Bail is the amount of money you pay to the court to secure your release or that of your loved one with a pending criminal case in California. At your first court appearance, the judge will assess the specific factors of your case and determine the amount of bail you need to pay. Unfortunately, arrests are often unexpected, and many people do not have money lying around to post bail. If you lack the financial capacity to post cash bail, you can explore other options like seeking bail bonds services.

A bail bond agent will post your bail, and you will only be responsible for a percentage of the total bail that acts as a bail bonds service fee. If you seek to secure a quick release for your loved one through bail, it would be wise to contact Steven Mehr Bail Bonds. Our Las Flores Bail Bonds Agents will post your bail to ensure you do not spend unnecessary time in jail.

Overview of Bail in California

Bail is a monetary commitment between the court and a defendant. Bail assures that you will show up on all your court dates as scheduled by the court. After an arrest, a defendant is booked in a jail cell awaiting the criminal case process. Spending time in jail can be a traumatizing experience that no one wishes to undergo. Fortunately, you can be released to go home and move on with your life while attending the trial.

The court holds a bail hearing where the judge determines your bail. Bail amounts differ from case to case depending on the individual circumstances. Mostly, the court sets a high bail, and it may be difficult to come up with the full amount on short notice. If you cannot afford the amount required to secure a release, you can seek the services of a Flores Bail Bonds Agent. The bail agent represents the surety bond that helps you post your bail at a fee.

Types of Bail

If you or a loved one faces an arrest and is detained in California, the only way you can secure a release with a pending case is by posting bail. There are several forms of bail available, and each is tailored to fit your financial situation and the crime for which you are charged. If you are released on bail, you must maintain contact with the court while out on bail. Common types of bail include:

Own Recognizance

Release on personal recognizance means that you will not need a monetary commitment to secure your release or that of your loved one. However, if the judge decides to release you on your recognizance while your criminal case is pending, you will be responsible for your appearance on these court dates. If you fail to appear to court while out on personal recognizance, you may be arrested and must remain in custody until your trial and sentencing take place.

Some of the factors that could prompt a judge to release you on OR is if you are a first-time offender and the charges you are facing are not serious. Also, you may have a better chance at OR release if you have strong ties to the community. When the court grants you a personal recognizance release, the judge may require that you check in regularly with your supervising officer. If the judge denies your request for OR release, you must post bail to secure a release.

Cash Bail

Being released on bash bail means that you have to present the full amount of bail set by the court before you secure a release from custody. When the judge wants to ensure that you spend time in jail while awaiting trial, they may set bail at a very high amount. Also, a cash bailiff is often applicable when you are a high flight risk. If you do not have the cash to pay your bail, the court may allow you to use a check or a credit card.

Cash bail is the fastest way to secure a release while your criminal case is pending. However, it could open you up to financial scrutiny. If the prosecutor or judge suspects that you obtain the bail amount feloniously, the court may hold your release to investigate and resolve the matter. You will have the responsibility to prove the source of your funds, which can delay your release.

Property Bond

A property bond is a type of bail where you can use your property to secure a release. Instead of posting cash bail or seeking bail bond services, you can give your equity interest in the property. Usually, this type of bail involves valuable items like property, homes, and vehicles. If you skip a court date, the court will place a lien on the property you provide and resell it. Using your property to post your bail or bail out a loved one is a risky decision that you should consider as a last result. Losing your land, vehicle, or home to the court could bring financial misery even after resolving the legal troubles.

Immigration Bond

If you or your loved one faces an arrest and is detained for immigration reasons, the court will only release you on an immigration bond. An immigration bond is an amount set by the immigration agents to guarantee a court appearance for a defendant facing immigration charges. There are two main types of immigration bonds:

Delivery bond. Illegal immigrants who Immigrations have detained and Enforcement Customs May be eligible for delivery bond. However, the offender must receive an arrest warrant and notice of custody conditions. The delivery bond allows you to go home, spend time with your family and consult an immigration attorney.

Federal Bond

If you or a loved one is arrested and facing charges in federal court, you may need a federal bond to secure their release. This is because federal criminal charges are brought against individuals who violate state and federal laws. Federal charges are more serious, and the bail amount required for these crimes is often very high. Again, this is because there is a greater flight risk for these charges.

