If you are reading this, you may be stressed about having your loved one arrested at Inglewood. You are probably wondering what to do and how to get them out of jail; the first thing you should consider is finding a professional bail bond agent. This is important because if your loved one is taken to Inglewood city jail, they will only be here for a short time before they are transferred to a larger county facility. Note that Inglewood City jail is operated by the police department and acts as a temporary booking and holding facility. When the booking is complete, the arrestee is moved to a larger facility, and bail has not been posted.

The Inglewood City Jail bailing out process consumes less time and is less complex than bailing out of the larger county jails. Call Steven Mehr Bail Bonds immediately and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable bail bond agent who can help you get your loved one out of jail fast. Our Inglewood bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How to Find Out if Your Loved One is in Inglewood City Jail

The easiest way to find out if your loved one is detained at Inglewood City Jail is to call the jail and give details of your loved one. You can also call Steven Mehr Bail Bonds and speak confidentially to our professional agents. We have agents in various cities in California, and we can help you determine if your loved one is detained at the Inglewood city jail.

You can also follow this link to determine if your loved one is in the hands of the law enforcement of Los Angeles County. You will need to fill in the arrestee's gender, legal name, and age. You can use the arestees’ booking number on the site to send them money, email, or scheduled visits.

Drug Bail Bonds in Inglewood

Drug violations can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the severity of the violation. Even after California passed proposition 64, making the use of marijuana in California legal, there are still many illegal drugs. Note that you can still be convicted for drug abuse if you are found selling or growing marijuana without authorization. Some of the penalties can be harsh and long-lasting, which is why you should call Steven Mehr Bail Bonds if your loved one is behind bars and facing drug charges. We will do our best to reunite you with them as soon as possible.

Immigration Bail Bonds

Illegal immigration is taken seriously in Inglewood. The law enforcement in Inglewood recently issued a statement reiterating the PD to continue prosecuting the crime as they did before and work with ICE when needed. There are two common immigration bail bonds in Inglewood California, they include:

  • Voluntary Departure Bond — After an individual has been placed on the removal proceedings, they can be allowed to leave the country voluntarily. The immigration magistrate may ask you to post an immigration bond in an amount enough to ensure that you depart the United States within the specified time.

  • Delivery Bond — If you are arrested by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, they will first issue an arrest warrant together with a custody conditions notice. After this, you may be granted a delivery bond of enough to ensure that you will attend any future court proceedings for the immigration charge.

If your loved one is facing immigration charges in Inglewood, contact Steven Mehr Bail Bonds to help you post bail.

How can I Be Set Free From Inglewood City Jail?

There are two different ways that you can post bail in Inglewood. You can pay bail to the court directly using property or with cash without the help of a bail bond agent. The property must be one hundred and fifty percent of the bail amount for you to be allowed to post bail using it. The court will hold the property or the bail amount to guarantee that you will show up in all court proceedings up to the end of your case. After the conclusion of your case, the court will release the amount or property used to the owner.

If you cannot raise the bail amount, you can use the second method to post bail, which is using a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent helps you get out of jail even without the full bail amount. Most reputable bail bonds agents like Steven Mehr Bail Bonds only charge ten percent of the bail amount. This is a small portion compared to the full amount. This is the most advisable way of posting bail since raising the total amount and still finding money to hire an attorney and cater for your responsibilities can be had for most people.

You can also have your family member or friend call Steven Mehr Bail Bonds if you cannot make the call yourself. Our agents are always ready to offer any kind of help to ensure that your loved one gets out of jail.

How Much Bail Will I Pay in Inglewood?

The easiest way to calculate the amount of bail an individual needs to pay to be set free is by filling in this felony bail worksheet.

Here are some of the steps you will need to take while filling in the form:

  • Write all the charges that the defendant is facing

  • Look out for the charges with the most significant bail schedule amount.

  • If the defendant is facing multiple charges on different victims or dates, note down the required bail amount for each charge and combine them with the initial charges.

  • Find out if there are any extra charges that may need you to post an extra bail.

The extra charges could include:

  • If the alleged victim is a minor below 15 years or an elderly above 65 years

  • If the defendant used a weapon to commit the crime

  • If a gang committed the offense.

  • If the defendant has some prior active convictions

  • If the defendant has been convicted for the last five years.

  • After filling out all the charges and any extra charges, put them all together to calculate the amount of bail the defendant will need to pay to be set free.

Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

Unlike felony charges, most misdemeanor charges do not have a specific bail amount on the misdemeanor bail schedule. Bail for most misdemeanor charges is set at $500. But if the defendant is likely to face a misdemeanor or a felony charge, also known as a wobbler, there is no way to determine the amount of bail they are supposed to pay, but the minimum bail of similar charges is $750.

Who Sets Bail?

Every county has its schedule for posting bail. The schedule is available in every county jail and court. However, a judge may set a different bail amount at the bail hearing after looking at all factors surrounding the case.

How Can I pay for Bail Bonds in Inglewood?

If you are arrested in California, you will need to pay some bail for you to be set free. The amount you pay will be held by the court and returned after your case is closed.

There are various bail types in California. If you are convicted for any state violation, you will be required to post bail for an appearance. If you are accused of committing a federal crime or if you are charged with violations of federal laws, you will be required to pay a commitment bail. Defendants facing immigration charges may also be required to pay a significant amount of bail if granted. Posting bail for these types of charges allows you to set free from jail, and if you adhere to the set rules, your money will be refunded after the conclusion of your case.

But raising this amount of money at such short notice is often hard for most people, and that’s where Steven Mehr Bail Bonds comes in. We are ready to help you post the bail amount and have your loved one set free for a 10% premium. The bail bond can sometimes be as low as 8%, but you need to consult our agents to determine if you are eligible for a lower rate.

CA Penal Code 1275 Holds

PC 1275.1 prohibits using money or property acquired illegally to post bail. If the authorities suspect that you are using money or property earned from illegal activity, your bail may be rejected. This act is known as the 1275 Hold.

The PC 1275 Hold can be placed by any party who played an active role in your arrest or prosecution. However, they must have probable cause to suspect that you are posting bail using money acquired from criminal activities. These criminal activities may include extortion, theft, embezzlement, gang-related offenses, or drug dealing. Money acquired through any of similar ways is not eligible to post bail.

However, if your bail has been placed on a 1275 Hold, a hearing is set to determine if the money you used to pay bail was acquired illegally. At the 1275 Hearing, you may want to carry proof like your income statement, tax returns, information on your car payments, statements of how you settle your bill, credit card transactions, and bank statements. These will help the court determine if their suspicions were right or if the money is “clean.”

If you have faced a 1275 Hold, call Steven Mehr Bail Bonds immediately, and our skilled bail bond agents will help you pay the bail amount and reunite you with your family.

The L.A County Warrants

When you fail to show up at your court proceedings, the court may issue a warrant for your arrest, also known as a bench warrant. This means that you should be arrested and detained until you settle the issue that the warrant has been issued.

How Warrants are Handled in Inglewood

You are required to appear in person if you have an arrest warrant in L.A. To ensure that you do not go to jail, have a bail bond agent go with you so that they can pay the required bail. If you are facing felony charges, the court will require you to have a bail bond agent present with you.

If you have been issued a warrant in L.A, reach out to Steven Mehr Bail Bonds as soon as possible. We will do our best to ensure that the warrant is handled well. Our friendly agent may also take you to the court hearing and post bail so that you do not go to jail.

Inglewood City Jail Information

At the time of Carl Cupp, the longest-reigning chief, there were only twenty-nine beds in Inglewood jail, with a tunnel leading to the courthouse lockup beneath the ground.

Today, the Inglewood Police Department is still in control of the Inglewood city jail, specifically the Administrative Services Bureau.

The Inglewood jail employs a jail supervisor, and their responsibilities include training and monitoring those who handle the detainees. The jail supervisor is also responsible for receiving, identifying, and monitoring detainees.

After an individual has been arrested in Inglewood, they will be booked and processed at the Inglewood city jail. This process takes up to one hour. If they do not post bail, they are transferred to the county jail.

If your loved one has been detained at the Inglewood city jail, you can visit them from 2 PM TO 5 PM, any day of the week. You may also call (310) 412- 5325 and enquire about visitation.

Inglewood City Jail is located at:

Inglewood Police Department

I Manchester Boulevard

Inglewood, CA 90301

The phone number for general information – (310) 412- 5211

The phone number for Inmate info and Booking – (310) 412- 5325

Find a Bail Bondsman Near Me in Inglewood

If you find out that your loved one is detained in Inglewood, call Steven Mehr Bail Bonds as soon as possible. We have professional and licensed bail bonds agents ready to help you get your loved one out of jail. We do our best to ensure that we deliver the services you and your loved one need. Call us today at 800-834-8522 for a free and confidential consultation.