How Does A Cash Bail Bond Work?

Bail Bonds Agents do not handle cash bail bonds. This is where the full amount of bail is paid, either cash or a cashier’s check, to the county jail that the defendant is being held at. For those who have a great amount of cash available, this may be a good option. The only disadvantage is that trials can take several months or years and this may tie up checking or savings accounts.

If you decide to do a Cash Bail which is posted to the defendant’s release. The money is held by the criminal court system until the entire case is finished. Once the case is finished and the defendant appeared to all of his or her appearances, then the money will be returned in full. If the defendant decides not to appear in court the money is subject to forfeit and an arrest warrant will be issued to the defendant.

If the defendant was arrested for a drug case, then you have to prove that he money used to post bail was not obtained illegally. Steve Mehr's Bail Bonds understands that each situation and case is different and we will be able to help you. When you decide to contact our offices, we can give you our honest advise on whether the Cash Bail is the correct option for you.

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