioned to retain a criminal defense attorney in case you need to appeal any of the reasons given for denied bail. 

The following are important details that could affect your release on bail:

  • Whether you have a previous criminal record
  • Whether you are a flight risk 
  • If society's safety is compromised after your release
  • Whether the nature of your case allows for the release 

When the judge finds reason to withhold bail, they will do so in the interest of justice. Nonetheless, they should inform you of the reasons for their action to help you remain content with the outcome. Afterward, you can contact your Steven Mehr bail bonds agent for assistance in undertaking the payments. 

Complying With the Court Orders to Post Bail

The judge issuing bail directives will include guidelines on payment that you want to follow to avoid disadvantages and setbacks. Subsequently, working with an experienced Orange bail bonds agent will set you on the right path to your release and compliance after that. 

Some crucial guidelines to follow after you receive a release order include:

Making the Bail Payments on Time

If the court office handling bail transactions fails to receive a payment within the expected period, the court may treat it as a rule violation. Consequently, you may jeopardize your right to regain liberty unless you provide a reasonable reason for the delayed payments. If the judge accepts the justification, you want to complete the transaction as soon as possible to avoid recurrent setbacks. 

Avoid Involvement in Criminal Activity 

Secondly, you should remember that your release from jail is conditional, meaning you should refrain from engaging in unlawful activities. The judge may also order you to comply with house arrest orders pending further case investigations in extreme cases. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure you comply with the requirements for a problem-free duration when released. 

Attend All Court Sessions as Expected 

Although some preliminary court proceedings involve mentions and pre-trial conferences, the judge will often require the accused person to appear in court. This is to help with any needed clarification and answer to charges before you. Since your presence plays a significant part in the criminal trial proceedings, you will face repercussions for unjustified absenteeism. Common outcomes for repeated non-appearance include remaining in custody until the case finalizes.

Forms of Payment Acceptable in Court Accounts

While your Orange bail bonds agent will make the bail payments on your behalf upon request, learning of the various options to explore is beneficial. This way, you can make an informed decision guided by your financial abilities and access a bail bonds agent. 

The three main ways to post bail in California are:

  • Making upfront cash payments 
  • Presenting a bond payment agreement to the court
  • Using bail bond services to finance the bond payments

Understanding the Bail Bond Service Delivery Format

Contacting a bail bonds agent is the first step towards accessing reliable and expeditious bail services. Upon receiving your request, the attached bail bonds agent will require you or a trusted third party to provide a collateral payment. You should note that this amount serves as security for the bail bonds company if you forfeit the paid bail amount by court non-attendance. 

Thus, you want to discuss the exact amount needed by the bail bonds service provider to help you consolidate and send the amount. Typically, the money presented as collateral for the bail bond services should not be more or close to the amount required in court. This would defeat the purpose of using an Orange bail bonds agent for most clients. 

Further, you can discuss possible payment plan options with the service provider, especially if obtaining the amount is difficult for you. By presenting your position, you have a chance to negotiate for fair terms and receive a reasonable repayment time from us. 

Lastly, the collateral amount is refundable after the trial period, and the bail bonds company retrieves their money. Hence, you should not worry about losing the amount entirely, provided your attendance is compliant with court standards.

The assigned bail bonds agent should lodge your application for bail release soon after receiving the request. Nonetheless, they will require your contact and location details to fill the application form. If you have the details readily available, you want to send them to the agent as soon as possible through the officers in the detention center. Alternatively, you can request your lawyer or loved ones to do the same by making a phone call. 

Important Details to Provide the Assigned Bail Bonds Agent

Some crucial details to provide the bail bonds agent include:

  • The name of the detention center you are held
  • Your full name and identity card details 
  • Your physical address
  • The estimated bail amount required
  • Your contact details
  • Your place of work

Charges Payable to the Bail Bonds Company

The standard practice among bail bond service providers in California is to charge 10% of the total bail amount paid as a service fee. Subsequently, you can expect to pay a rate proportional to the court-issued bail. Doubtless, the option is often affordable compared to posting bail alone by making upfront cash payments. 

However, some clients will receive a significantly high bail amount, translating to an expensive service fee percentage. If this is your situation, you can contact your bail bond agent to discuss possible repayment plans for your benefit. We are happy to accommodate your needs, as our main priority is to help you exit jail within the least possible time.

Jail and Court Information

Although you may learn of your family or friend’s arrest, you will need additional information to help them access a bail bonds agent. Moreover, the court and jail details help organize the person’s criminal attorney to contact them for further assistance in the matter. Therefore, you can refer to the following details to find your loved ones detained in Orange:

Lamoreaux Justice Center

341 The City Dr. S,

Orange, California,

92868, United States.


Theo Lacy Facility

501 The City Dr. S, 

Orange, California, 

92868, United States.


Research and Development Division, Orange County Sheriff's Department,

431 The City Dr. S, 

Orange, California, 

92868, United States.

Orange Police Department

1107 N. Batavia Street, 

Orange, California, 

92867, United States.


Contact a Bail Bond Agent Near Me

The challenges accompanying an unforeseen arrest include financial pressure, as the court expects you to pay a specific sum for your release on bail. Understandably, most citizens are unable to raise the figure because they cannot access the money upfront. Therefore, working with a bail bonds service provider is an excellent alternative that alleviates the pressure you may feel. What’s more, is that the assigned bail bonds agent is experienced at their job. Subsequently, you can expect accurate service delivery that eliminates delays. With Steven Mehr Bail Bonds, you are in safe hands and can expect to exit jail as soon as possible. We have perfected our craft and are ready to respond to your needs as soon as possible. Thus, if you need bail bond services in Orange, California, call us today at 800-834-8522