When a loved one is arrested in California, it is usually a trying moment for the family. The person will no longer be at home or even go to school or work. The family will miss the arrestee’s presence, impacting them differently. However, it is unconstitutional for the police to hold an offender before their case is concluded in court. Thus, you could help your kin/friend guarantee their release from jail soon after their arrest. That is possible through posting bail. Fortunately, you can seek a third party’s help in posting bail if you or your kin cannot afford the total bail. Steven Mehr Bail Bonds can help you with bail after your kin’s arrest in Corona, CA. Our bond services are reliable, timely, and affordable.

Events Following an Arrest in California 

Police can arrest a person anytime and anywhere after obtaining an arrest warrant. That will likely interrupt the person’s life and could impact their future. For instance, an arrest will take away a person from his/her family, school, job, or even friends. Life may never go back to usual if so much time passes without the person’s release. But bail makes it possible for arrestees to obtain their freedom immediately after arrest.

Following an arrest, the police will decide what to do with the suspect based on the circumstances of their arrest. If the reason for their arrest was an infraction, your kin could be released immediately but with a stern warning against committing the same offense. Sometimes the police will issue a citation to the arrested person, requiring him/her to appear before a judge later. 

But in case of a more severe offense, the arrest might be followed by the booking. The police will enter the facts of the suspected offender on their database, then forward the offense details to the district attorney. The DA will then open charges against the offender in a criminal court. After the booking procedure, you may be allowed to pay bonds for your kin to obtain their release. Bail is an assurance that the arrestee will appear for the mentioning of his/her case without fail. It also assures the court that the defendant is willing to honor all court obligations and abide by bail conditions throughout the bail period.

Knowing the options available after a loved one’s arrest is great. It speeds the process and minimizes costly mistakes that could cause the defendant more criminal charges in the future. You may seek the help of a criminal defense attorney for your kin. It makes the entire process quick and smooth.

Who Qualifies for Bail?

The California constitution grants all defendants the right to bail after arrest. Your kin is probably eligible for bail, allowing him/her to await trial out of incarceration and not in jail. Bail temporarily restores the defendant’s freedom until a criminal court judge determines their case. If the defendant wins the case and the judge dismisses their charges, the defendant’s freedom will be fully restored, without conditions. But if the defendant loses in the trial, they will face sentencing and can be incarcerated if the sentence of the underlying offense calls for it.

Therefore, it is advisable to begin the bail process soon after your kin’s arrest. That would minimize the time the defendant will remain in jail before trial. 

Bail is predetermined for many cases. Thus, it is possible to know the amount for a particular offense without waiting for the first arraignment. However, the judge will plan the first hearing to determine your kin’s eligibility for bail. The judge will discuss his/her case facts during this hearing, then set bail accordingly. It could be the same, or more or less than it is on the available bail schedule.

By the end of the first appearance, the judge might decide that you could pay bond for your kin’s release. In that case, you will explore the available options to determine the one for your needs and convenience. For instance, you may choose to post cash bail if you have the amount needed. You will have the full money back once the case ends. Alternatively, you could choose to post a property bond if you prefer to use an asset as collateral. Similarly, the court will return your property at the end of the case.

But the most common option for most defendants in California is bail bonds. Reliable Corona bail bonds will quickly secure your release after an arrest in Corona if you can’t afford cash and property bonds. 

Reasons for a Denied Bail

California criminal court judges can deny bail. The law allows them to deny a defendant the right to post bail on exceptional circumstances. Each individual’s case differ, but here are circumstances under which the judge could weigh and raise or deny bail to keep the accused incarcerated before trial:

When  You Face Felony Charges

Felony offenses are grave. Some are more serious than others. When your kin faces a felony charge, the judge might decide to raise their bail higher than it is on the predetermined bail schedule or deny them bail and keep them jailed. The reason for raised bail is to make it difficult for the defendant to raise the required bail.

A judge can also deny a defendant bail if the prosecutor has compelling evidence against the defendant. That could happen when your kin faces charges for severe felonies like murder, sexual assault, and other violence-related offenses. 

California criminal court judges do not allow bail for anyone facing charges for capital offenses that come with a possibility of a death sentence upon conviction. 