The federal court is particularly keen on financial transparency. Therefore, they do not allow a defendant to post bail with funds whose source is suspected to be criminal. Before you are released on a federal bond, the court may order an additional hearing to scrutinize the source of your funds. You can ensure privacy in your financial matters by seeking bail bond services to pay your federal bond.

Surety Bond in California

Due to a lack of enough money to pay cash bail on short notice, many people opt for bail bonds as a means to secure e released from jail. A bail bond is a contract between a criminal defendant and a bail bond agent. If you enter a bail bond contract, a Las Flores Bail Bond Agent will post your bail, and you will promise to return to court as scheduled. When a surety company posts your bail, the court will hold them responsible for your conduct while out on bail. For the bail bond services, you will pay a premium of up to 10% of the total bail to the bail agent.

Once a defendant satisfies all the court requirements, including a court appearance, the judge will declare the bail exonerated. In this case, the court will have no financial interest in you or the person who paid your bail. The court will refund the full amount paid as bail. Failure to appear in court will result in bail forfeiture. Therefore, a bail agent may require that you provide some form of collateral for the bail bond. If the bail is forfeited, the surety company will sell the item you used as collateral to recover their money. It is crucial to understand that the rulings of guilty or not guilty rulings do not affect your bail status.

The Role and Responsibilities of a Las Flores Bail Bonds Agent 

A bail bondsman is a professional who acts on behalf of the surety bond company to post your bail in exchange for your appearance for the court proceedings. Some of the roles that a Las Flores Bail Bonds Agent will play in your situation include:

  1. Assessment of your qualifications. Once you apply for bail with the bail bond company, the bail bondsman will be responsible for assessing your applications. Some of the factors that determine whether or not you qualify for bail bonds include your credit score, flight risk, and criminal history, among others. Also, the agent will gather evidence to evaluate your ability to pay for the bail bonds premium.

  2. Processing paperwork. After the bail bond company approves your bond application, the agent will collect the 10% service fee. Also, they are responsible for explaining the bail bond legalities to the defendant and cosigners. On completing the paperwork, the bail bond agency will act as your representative to the court.

  3. The bail bondsman is a middleman between a defendant, the bail bond agency, and the court. As the middleman, the bail agent will be in constant contact with the defendant and the company. Also, the court will hold them accountable if you fail to appear for trial.

  4. A bail agent can arrest you and take you back to police custody. The bail bondsman must communicate to the court if you fail to appear for a court hearing after a release on bail bonds. Then, the bail bondsman can legally arrest you and bring you back to the courthouse.

Benefits of Using a Bail Bonds Company

An arrest of your loved one is a challenging situation to navigate. The situation may become more complicated when you lack the funds to secure their release through bail. Fortunately, seeking the services of a bail bond company can make the process easier through the following ways:

  • Saves you money. In California, the court often sets a high bail that many people cannot afford. When you use a bail bonds company to secure a loved one’s release from jail, you will only be responsible for up to 10% of the total bail amount.

  • Saves time. Coming up with the amount required to pay cash bail could take some time, which means that you spend more time in jail. Raising the 10% required to secure bail bonds is easier and ensures that you spend less time behind bars.

  • Professional advisors. When you contact a bail bond company, they will assign a professional and helpful bail agent to your case. The bail agent will advise you throughout the entire process to ensure the best outcome.

The following are jails serving Las Flores, CA, and their contacts:

Santa Anna Jail

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Some of the Courthouses around Las Flores, CA, include


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Harbor Justice Center Newport Beach

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Find a Bail Agent Near Me

When one is arrested for violation of the law, the court may release you with a promise to return for your trial. However, in most cases, you will need a monetary commitment to secure the release. After the arrest, the judge will hold a hearing to determine the amount you need to pay as bail. 

Bail amounts vary based on the circumstances of your case. If you have the finances to post cash bail, it may be easiest to secure a release. However, if you do not have the money or want to avoid financial scrutiny, it would be wise to opt for bail bonds. When you contact a surety bond company, they will send an agent to pay your bail.

If your loved one is stuck in jail for lack of bail money, we invite you to contact Steven Mehr Bail Bonds. Our Las Flores Bail Bonds agents will guide you through the bail process and provide the finances required to secure your release. Call us today at 800-834-8522.