Repeat Offenders

If your kin committed another crime while on probation or parole, the judge will not grant them bail. They are likely to misuse their freedom to commit other crimes and violate their probation or parole conditions. In that case, the judge will not be lenient on the offender.

Flight Risk

A person is considered a flight risk if they will likely flee once released on bail. If your kin has a history of not honoring court appearances, the judge will consider them a flight risk and keep them incarcerated until the end of their case. 

A defendant could also be a flight risk if the judge feels that releasing them back to the community is too risky.

A Threat to The Community

The judge may also deny bail if your kin is considered a threat to his/her community. The type and degree of threat are determined by the elements of their offense. That could apply to repeat offenders and people considered to be serial killers. The judge might deny the defendant bail to keep him/her from committing another crime. It’s also a way to keep the community safe.

What The Bail Process is Like

If you can afford to pay a bond for your kin’s release, you will simply choose cash bail. Cash bail is fast and smooth and can reduce the amount of time your kin remains incarcerated. However, it might be a challenge if the bail is more than you or the defendant can afford. In that case, you’ll need financial help to raise the required amount. Fundraising among friends and family is another option. However, it takes time and has no confidentiality. Everyone will know about the arrest and the facts of your kin’s case.

But, the judge might even release your kin on personal recognizance. If the defendant is a first offender facing charges for a simple misdemeanor, he/she might be eligible for personal recognizance release. It is the kind of release from jail whereby the judge orders the defendant’s release on bail without posting bail. But the defendant must promise to make all appearances in court and abide by the given bail conditions.

Defendants in California who don’t qualify for personal recognizance release and can’t afford cash bail choose bail bonds to obtain their freedom after an arrest. They are prevalent and can guarantee your kin’s freedom in minutes. 

Third-party companies deal with bail bonds. These companies are in the business of guaranteeing a defendant's freedom for a profit, usually 10% of the defendant’s bail. A defendant unable to post bail seeks the help of a bond dealer, who pays a small amount to the court and assures the court of the remaining amount if the defendant fails to appear for trial. The company puts measures to ensure that the defendant makes all court appearances. If that happens, the court gives the surety bond back to the bond dealer, and the defendant pays only a small percentage of the bail as a fee.

Surety bonds are an excellent way to save money when someone close to you is arrested in California.  You can quickly find reliable Corona bail bonds to help obtain a much quicker release from custody. That will ensure no delays in their lives, including work, family, or school. Thus, their lives are not much interrupted by the arrest. However, bail bonds could be costly in the long run if your kin fails to appear. If he/she forfeits bail, the court will charge the bond dealer the entire bail. Consequently, the bond agent will sell something valuable from you or the defendant to recover the money.

The bail process is straightforward once you choose the type of bail to post for your kin. Once you select a bond dealer, its agent will facilitate your kin’s release without your involvement. It takes only a few minutes for the entire process to be complete once you pay the premium and sign the release documents. That makes bail bonds pretty fast for offenders who want to minimize their stay in jail.

Advantages of Using Bail Bonds

As mentioned earlier, bail bonds will save you money. When a family member is arrested, you do not have much time to raise the amount required for bail. Instead of taking a loan or selling a valuable asset to raise money, a bond dealer is the best available option for you. The dealer will only require a fraction of the bail to go through the process.

A corona bail bonds dealer will also save your time. The bail process can be tedious and taxing, especially for someone unfamiliar with California’s legal processes. Experienced bail agents know what to do at whatever time to complete the process in minutes.

Bail bonds services come with professional advice for your kin. Bond dealers do not want their clients to skip bail. Thus, they advise their clients on the proper conduct during the bail period and why they must make court appearances. If your kin honors all bail conditions, it will not cost you a lot of money in the end. Sometimes defendants need professional advice on why they must remain calm and cooperative during the hearing process. It will help them avoid making mistakes that could cause them to face even more severe charges in the future.

Lastly, Corona bail bonds are pretty convenient. You only need to contact a bond dealer soon after your kin’s arrest. The bail agent will handle everything, starting with completing the required paperwork and ensuring that the defendant is well advised.

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